Glenn Findlay



Bachelor of Commerce


Melbourne Burwood Campus

Graduation year


Current position

Global Head of Sponsorship for Tennis Australia


Since graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce from Deakin, Glenn Findlay has worked with General Motors, GE Capital and Tennis Australia, where he currently manages global and domestic sponsorships.

Interview with Glenn Findlay

I am currently...
Global Head of Sponsorship for Tennis Australia. I have been in this role now for over three years. My role is multi-faceted and encompasses managing our global and domestic sponsorships and sourcing new partnerships particularly around the Asia region.

Prior to this I worked with GE Capital for three years in state management roles and finished up as country manager in New Zealand before returning home to Australia.

I chose Deakin because...
It offered both the sports management and commercial law streams within a regular course load.

I studied through the Melbourne Burwood Campus and Deakin courses were always very practical in their content which held great advantages in setting you up to enter the workforce later on.

After leaving Deakin I...
Commenced working full time with General Motors in their Finance Division. I was very fortunate through what would turn out to be a ten-year journey, to hold client management, brand management and state management roles within the company.

At university I was inspired by...
Sam Cusumano who at the time was my sports lecturer. His ability to describe complex cases and hypotheses in a simple and effective way was brilliant. I still endeavour to use his techniques in my daily communications!

Today I'm motivated by...
My own personal growth and that of my young family - including my ever aware children! I am also constantly inspired by how amazing mothers are.

Professionally, I am motivated by the global nature of the sports world and how iconic brands have changed their focus and are now looking to leverage sponsorship platforms. The fast-paced growth of sport in Asia and how the consumption of sport overall has grown rapidly around the world are also highly motivating factors.

In my profession it's important...
To be aware of latest consumer trends, demographic research and global sports trends. It is also vital that I spend time in South East Asia as it is presently the most mature market from a sports perspective.

Professionally my proudest achievement is...
Commencing work with our tennis team to bring our Asia strategy to life, including setting up a physical location in Hong Kong and employing full-time staff to progress our commercial endeavours there. Asia is our largest global market with over 172 million viewers in the region with 100 million in China and so is a vitally important area to tap into.

I feel a strong connection with...
All sports administrators grappling with how to enhance the fan experience at event level and also holding their attention in whatever form they may consume our product outside the stadium. This is currently the biggest challenge for all sports administrators.

Success to me is...
Continuing to challenge yourself every day and ask 'what could I have done better or differently today?'. Leaving a positive legacy in whatever role you hold for the next person following you and developing people to be the most inspired they can be is also very important. Sports is a performance business and never standing still must be in your make up.

The single most important issue in the world is...
Maintaining harmonious trade relations with all countries and particularly those in Asia.

In the future I would like to...
Continue to be a good father for my two young children and have a one on one meeting with the commissioner of the NFL (the highest grossing revenue rights holders globally).