School programs

We offer a range of engaging and creative activities to help build students’ opportunity awareness and self-confidence. Our interactive sessions are designed to help students engage in higher education at key stages of their educational development.

Programs designed to inspire

Our activities and workshops are grouped around themes and school level, and are designed to be year-level appropriate, creative, and engaging. All of our activities and workshops aim to support the development of students' self-confidence and self-efficacy, leaving them with a strong belief that they have control over their futures.

Primary schools

Educational and career aspirations are shaped by students' beliefs about themselves during their formative years, which is why we offer a range of exciting activities to our partner primary schools.

Primary school programs

Write your future

Deakin education students help run creative writing activities in schools, enhancing students’ literacy skills and encouraging aspirations.

Year levels: 3 to 6
Capacity: Flexible, depending on school size
Location: In school, Geelong region

Community voices

Students identify their strengths and interests and use these to brainstorm possible future educational and career pathways.

Year level: 4
Capacity: Flexible, depending on school size
Location: In school, Geelong region

Make your own mind

Through creative modelling, students identify unhelpful thought patterns and practise replacing these with thoughts that affirm their strengths and abilities.

Year level: 5
Capacity: Flexible, depending on school size
Location: In school, Geelong region

Presiding over the possibilities

Using the practice of law, students recognise their competency in a range of skills and practise these in a mock court case.

Year level: 6
Capacity: Flexible, depending on school size
Location: In school, Geelong region

Secondary schools

DEAP activities for secondary students are provided both on and off campus, and some are a combination of both. They're designed to increase students’ familiarity with, and aspiration for, higher education.

Secondary school programs


An inspiring series of workshops and conversations between Year 9 students and Deakin staff, enabling students to think about their place in the future world of work. Developed using research from Foundation for Young Australians.

Year level: 9
Capacity: Up to 100 students
Duration: Three workshops: 2.5 hours, 4 hours, 2.5 hours
Location: In school and on campus at Deakin

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Uni Discovery Day

A full-day experience to help students discover what life at university is all about, including campus tours and interactive workshops facilitated by current students and academic staff.

Year level: 10
Location: All Deakin campuses

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In Conversation

A three-part workshop for Year 11 students to explore topics of importance in VCE, learning from current Deakin University students in a relaxed and meaningful way.

Year level: 11
Capacity: Flexible
Duration: 3 x 50–90 minute workshops
Location: In school

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Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) workshop

Practical workshops teaching participants how to prepare a SEAS application – all students at DEAP partner schools are eligible under at least one category.

Year level: 12
Duration: 60 minutes, mid-July to early September
Location: In school

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Scholarships workshop

Workshops supporting students to increase their understanding of university fees and the financial assistance programs available at Deakin University – including access and equity scholarships.

Year level: 12
Capacity: up to 60 students
Duration: 60 minutes, mid-July to early September
Location: In school

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Other Deakin activities

Deakin offers a range of activities for students considering tertiary study including:

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We welcome expressions of interest from schools wishing their students take part in any of our programs or activities. Some activities have limited availability, so we suggest registering as early as possible.

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DEAP Youth Advisory Council

The DEAP Youth Advisory Council (YAC) works with primary and secondary schools in the Geelong region that are underrepresented in higher education, to support students’ access to university.

The YAC recognises that young people are the experts on the complex issues affecting their education. The council therefore provides opportunities for young people to collaborate with community and education leaders to identify positive social change, and supports them to develop skills in research, networking and public speaking. With primary, secondary, and university students in the council, collaboration between YAC members and community leaders reflects diverse forms of knowledge and expertise.

If you're interested in getting involved in the YAC, please contact the DEAP team.

The YAC mental health research project

In 2018, the YAC was made up of 15 primary and secondary students – from Northern Bay College, St Francis Xavier Primary School, Bellarine Secondary College, and Northern Bay College – and three Deakin students.

Members conducted research relating to mental health and bullying, and found that young people are more likely to seek mental health support from their friends rather than health professionals. They recommended that students receive better access to information and resources in order to support their friends, and presented this to an audience at Deakin University that included:

  • Geelong City Council Councillors
  • Deakin Senior Executive staff
  • School principals and wellbeing staff
  • Family members
  • G21 CEO
  • Headspace Geelong and Drysdale representatives.

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