Rob Innes



Bachelor of Contemporary Arts (Screen Studies)

Graduation year




Current position

Producer, writer, and sometimes director. I freelance and also develop and produce work under my production banner Mashup Pictures.


Rob is a freelance producer who also has his own production company. He works in television and online, across documentary, factual and entertainment.

Interview with Rob Innes

Tell us about your current role – what does a typical day look like for you?
I’ve just finished working with The Weekly with Charlie Pickering on the ABC, so now I’m developing a couple of new projects. Development can range from writing treatments, to research, to meetings, to trying to figure out how to finance a project, to then writing scripts. I’ve got a documentary project in development that is nearly ready to go and is just waiting on the final piece of the finance puzzle, and an arts project that is hopefully looking at a commission for 2020. I have an office at home and I also use many of Melbourne’s cafes as mobile offices and meeting spaces.

What is the best/most rewarding part of your job?
I think the most rewarding part is being able to share your creations with the people who have contributed to it along the way. You can get so bogged down in the process that when people finally see it, it’s exciting. I love hearing the initial reactions people have, as everyone always notices something different or unique, so the project continues to grow.

What were some of the memorable experiences you had at Deakin? i.e. social, academic, intellectual.
I came from doing a year of arts at another university, and what I loved most about switching to this course and Deakin was that I was able to not only study film, but make films too. The course included collaborative subjects where we all made great friends and were able to work with people of different creative interests and skills.

Did you learn anything from your Deakin studies to take directly to the workforce?
I established team and people management skills, which helped in the creative arts workplace as television and film production is a team environment.

What are your career/life highlights?
I think my biggest career highlight would be seeing my first commission from the ABC air on television. Housemates had been online, but it premiered on the ABC in 2017, and that was a big career goal ticked off. Seeing the program then appear on Gogglebox Australia was the icing on the cake! I’ve also had many highlights with festival selections, filming a documentary in Laos and Vietnam, and being lucky enough to enjoy near full employment for the last couple of years. Life highlights would be firstly getting married (!), and being able to travel just after I graduated from Deakin. I spent a year overseas in Europe, Canada and the USA and travel gave me my love of telling stories and exploring different cultures.

Can you give any advice to our current students? 
Working in TV and film is all about hard work, self-belief and determination, and a diverse CV. In the early days you need to build a portfolio of work, which means you won’t always be paid, but passion and commitment pays off. You need to be engaged with the industry at all times, go to festivals, watch local content, meet and network with content creators, and always be professional. But most importantly, get out there and create stuff. Companies like to hire people that are doing things.

What are your passions outside your work?
Work is my passion! Jokes. But I am lucky to be able to work on projects that I’m also really passionate about. I love the arts, cinema, sport, family time, and travel.