Kaleidoscope Consulting
United Enterprises
Burlongvale City 
Burlongvale City Council
Burlongvale Community Centre
HSH302 Politics, Policy and Health
SIT223 IT Professional SkillsWorking in Teams sim
First Australia Bank
ATM Project simKnow your client sim
PRessure Point Agency
Sim for UG/PG PR
CV & Assoc Legal Offices
Clientview sim
ALX321 Writing InternshipsALX721 Internships ALR715 New Ventures Working in teams sim
Blue Cut Fashion Head Office
Central News Ltd, Ultra Square
ALJ111 Contemporary Journalism ALJ321, ALJ322  Internships, Hot Copy sim
Bluecut sim
Childcare Centre
Central Park Primary School
KL Kindergarten 
Central Park Hospital
Mods and rockers sim
Allied Health Nursing Agency
Unreal interviewing sim
Central Park Doctors Clinc
Central Forensics Laboratory
Burlongvale City Council
Clinical skills sim
Working in teams sim
AIE154 The Modern Middle EastAIE255 Middle East Politics AIE363 The Politics of Terrorism MEast politics sim
ACE704/5/6 Creative Studio Incubators
Rusden Digital Theatre
Salchad Conference Centre
Livewire Museum
Wetlands Warehouse Studios
Acc316 Creative Collaborative Project, ACP378 - Out of the  Ether: Devised Performance
KJ's Publishing house and printery
ALW739 PublishingALW738 Editing
Fashionable Manufacturing
ALW117 Writing for ProfessionalPractice (PR, education, health sciences, international relations, arts/writing)
Division of Student Life — study support  jobshop  Library
ALW729 Writing for Communication MediaALR700 PR Campaigns
Bendaby University
Deakinopolis City