Preparing your application

New and exciting roles at Deakin are advertised on our jobs portal, where you can also search for roles that suit you. Your application should include a cover letter, a statement addressing the selection criteria and a résumé. Read below for tips on the application process and what to include in your supporting documents.

Find a role you would like to apply for

Current vacancies are viewed on our job search page. Find a relevant vacancy and select the position title. On this page you'll see some information about working at Deakin, the role and a PDF of the full position description for academic roles.

  1. Use the search function or browse the list of jobs at your leisure (you can also save searches and sign up for alerts on jobs that match your criteria).

  2. Select the position you’d like to apply for.

  3. For full details of the position, including the key selection criteria (if required for the application), scroll to the bottom of the page and download the PDF position description.

  4. Prepare an application including cover letter, résumé and statement addressing the selection (as described below).

  5. To submit your application see 'Submitting your application' (below).

Registering your interest in casual employment

You can register your interest in casual employment opportunities through our casual register (vacancy reference 180009). Here, you can enter your work preferences, availability and other details, as well as attaching your résumé and contact details.

Selected hiring managers across the university have access to the applications in the register. They refer to it when they need to employ a casual staff member in their area. Generally, interviews aren't necessary and casual needs can be anything from a few hours, to a few days, weeks or even months.

Once you've registered your interest, you'll be contacted directly if an opportunity arises that you might be suitable for. Details are held on the register until 1 January of each year, so you will need to register again if you are still interested.

Register your interest in casual employment

Understanding position descriptions

Deakin's position descriptions follow a template. The template is designed to give you useful information about the role, how it fits within the organisation and what will be expected from the successful applicant.

We structure our position descriptions in the following way:

  • Position purpose
    Why the job exists and its prime purpose.
  • Position context
    The scope of the work unit and where the position fits, who it supervises and for what purpose; who it reports to, and any budget responsibility. The contact the position has with others within and outside of the work unit, faculty or portfolio, and external to the university, and for what purpose.
  • Principal responsibilities
    Major broad areas of responsibility i.e. at the end of a year, what the position is expected to deliver on.
  • Key duties
    Regularly performed duties that explain how the accountabilities are achieved.
  • Selection criteria
    The training, qualifications, experience, skills and/or techniques needed to perform the role.

Tips for your application

Selection criteria

Selection criteria are included in position descriptions and used by a selection panel to assess each applicant. We'll evaluate what you tell us about your qualifications, skills, abilities, experience and knowledge in relation to the advertised position to help us distinguish between candidates.

There are generally two types of selection criteria:

  • Essential criteria are those particular attributes, qualifications and experience that are needed to perform the role.
  • Desirable criteria are skills or experience that would be valued by an employer in addition to the essential criteria.

When it comes to writing a statement to address the selection criteria, make sure you include examples that demonstrate your skills, knowledge or experience. It can help to frame your response using the STAR technique:

S – Situation
Describe the problem that required attention.

T – Task
Illustrate the purpose of solving the problem.

A – Action
Describe what you did.

R – Result
Illustrate what happened as a result of what you did.

Cover letter

Write your cover letter in letter format, ideally no longer than one page. Use your cover letter to:

  • introduce yourself
  • express your interest in the position
  • present your key attributes in an interesting and relevant way
  • briefly demonstrate why you think you're a suitable applicant
  • make the employer want to read the rest of your application.


Your résumé should be two or three pages long with headings to make up information about your:

  • personal details (name and contact details)
  • skills summary
  • education
  • professional development
  • employment experience
  • selected key achievements
  • interests
  • referees – two or three are preferable and you should include your current direct manager or supervisor.

Providing evidence of your right to work in Australia

Anyone we make an employment offer to needs to provide proof of their right to work in Australia before they begin the role.

Specifically, you'll need to provide one of the following:

  • an Australian passport
  • an Australian citizenship certificate or a certificate of evidence of Australian citizenship and another form of photo identification such as a driver's licence
  • a full Australian birth certificate for a person born before 20 August 1986 and another form of photo identification such as a driver's licence
  • a full Australian birth certificate for a person born on or after 20 August 1986 showing that at least one parent was born in Australia and another form of photo identification such as a driver's licence
  • a valid visa with work rights.

Birth certificates

If you're submitting a birth certificate but the name on it is different to your current name (if you've married, for example), then you'll need to provide name change documentation e.g. your marriage certificate.

Unacceptable evidence of your right to work

Documents that won't be accepted as a proof of your right to work include your:

  • tax file number
  • driver's licence
  • Medicare card
  • bank account
  • referrals from employment agencies
  • references from previous employers.

Submitting your application

Online applications

  1. Select the position you wish to apply for by clicking on the position title.

    Search our current job vacancies

  2. Select APPLY NOW at the top right of the screen. You will need to ensure you allow pop-ups in your browser to ensure the link to the application opens.

  3. For new applicants, please enter your email to begin the application process. You will need to read and accept our privacy statement before being able to commence your application.

  4. Complete the online application form as required. An asterisk (*) will indicate any question that is mandatory. You'll be unable to submit your application until all the mandatory questions have been completed.

  5. When in the Documents tab, please attach your résumé. At a minimum, a résumé must be attached. You will also have the option to upload additional documents such as a cover letter, key selection criteria responses or any additional documents that are required.

    Please check the requirements of the role to ensure all required documents are submitted.

  6. Select Submit application to complete your application. By submitting this application, you are confirming that all information contained in this application is correct.

  7. A message will appear acknowledging your application has been submitted.

    Please note: You can log in anytime to view your submitted applications and update your account details. For all inquiries please email

Non-online applications

Deakin is committed to making reasonable adjustments to provide a positive, barrier-free recruitment process and supportive workplace. If you have any support or access requirements, you are welcome to submit your application through non-online means.

  1. Include the following documents with your application.

    • Cover letter
    • Statement addressing the key selection criteria
    • Résumé
    • Details of successful grant applications (academic positions only)
    • Other relevant documentation (where required)
  2. Email your application to Please make sure to include the Job Opening reference number (e.g. 180XXX) so that we can upload your application to the correct vacancy.

Please note: We try to contact everyone who applies to work at Deakin with an email or a phone call. If it's been six weeks since your application, and you haven't heard from us, it may well mean that you were not successful, but you are welcome to contact us to check.

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