International symposia

Each year, CRADLE hosts a group of international and national experts to progress international research agendas in the field of higher education assessment and digital learning.

2022 symposium

The CRADLE Symposium 2022 was successfully held online from 12 to 19 October.

The topic this year was Challenging Cheating, which unpacked contradictory perspectives – from the challenges that cheating poses to education and challenging the very idea of cheating – and beyond. We were proud to host two exciting interactive public events as pivotal highlights of the symposium program. These included a Keynote Presentation and a Panel Session.

Keynote presentation

The keynote presentation was held on Wednesday 12 October by Dr Sarah Eaton, associate professor at the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary. Sarah presented her thoughts on the challenges of academic ethics, integrity and ‘wicked problems’, such as contract cheating, in her presentation Academic Integrity as a Transdisciplinary Field of Research, Policy and Practice.

Interactive panel session

Challenging Cheating

To conclude the Symposium we convened an interactive panel session with:

Informed by the closed part of the Symposium we unpacked suppositions and shifting positions relating to cheating in higher education and charted a new way forward.

To read more about our 2022 Symposium and see the recordings, please visit the CRADLE Blog.

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