Satbir Singh



Bachelor of Arts/Law


Melbourne Burwood Campus

Graduation year


Current position

Senior Lawyer, Coulter Roache


Satbir Singh studied a Bachelor of Arts/Law at Deakin’s Burwood Campus. After completing his degree, Satbir took a graduate job at a boutique Family Law firm and now works as a Senior Lawyer at Coulter Roache. In 2020, Satbir was recognised as a finalist in the Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30 awards. Satbir shares his experience and the guiding principles which have helped him to succeed.

Career path and highlights

Satbir chose the Bachelor of Arts/Law as it enabled him to practise law without the need for completing a postgraduate degree and allowed him to explore the different aspects of the legal industry.

‘I wanted the opportunity to expand my knowledge on the activism and politics sides of law,’ says Satbir.

Balancing university and part-time work were particularly important to Satbir, and he attributes Deakin’s progressive nature and online learning modules to his ability to work as a paralegal alongside his studies.

‘Deakin was one of the pioneers in online learning which assisted me in balancing part-time work and study commitments… Deakin also offered great volunteer opportunities which allowed me to build the skills I needed to be offered the roles I have been lucky enough to attain in my career’, says Satbir.

Satbir worked as a paralegal at a family law firm which led him to specialise in this field. Satbir says, 'It just chose me, it was something that I started with and then just moved forward with and I enjoyed it.'

After completing his degree, Satbir took on a graduate role with a boutique Family Law firm. From there he became an associate and then a senior family lawyer at Coulter Roache.

When discussing what guiding principles have helped Satbir to succeed he says, 'Sometimes you forget that classroom learning is only one part of it... the way you embrace the other aspects of life help you grow as well. You need to take part in society in addition to what the university has to offer.’

To those looking to pursue family law, Satbir says, ‘Stick at it. The law can be challenging but the right opportunity is just around the corner... Being able to work with clients to move forward and resolve cases without the need for ongoing or costly litigation is the most rewarding part of my job.’