Water, waste and recycling

Water is a precious commodity and as such, we strive to increase our water efficiency across our campuses – reducing the amount of drinkable water we use for services and harvesting rain water. We also promote the importance of waste management and encourage staff and students to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Food waste to fertiliser

In a trial from 19 March to 30 May 2018, Market Hall (a café on our Waurn Ponds Campus) diverted 1857kg of food from the bins and sent it to be commercially composted.

Following this successful trial, we're extending the program to our other campus cafés, to significantly reduce the amount of food waste going to landfill.

Deakin's War on Waste

We aim to recycle everything at Deakin – from batteries, mobile phones and tablets to cartridges, paper and cardboard.

University-owned IT equipment such as desktops and laptops are all recycled. Staff can drop off non-leased old university equipment such as mobile phones, tablets, mice, keyboards, batteries, light globes- at each Mailroom, on each campus, which are then sent to a centralised location for recycling. We aim to reuse or recycle these devices to reduce raw materials and energy used for manufacturing new products.

Water consumption

We aim to reduce the consumption of water across all campuses and increase water security. We have water efficient buildings which are 5 star with fixtures and fittings, and rainwater harvesting at two of our campuses.

We're also exploring options for water capture and reuse, and developing a water management plan to keep our campuses as water efficient as possible.