Altay Atli



Graduate Diploma in International Trade 
Master of International Business


Melbourne Burwood Campus

Graduation years

2000 and 2001

Current position

Coordinator of the Asian Studies Centre,  Bogazici University (Istanbul, Turkey)


Since graduating from Deakin as an international student, Altay Atli returned to Turkey and currently works at the University of Istanbul, where he is also a PhD candidate.

Interview with Altay Atli

I chose Deakin because...
My intention before coming to Australia was to obtain a qualification in international trade and business studies with a global perspective and after examining the programs of several Australian universities I decided that the degree offered by Deakin was one of the best in terms of academic support and course content.

Another reason I chose Deakin was because of the environment it offered. I was truly impressed by the Melbourne Burwood Campus, which offered a perfect combination of a peaceful place for studying and a social platform to engage with fellow students and academic staff.

After leaving Deakin I...
Returned to my homeland of Turkey and after a brief stint with the Australian Trade Commission in Istanbul, I then completed my compulsory military service. After leaving the military, I started a career as a researcher with the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey. As part of this work, I was lucky to visit Australia and also the Burwood Campus again as a member of an official Turkish delegation in 2005.

At Deakin I was inspired...
By my Professor, the late David Neath. He was a true role model, who inspired me not only as a brilliant lecturer, but also as a person and a friend. He is dearly missed.

I am currently...
Working as the coordinator of the Asian Studies Centre at Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey. I am also a PhD candidate at the same university and expecting to complete my dissertation very soon.

Today, I'm motivated by...
The rapid transformation that our globalised world is going through. As a scholar of international relations, what motivates me most is the challenge of keeping pace with developments that are shaping the world we live in.

In my profession it's important...
To think globally. In today's interconnected world, no issue is local, everything is global, and attempts to view global issues through local lenses usually fail us in our efforts to better understand the world.

I feel a strong connection with...
Australia. During my studies at Deakin, the Australian way of seeing the world and its people's values had a profound effect on me and although I am happily living and working in my own country, I have always felt a strong connection with Australia. It is always a great pleasure and an invaluable resource to me, when collaborating with my Australian academic colleagues.

Success to me is...
Being able to contribute successfully to the society you are living in both intellectually and physically.

The single-most important issue in the world is...
Ensuring justice and equal opportunities for everyone.

The best things I would recommend about Deakin are…
The Faculty of Business and Law, its multicultural environment, its strong linkages with industry and of course the Burwood campus!

My course helped my career…
As it enabled me to combine theory with practice in ways that made it possible for me to see how the dynamics of the global economy function in real life. I specialise in researching the economies of the Asia-Pacific region, and it was thanks to the Asia-Pacific focus in my studies at Deakin (and of course the opportunity of interacting with other talented fellow students from different parts of Asia) that I gained my first insight into this region. My course at Deakin has also enabled me to progress my studies to doctoral level here in Turkey.