International symposia

17–19 October 2022

Each year, CRADLE hosts a group of international and national experts to progress international research agendas in the field of higher education assessment and digital learning.

2022 symposium

This year's symposium, our sixth event, will be held online from 17–19 October. Titled 'Challenging Cheating', it can intentionally can be interpreted as having many meanings – from the challenges that cheating poses to education, to challenging the very idea of cheating and beyond. It's meant to open up discussion, pose problems, and create space for a range of diverse and potentially contradictory perspectives to contribute.

Please join us for two informative sessions as part of our annual symposium.

We're pleased to announce two public events – a keynote presentation by Dr Sarah Eaton (University of Calgary) and an interactive panel session with Professor Bruce MacFarlane (The Education University of Hong Kong), Professor Jeannie Paterson (University of Melbourne), Dr Vicky Nagy (University of Tasmania) and CRADLE's Professor Phill Dawson.

Keynote presentation

Academic integrity as a transdisciplinary field of research, policy and practice

Wednesday 12 October, 10am

Presented by Dr Sarah Eaton

Academic integrity has long been viewed as a student conduct matter. In this presentation, we'll unpack the evolving landscape of academic integrity as applied ethics in educational contexts. We'll examine the connections between academic and research integrity, publication ethics, and the ethics of teaching, learning, and assessment. We’ll look at the development of academic integrity as a developing field of scholarly inquiry driven by 'wicked problems' such as contract cheating and artificial intelligence. This keynote concludes with a call to action for more intentional cross-disciplinary, multi-institutional (and even multi-national) collaborations to address complex problems in ethical challenges to teaching, learning, and assessment.

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Dr Sarah Eaton

Dr Sarah Eaton is an associate professor at the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary, Canada. She has received research awards of excellence for her scholarship on academic integrity from the Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education (CSSHE) (2020) and the European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) (2022). Dr Eaton has written and presented extensively on academic integrity and ethics in higher education and is regularly invited as a media guest to talk about academic misconduct.

Dr Eaton is the editor-in-chief of the International Journal for Educational Integrity. Her books include Plagiarism in Higher Education: Tackling Tough Topics in Academic Integrity, Academic Integrity in Canada: An Enduring and Essential Challenge (Eaton Christensen Hughes, Eds.), Contract Cheating in Higher Education: Global Perspectives on Theory, Practice, and Policy (Eaton, Curtis, Stoesz, Clare, Rundle, Seeland, Eds.), and Ethics and Integrity in Teacher Education (Eaton Khan, eds.). She's also the editor-in-chief of the Handbook of Academic Integrity (2nd ed., Springer), which is currently under development.

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Interactive panel session

Challenging Cheating

Tuesday 18 October, 3pm

Presented by Professor Bruce Macfarlane, Professor Jeannie Paterson, Dr Vicky Nagy and Professor Phillip Dawson

You're invited to take part in this interactive panel session, with Professor Bruce Macfarlane (The Education University of Hong Kong), Professor Jeannie Paterson (University of Melbourne), Dr Vicky Nagy (University of Tasmania) and CRADLE's Professor Phill Dawson.

Much has been said, written and researched about 'cheating' over the course of the pandemic. But how useful is cheating as an idea? And what do we gain and lose by using it?

Informed by the closed part of the symposium, where we bring together leading researchers to talk around a topic to incubate new ideas and extend what we know, this session will attempt to as unpack suppositions and shifting positions relating to cheating in higher education. We plan to collaborate to pick apart the taken-for-granted assumptions that surround cheating, and chart a new way forward.

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Professor Bruce Macfarlane

Professor Bruce Macfarlane is Chair Professor of Education Policy and Leadership and Dean of the Faculty of Education and Human Development at The Education University of Hong Kong. He is also a guest professor at the University of Borås in Sweden.

He is a social philosopher of higher education who has developed conceptual frameworks for interpreting academic practice, ethics, and leadership in higher education. He has helped to define key concepts including academic integrity, academic citizenship, intellectual leadership, and student performativity. His publications include Freedom to Learn (2017), Intellectual Leadership in Higher Education (2012), Researching with Integrity (2009), The Academic Citizen (2007) and Teaching with Integrity (2004).

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Professor Jeannie Paterson

Professor Jeannie Paterson is the co-director of the Centre for AI and Digital Ethics, a cross-disciplinary research, teaching and policy centre involving the Faculties of Engineering, Law, Arts, Science and Medicine at the University of Melbourne. Jeannie is a fellow of the Australian Academy of Law, and an affiliate researcher with the Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision Making and Society.

She teaches and researches in the areas of AI and emerging digital technologies, consumer protection and consumer banking law, and the regulation of emerging technologies. Her work focuses on themes of fairness, safety/reliability and accountability in consumer products, along with support for consumers experiencing vulnerability.

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Dr Vicky Nagy

Dr Vicky Nagy joined the University of Tasmania in 2019, and is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology, and the criminology major coordinator. Her research interests include gender, crime, and history topics from Australia and Britain, and she has published work on poisoning trials, older women’s experiences of prison, sex work law reform , and women’s homicide offending. She also researches popular culture, social media and crime especially related to child sexual abuse and sexual violence.

Vicky has a book forthcoming with Emerald Publishing in 2023 about popular culture representations of male sexual victimisation. Her interest in academic misconduct started while at Deakin and having joined a faculty academic progress and integrity committee.

Since then, she’s researched how criminological theories may (or may not be) applied to academic integrity issues, what the discourse is about the criminalisation of contract cheating services in Australia, and how academics and students perceive the problem of contract cheating. Her articles with colleague Dr Andrew Groves on these topics have appeared in Current Issues in Criminal Justice, and Crime, Law, and Social Change.

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Professor Phillip Dawson

Professor Phillip (Phill) Dawson is the Associate Director of the Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning (CRADLE) at Deakin University. Phill has degrees in education, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, and he leads CRADLE’s work on cheating, academic integrity and assessment security. This work spans hacking and cheating in online exams, training academics to detect contract cheating, student use of study drugs, the effectiveness of legislation at stopping cheating, and the evaluation of new assessment security technologies.

His two latest books are Defending Assessment Security in a Digital World: Preventing E-Cheating and Supporting Academic Integrity in Higher Education (Routledge, 2021) and the co-edited volume Re-imagining University Assessment in a Digital World (Springer, 2020). Phill’s work on cheating is part of his broader research into assessment, which includes work on assessment design and feedback. In his spare time, Phill performs improv comedy and produces the academia-themed comedy show The Peer Revue.

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2021 symposium

CRADLE hosted its fifth international research symposium in October 2021. The theme for the 2021 Symposium was What is assessment for inclusion? Problematising inclusion, equity, and access in higher education assessment. Attendance by a varied audience from across the globe reflected the widespread interest in this area of research. CRADLE’s most significant research event of the year featured keynote presentations by renowned international researchers.

  • Dr Jan McArthur, Lancaster University, presented Creating Synergies between Assessment for Social Justice and Assessment for Inclusion.
  • Prof. Penny Jane Burke, University of Newcastle, presented Inclusive Assessment: Recognising Difference through Communities of Praxis.

2021 delegates

Dr Taskeen Adam
University of Cambridge

Associate Professor Rola Ajjawi
Deakin University

Professor Margaret Bearman
Deakin University

Professor David Boud
Deakin University

Professor Roseanna Bourke
Massey University

Dr Matthew Brett
Deakin University

Professor Penny Jane Burke
University of Newcastle

Dr Nicole Crawford
Curtin University

Dr Joanne Dargusch
CQ University

Professor Phillip Dawson
Deakin University

Dr Janine Delahunty
University of Wollongong

Dr Mollie Dollinger
Deakin University

Dr Mary Dracup
Deakin University

Dr Johanna Funk
Charles Darwin University

Dr Jessamy Gleeson
Deakin University

Dr Lois Harris
CQ University

Professor Andrew Harvey
La Trobe University

Dr Neera Jain
University of Auckland

Dr Trina Jorre
De St Jorre Deakin University

Associate Professor Christopher Johnstone
University of Minnesota

Professor Leanne Ketterlin-Geller
Southern Methodist University

Dr Sarah Lambert
Deakin University

Dr Jan McArthur
Lancaster University

Dr Juuso Nieminen
University of Eastern Finland

Associate Professor Geraldine O’Neill
University College Dublin

Professor Sarah O’Shea
Curtin University

Dr Thanh Pham
Monash University

Dr Bret Stephenson
La Trobe University

Dr Joanna Tai
Deakin University

Dr Matt Thomas
Deakin University

Dr Ben Whitburn
Deakin University

2020 conference

To mark our fifth anniversary, CRADLE hosted an online higher education research conference from 19–20 October 2020. The conference theme was ‘University Assessment, Learning and Teaching: New Research Directions for a Postdigital World’.

The conference brought together local and international higher education researchers and educators, and many others with an interest in learning and teaching, for two days of thought-provoking virtual presentations and conversations.

2019 symposium

In October, CRADLE hosted the 'Advancing research in student feedback literacy' international symposium in Geelong, Australia.

The symposium brought together leading international feedback researchers for three days of generative discussion and collaboration, including a public panel session exploring the current landscape of student feedback literacy and its future horizons (recording available here). The major outcome of this symposium will be a series of research papers that further our understandings of student feedback literacy.

2019 delegates group

2019 delegates

Professor David Carless
Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong

Associate Professor Anastasiya Lipnevich
Associate Professor, Queens College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York

Professor Elizabeth Molloy
Professor, Melbourne Medical School, University of Melbourne

Dr Naomi Winstone
Director, Surrey Assessment and Learning Lab, University of Surrey

2018 symposium

In September, CRADLE and Monash University’s Digital Education Research group co-hosted the ‘Feedback that makes a difference’ international symposium in Prato, Italy.

The symposium brought together leading international feedback researchers to explore how we might conceptualise, design for, evaluate and research the impact of feedback over time and across diverse contexts. The major outcome of this symposium will be a book titled The impact of feedback in higher education, to be submitted to the publishers, Palgrave MacMillan, in 2019.

2018 delegates

Professor David Carless
Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong

Professor Dragan Gašević
Professor of Learning Analytics, Faculty of Education, Monash University

Dr Ernesto Panadero
Researcher, Developmental and Educational Psychology Department, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Professor Jan-Willem Strijbos
Professor, Groningen Institute for Educational Research, University of Groningen

Dr Naomi Winstone
Director, Surrey Assessment and Learning Lab, University of Surrey

2017 symposium

In October, Professor David Boud and CRADLE staff hosted two days of high-level research conversations on the topic of 'New opportunities: re-imagining assessment in a digital world'.

The symposium explored how assessment for learning can be refreshed and redesigned in a digital landscape. The symposium explored the questions of:

  • What are the assessment and feedback challenges that we can now address more readily?
  • What can we now conceive of in assessment that was previously beyond our imagination?
  • What research agendas do we need to explore these new opportunities? How can we move from exciting innovation to routine practice?

The symposium and the associated book will provide a different way of thinking about assessment in a digital world. It considers how technologies and assessment can be more than the sum of their parts.

2017 delegates

Dr Yoon Jeon Kim
Research scientist, Teaching Systems Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Massachusetts, USA
'Authentic assessment for higher education: what and how'

Professor Dirk Ifenthaler
Chair and Professor for Learning, Design and Technology, University of Mannheim, Germany
'Considerations for enhancing educational assessment and feedback in technology-rich learning environments'

Professor Dragan Gasevic
Chair in Learning Analytics and Informatics, Moray House School of Education and School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
'Towards strengthening links between learning analytics and assessment'

Associate Professor Abelardo Pardo
Associate Professor, School of Electrical and Information Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies, The University of Sydney
'The effect of data in assessments in the digital age'

Dr Lois Harris
Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Education and the Arts, Central Queensland University
'Catering for diversity in a digital age: reconsidering assessment if equity is a major higher education goal'

Professor Sue Bennett
Professor, Head of School, School of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Wollongong
'Designing online assessment to support student task understanding'

Dr Edd Pitt
Lecturer in Higher Education & Academic Practice & PGCHE, Programme Director, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, UK
Invited discussant: 'Self and peer assessment'

2016 symposium

Developing Evaluative Judgement in a Digital World

The 2016 symposium focused researcher attention on the topic of 'Developing Evaluative Judgement in a Digital World'.

The major outcome from this international symposium is the book Developing Evaluative Judgement in Higher Education: Assessment for knowing and producing quality work, which was published by Routledge in early 2018.


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