FutureME is a three-day program that engages Year 9 students, informs them of short and long-term employment trends, and prepares them for crucial decisions they are about to make about future subject choices and further or tertiary studies.

Program overview

Three global forces are rapidly changing the way we work: automation, globalisation and collaboration. Current research highlights that the future world of work is likely to be vastly different in 2030 to what it is now.

We acknowledge that career pathways aren’t as linear as they once were, with young people projected to have an average of 17 jobs across 5 different industries in their lifetime. So how can we work together to better prepare young people to navigate the future world of work?

Research shows that young people need to be informed and empowered to make the right choices to be ready for the future world of work by developing the skills that employers will require in the years to come.

FutureME is a part of a suite of programs aimed at increasing the aspiration of students for further education, designed in collaboration with the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA). The three-day program directs students to see the value of and imagine themselves going to university or TAFE and in the future world of work. Facilitated by DEAP Partnership Officers and DEAP mentors, who are current Deakin students, the program is delivered part in school and part on a Deakin campus.

Built on the FYA's research, the FutureME program introduces young people to the concept of transferrable skills rather than jobs themselves. Through identifying, understanding and exploring key enterprise skills, students continue to build their portfolio of skills and capabilities in this program.

Our professional teaching staff have examined the Year 9 curriculum to ensure there are a number of alignments with FutureME, including around critical and creative thinking and personal and social capability.


FutureME aims to enable students to:

  • imagine themselves in the context of the future world of work
  • explore the meaning and purpose of enterprise skills (skills required for this work)
  • research and understand current and future industry trends
  • engage with the world of work through career conversations.

School requirements

Individual schools are required to:

  • organise students for program participation
  • maintain responsibility for student conduct, behaviour, and medical issues
  • organise transport to a Deakin University campus for day two.

I’ve always been a person who develops social anxiety when being faced with strangers, but using the advice gained from the Deakin presentations, talking to the staff members, sending a wave or simply smiling at them gave me the biggest boost of confidence I’ve never felt before.

Year 9 FutureME participant

Cranbourne Secondary College


students took part in FutureME in 2019

After the program, 88% of students said they gained an understanding of work would look like for them in the future, and 85% said the workshops gave them confidence that they'd be able to get a job.*


Year level: 9

Duration: Three-day program (2 x 2.5-hour workshops, 1 x 4-hour workshop) most successful when run concurrently.

Location: In school and at a Deakin campus.

Capacity: Flexible dependant on cohort size. For cohorts greater than 100 students, DEAP can work with schools on specific logistic options.

Program schedule

Objectives and outcomes




Explore: Day one

Students will engage with and understand what the future world of work will look like and the skills required to navigate this new working world:

  • Explore employment trends and the implications of these for their future employment.
  • Be introduced to and understand the enterprise skills required for success.
  • Begin to practise key enterprise skills.
In school 2.5 hours Best delivered in class sizes (15–30 students)

Immerse: Day two

Students are provided with a range of meaningful opportunities to develop their enterprise skills and deepen their understanding of the program content through conversation with working professionals:

  • Focus on communication and body language skills.
  • Be pushed outside of their comfort zone in a safe and explorative environment.
  • Engage in small speed conversation with Deakin staff and community volunteers to explore different career journeys and aspirations.
  • Be supported with question preparation, demonstrating positive body language and leading career conversations with working professionals.
Deakin campus 4 hours (can be extended to include a campus tour) Combination of multiple home groups together due to venue availability

Reflect: Day three

Through creative learning modes, students reflect on their development of skills throughout the program. They identify their own strategies for further developing the enterprise skills, which will support their success in a future world of work:

  • Reflect on the future world of work and the enterprise skills required to navigate these.
  • Personal reflection on their engagement with the FutureME program.
  • Identify key learnings and tools for beyond the FutureME program.
In school 2.5 hours Best delivered in class sizes (15– 30 students)

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*2018 FutureME participant responses