Tim Pethick



Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Melbourne Burwood

Graduation year


Current position

Executive Chairman, Allied Health (UK)
Entrepreneur and Brand Guru


Based in the UK, Tim is best known as the founder of Australian beverage company Nudie Juices. Since then, the successful entrepreneur and brand guru has worked with multiple start-up businesses including max Super, Gecko, Joy Herbal, Sultry Sally, Symmetry, Wink, and Higgle.

Career path and highlights

At well over six feet tall, Tim stands out in the crowd. To the business world and to his friends, he's known as ‘Tall Tim’.

Tim founded Nudie Juices – a well-known Australian brand that produces high-quality, unrefined juices made from all-Australian fruit. At the time of inception, the business was unique and emerged from Tim’s love of making juices for his family. It quickly developed into a reputable brand and made the top ten most influential brands in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Since his success with Nudie Juices, Tim has moved onto other ventures in the US and the UK. He is now a senior executive at Saga – a one-stop-shop providing services that include holiday packages, insurance, legal support, health care, and home care. Saga also publishes the UK’s best selling monthly magazine.

Tim holds the titles of Group Director of Strategy and Group Chief Marketing Officer at Saga and is also the CEO of Publishing, the area responsible for the monthly magazine and website.

On the topic of entrepreneurship in Australia, Tim felt his homeland was - at the time - a challenging place to get new businesses up and running. While he certainly has had a lot of success, things have undoubtedly developed in the many years since Tim’s decision to pursue a life abroad.

His advice to fellow entrepreneurs is to 'get out and see the world. See what’s out there, steal good ideas!' When referring to current younger students he adds: 

'There’s a raw energy to being young. You can take risks. You have less to lose. Harness this energy and see where it takes you. And be flexible enough, be brave enough, to live in the moment!'

To find out more about Tim, head to www.talltim.com.au or connect with him on LinkedIn.