Lifestyle benefits

There are all sorts of benefits to working at Deakin. From flexible working arrangements and child care on campus to our fitness clubs and medical centres, find your work-life balance on or off campus.

Parental leave

We provide for both unpaid and paid parental leave (subject to eligibility criteria). This includes birth-related leave (also known as maternity leave), partner leave, surrogacy and adoption-related leave.

Primary caregivers

We wholly support our staff who are primary caregivers – before, during and on return from maternity or adoption-related leave. Whether you’re planning for parenthood or celebrating news of a new addition to your family, we’ll guide and assist you through your various parental leave entitlements.


At Deakin, we recognise that parenting is often a shared responsibility. We offer various flexible work and family-friendly leave options to assist our staff in managing family and work responsibilities. We also provide on-campus childcare services as well as a number of parent rooms.

Federal Government's Paid Parental Leave scheme

The Paid Parental Leave Scheme may be taken in conjunction with Deakin’s paid and unpaid parental leave entitlements. However, the Paid Parental Leave scheme is a separate entitlement, and is not influenced by the university. For more information on the scheme (including information on dad and partner pay) visit Family Assistance or your local Medicare office.

Read the Paid Parental Leave Scheme Factsheet

Flexible work arrangements

We offer flexible work arrangements that can assist you in balancing work responsibilities and other responsibilities you may have.

What are flexible work arrangements?

Flexible work arrangements are short-term or long-term practices that can assist you in balancing your work responsibilities with:

  • caring responsibilities (for children, older people and partners with long-term illnesses or disabilities)
  • health issues or disabilities
  • study and professional development activities
  • travel
  • community responsibilities
  • managing personal fitness and wellbeing
  • moving into retirement
  • managing everyday life responsibilities
  • breastfeeding (including the provision of breastfeeding facilities at all campuses and support to take time off to breastfeed and/or flexible meal breaks and work commencement and finishing times).

Parent rooms

There are a number of dedicated parent rooms available on all campuses for staff and students to use. There are also baby change facilities in designated toilets on each campus.

Find out more about parent rooms

Child care on campus

On-campus child care is available at Melbourne Burwood Campus, Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus and the Warrnambool Campus.

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Deakin fitness club

DeakinACTIVE has professional and fully equipped sports and recreation centres on campus. They offer a number of membership packages that are competitively priced. Salary sacrifice is also available.

A range of facilities are available at each campus with the latest equipment and experienced fitness professionals.

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Health and wellbeing

Deakin's committed to creating a healthy workplace. We do this by offering a range of benefits and services to support the wellbeing of our staff.

Counselling support services

You can access support through this service for advice. you can also find help in managing a student perceived to be experiencing a mental health issue.

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We have an environmental sustainability strategy to reduce the university’s carbon footprint. We do this by reducing our reliance on cars, through water saving initiatives and the reduction of power, paper usage and waste.

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