Wayne Phillips



Master of Business (Sport Management)

Graduation year


Current position

State Coordinator - Past Player Game & Personal Development Program - Australian Cricketers' Association


Wayne Phillips has had a long and rewarding career in cricket that included 27 test matches and a 159 at his test debut.

Tell us about your current role – what does a typical day look like for you?

The role requires dealing with the various enquiries from the membership base (former First Class/International Male and Female cricketers). These include health fare days, coaching appearances, speaking to development groups, attendance at events, facilitating members’ functions (Test match/ODI).

What is the best/most rewarding part of your job?

Knowing we are continuing to make a positive contribution to our membership base and ultimately contributing to the game of cricket, and ensuring the members have the opportunity to interact with their peers.

What were some of the memorable experiences you had at Deakin? i.e. social, academic, intellectual.

Deakin provided a terrific network of resources (personal and academic) which encouraged a commitment to the course. The necessity of dealing with fellow students via the online method was a challenge but the ultimate reward of graduation provided a genuine sense of achievement.

Did you learn anything from your Deakin studies to take directly to the workforce?

Having come from a sporting background the Deakin Sport Management degree provided a range of specific academic subjects and within those subjects and topics, which were relevant and adaptable to my work role/s.

Can you give a specific example of a project or collaboration that you have been involved in with Deakin and how this has impacted your career to date? (If applicable)

There is no specific project, but the ongoing alignment with Deakin and the various Alumni gatherings are very valuable opportunities to continue to develop relationships with fellow graduates and the University.

What are your career highlights?

  • 27 Test matches, 48 One Day Internationals for Australia
  • 159 on Test debut v Pakistan (Perth 1984)
  • Corporate speaker, Adelaide Oval voiceover, radio and TV presenter