Muhammad Hanan



Master of Teaching English to Speakers of
Other Languages (MTESOL)


Melbourne Burwood

Graduation year


Deakin Young Alumni of the Year Award


Current position

Lecturer/Researcher at Syiah Kuala
University, Indonesia


Muhammad Aulia Hanan is dedicated to rebuilding the educational sector of Aceh Province in Indonesia, which was devastated by the 2004 tsunami. He received the Deakin Young Alumni of the Year Award for outstanding service and achievement in the community, in education and in the humanitarian effort and reconstruction of Aceh.

Career path and highlights

An inspirational alumnus, Muhammad Aulia Hanan completed his degree at Deakin and returned to Indonesia. There he joined a team of Deakin graduates led by fellow alumna Naza Palar, working in partnership with the Indonesian Government to rebuild the tsunami-shattered Aceh Province’s education system.

Muhammad has provided strategic advice, guidance and leadership to the local Aceh government and World Vision International. He also teaches electoral system and voter rights education classes for community members via the International Foundation for Electoral Systems.

He is currently a lecturer and researcher at Syiah Kuala University, where he teaches, mentors and supervises English students' research.