The table below shows the current works across all Deakin campuses. Please click on the relevant headline for more information about each project, including contact details of the project manager in case you have any concerns.

For information about major projects, please visit our IPG web page.

Posted Campus Description Start Finish
26/02/2020BurwoodBurwood Corporate Centre - Learning and Teaching Spaces26/02/202020/04/2020
21/02/2020BurwoodBuilding Materials Assessment - Buildings T, L and BA (Burwood)21/02/202029/02/2020
21/02/2020Waurn PondsSolar street light installation - various locations 21/02/202016/03/2020
18/02/2020Waurn PondsBuilding LC Infill 18/02/202006/04/2020
14/02/2020BurwoodPainting and maintenance works - Building V14/02/202010/03/2020
11/02/2020Waurn PondsPower Disruption - all Buildings - 10 and 13 April 11/02/202014/04/2020
07/02/2020BurwoodBuilding Y - Nursing and Midwifery Simulation Laboratories07/02/202001/04/2020
24/01/2020BurwoodGeotechnical Investigations - Burwood Campus24/01/202028/02/2020
06/11/2019Waurn PondsRoad network and lighting upgrades 06/11/201931/03/2020
30/10/2019Waurn PondsNew Student Accommodation 30/10/201931/03/2021
29/10/2019Waurn PondsBuilding JB - New Deakin Abroad Office 29/10/201909/03/2020
Waurn Ponds
Cladding Replacement Works - Stage 315/10/201931/12/2020
10/10/2019BurwoodResearch Facility HH1 - Car Park 610/10/201929/02/2020
20/09/2019Waurn PondsBuilding NB - Renewal Project20/09/201901/05/2020
18/09/2019Waurn PondsAgriBusiness - Service Installation 18/09/201901/04/2020
02/07/2019Waurn PondsBuilding IC - Imaginarium construction02/07/201901/03/2020
01/03/2019Waurn PondsMicrogrid Solar Farm 27/05/201902/03/2020
19/06/2018BurwoodCar Park 11 - Closure19/06/201801/06/2020
14/06/2018BurwoodDeakin Law School Building (LC) construction14/06/201801/07/2020

Burwood Corporate Centre - Learning and Teaching Spaces - Burwood

Starts 26/02/2020, finishes 20/04/2020

From the start of Trimester 1, the Burwood Corporate Centre, Level 2, Building BC will be temporarily shared with students. Several multipurpose/conference rooms are being temporarily repurposed into learning and teaching spaces to assist with additional capacity at the Burwood campus.

This means there will be students utilising the corporate centre lounges and the multipurpose rooms for classes until the intra-trimester break.

After the intra-trimester break it is expected that one level of the new Deakin Law School Building (LC) will be opened early for teaching, with the full building completed and operational for Trimester 2, 2020 as scheduled.

During this time, the Burwood Corporate Centre remains available to staff for meeting room bookings, networking and bookable workpoints, however there will be reduced capacity to accommodate these requests - particularly large groups. Please contact to arrange your booking.

There will be minor works to refit Building BCC rooms with appropriate teaching furniture and audio-visual equipment from Sunday 1 to Sunday 8 March.

Further information

Tony Gin
Infrastructure and Property Group
9246 8248

Building Materials Assessment - Buildings T, L and BA (Burwood) - Burwood

Starts 21/02/2020, finishes 29/02/2020

Buildings T, L and BA will be undergoing building materials assessment on Wednesday 26 February to Friday 28 February from 8am to 5pm daily as part of investigative works for the RISE Precinct.

During these times, there will be an external contractor accompanied by an Infrastructure and Property Group staff member walking through all areas of the buildings. They may enter workspace areas to conduct assessments, however there will be minimal disruptions to staff.

Thank you for your patience as we work towards building the new RISE Precinct.

Further information

Dawn Gubb
Infrastructure and Property Group
9246 8745

Solar street light installation - various locations - Waurn Ponds

Starts 21/02/2020, finishes 16/03/2020

Commencing on Monday 24 February, the solar lights will be installed to increase safety and make it easier for staff, students and visitors to move around campus, while providing a more energy efficient solution.

Works are expected to continue for two weeks and will involve some machinery and tradespeople being stationed across work areas, along with some minor traffic diversions, however this is not expected to cause disruption. Please follow all signage and move with caution through work zones. 

Further information 
Rod Taylor
Infrastructure and Property Group
61 3 5227 2657

Building LC Infill - Waurn Ponds

Starts 18/02/2020, finishes 06/04/2020

The Building LC, Level 2 floor space is being extended to the windows to enclose the void above the reception area. Construction activity will be taking place outside of business hours to minimise disruption to staff, however you may notice: 

  • An open construction site, with materials and equipment
  • Some dust will be generated from these works, however measures will be in place to minimise this as much possible 
  • Access will remain to the doors and the stairwell at all times
Works are commencing on Saturday 22 February and are expected to run for four weeks. 
Further information 
Samantha Eyck
Infrastructure and Property Group 
61 3 5227 3703

Painting and maintenance works - Building V - Burwood

Starts 14/02/2020, finishes 10/03/2020

Internal painting and maintenance works will be commencing Monday 17 February across various areas of the Burwood Campus Library (Building V). 

While these works are carried out, you may notice some additional noise intermittently, along with some mild paint fumes, however measures have been put in place to minimise this as much as possible. 

Works are expected to be completed in early March, until then, please follow all signage and watch your step when moving through work areas. 

Further infomation 

Andrea Drake
Infrastructure and Property Group
61 3 9244 6998


Power Disruption - all Buildings - 10 and 13 April - Waurn Ponds

Starts 11/02/2020, finishes 14/04/2020

Power to all buildings at the Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus will be disrupted on Friday 10 April and Monday 13 April, 2020.

These shutdowns are required for connection of the Renewable Energy Microgrid to the Waurn Ponds High Voltage system.

During the power disruption, entry to all buildings will not be permitted for safety reasons (unless approved prior).

Please ensure your computer is turned off prior to the shutdown to avoid loss of data. Please also consider if any other equipment will be adversely affected and take the appropriate steps prior to the shutdown.

Further information

Shane Emond
Infrastructure and Property Group
61 3 5227 2062


Building Y - Nursing and Midwifery Simulation Laboratories - Burwood

Starts 07/02/2020, finishes 01/04/2020

Building Y will be undergoing upgrades to rooms Y2.01 and Y2.02 to create new Nursing and Midwifery Simulation Laboratories. The works will include upgrades to painting, lighting, joinery and flooring, some structural works and the installation of 8 new nursing beds for practical teaching.

Works will commence from Monday 24 February and are expected to be completed by Tuesday 31 March.

The construction activity is expected to generate some construction noise, vibration and dust. Although this cannot be avoided entirely, high impact activity will be scheduled outside of hours to minimise disruption.

Further information

David Barber
Infrastructure and Property Group
9246 8199

Geotechnical Investigations - Burwood Campus - Burwood

Starts 24/01/2020, finishes 28/02/2020

The Suburb Rail Loop Authority will be undertaking geotechnical investigations, including drilling and collection of soil and rock samples, in Car Park 13 on Uganda Street and two locations in Bennettswood Reserve.

These works will commence on Wednesday 29 January and be completed in mid-February 2020, during the hours Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm, and Saturday from 7am to 1pm.

Approximately 10 car parks in Car Park 13 and the Bennettswood Reserve car park will be unavailable during this time.

The Suburban Rail Loop information line (1800 105 105) is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alternatively, you can email

Deakin Contact

Hadrian Phillip
Infrastructure and Property Group
9246 8490

Road network and lighting upgrades - Waurn Ponds

Starts 06/11/2019, finishes 31/03/2020

The Waurn Ponds Campus road network is being upgraded as part of important safety upgrades. Works will run until late March across various areas of the campus. These upgrade works will include:

  • Improving damaged or poor quality roads
  • Increasing pedestrian safety through the installation of solar lighting at all pedestrian crossings
  • Removal and replacement of faded or damaged signage
  • New line marking where required

While works are taking place, there will be various vehicular and pedestrian access changes, please follow all signage and traffic management instructions.

Upcoming work areas

  • On Thursday 13 February, some preparation works will be carried out at various locations from 6pm - 8pm. There may be some minor delays to traffic, however traffic management staff will be in place and these delays are not expected to be longer than 60 seconds.  
  • On Saturday 15 February from 6am - 4pm, work will be taking place across campus in two stages as outlined below and demonstrated on the campus map:
    • Stage 1   From 6am - 11.30am Nicol Drive North will be full closed from the roundabout at the Kings Way intersection through to the entrance of Car Park 2. Traffic will be diverted north at the roundabout, past Car Park 8. 
    • Stage 2 From 10am - 4pm Nicol Drive South will be closed from the Childcare Centre through to the entry of Car Park 9. Traffic will be diverted to Lake Drive and then around Nicol Drive North. The road leading up to Car Park 20 and Car Park 11 will also be closed during this time. Traffic will be diverted north past Car Park 8 and then west towards Car Park 11.  

Further information
Rod Taylor
Infrastructure and Property Group
61 3 5227 2657

New Student Accommodation - Waurn Ponds

Starts 30/10/2019, finishes 31/03/2021

A new student accommodation precinct is being constructed at the Waurn Ponds Campus. The precinct will feature:

  • 32, two-level townhouses
  • Communal buildings
  •  Extension of Baxter Drive to connect to Residences Road
  • Landscaping throughout new areas

 Construction will commence in November and is due for completion in April 2021, until then, you will notice:

  • Large construction site within the current residential precinct
  • Closure to Car Parks 7, 9, and 10
  • Various vehicle and pedestrian access changes, please follow wayfinding signage
  • Noise impacts at varying levels for occupants in the buildings surrounding the construction zone
  •  Closure of the tennis courts alternative courts are available at Waurn Ponds Estate.


Further information
Saumya Brahma
Infrastructure and Property Group
61 3 5227 2262

Building JB - New Deakin Abroad Office - Waurn Ponds

Starts 29/10/2019, finishes 09/03/2020

A new permanent Deakin Abroad office is being developed. The office will be located in the space previously occupied by Versity Hair Studio in Building JB, Level 2 (JB2.301). This refurbishment project will include:

  • Some demolition work
  • Fit out work including internal walls, joinery and finishes
  • Alterations to building services
  • New furniture, fittings and equipment.


Works are commencing on Monday 11 November and will be completed by 2 March, 2020. During the construction period, there will be no access to JB2.301 and you may notice tradespeople working and transporting materials in the area. Some general construction noise impacts are expected at varying levels to the surrounding spaces.

Further information
Dayna Lynch
Infrastructure and Property Group
61 3 5227 8621

Cladding Replacement Works - Stage 3 - Burwood/Warrnambool/Waurn Ponds

Starts 15/10/2019, finishes 31/12/2020

We are commencing Stage 3 of the Cladding Replacement Works program at the Burwood, Waurn Ponds and Warrnambool campuses from mid-November as part of campus improvement and maintenance works.

The works will remove degraded and outdated cladding and external wall features, which will be replaced with modern materials. The works will be staggered across multiple locations which are as follows:

  • Burwood - Buildings LA, LB, MC
  • Waurn Ponds - Buildings NK, FK, FJ, FL, FM
  • Warrnambool - Building P

Tradespeople will initially work to remove the existing material, followed by the installation of the new material. The work will involve a rolling construction area around the building, and the use of lifting machinery such as a boom lift or elevated work platform. There may be some noise and access impacts. While this cannot be avoided, very noisy or disruptive works will be programmed outside of work hours where possible to minimise disruption.

Please follow all directional signage to ensure your safety in these work areas.

Further information 

John Davey
Infrastructure and Property Group
03 5227 3642

Research Facility HH1 - Car Park 6 - Burwood

Starts 10/10/2019, finishes 29/02/2020

A temporary workspace is being constructed in Car Park 6, Level 1 (north-western corner) for the School of Life and Environmental Services staff and HDRs in preparation for the upcoming RISE Precinct Project.

To accommodate the temporary workspace, approximately 50 car spaces will be utilised during this period. Early works have now commenced, with main construction starting from Monday 21 October. It is expected the facility will be completed in late-December 2019. 

The construction of this temporary workspace will result in some noise and access implications. The construction program will be carefully designed to minimise impact on key university activities such as orientation and exams. 

Further information

Josh Tsui
Infrastructure and Property Group
9244 5326

Building NB - Renewal Project - Waurn Ponds

Starts 20/09/2019, finishes 01/05/2020

A series of improvement and revitalisation works is taking place in Building NB, including:

  • Full roof replacement
  • External cladding upgrade
  • Replacement of the south facing windows
  • Refresh of the internal workspace and laboratory
  • Construction of a new communications room
  • Upgrade of existing amenities
  • Internal lighting upgrade with new energy-efficient LED's.

There will be no access to Building NB during this renewal project, other than pre-authorised access to the laboratory.

Pedestrian detours will be in place around the building, please follow wayfinding signage when moving through the area. There will also be some general construction and machinery noise generated from these works.

Works are expected to be completed by April 2020.

Further information
Rod Taylor
Infrastructure and Property Group
61 3 5227 2657

AgriBusiness - Service Installation - Waurn Ponds

Starts 18/09/2019, finishes 01/04/2020

Critical service infrastructure to support future development in the AgriBusiness precinct is being installed. This precinct is located on the Waurn Ponds Campus to the west of Waurn Ponds Estate. 

Stage 1 works will commence on Friday 20 September and will involve contractors working to the west of the roundabout past Car Park 3 on Nicol Drive South, beyond Waurn Ponds Estate and ceasing at the Solar Farm construction site. Works will also be occurring at the lakeside north of Waurn Pond Estate and detours may be in place at the running track during this time.

 Trucks and excavators will be active on site, working on the left hand side of the road. The road will remain open at all times however there will be intermittent closures of various sections of the left lane required. During these times traffic diversions will be in place to direct you around work areas.

Works are expected to be completed by March 2020.

Further information

Mariska Cornelius
Infrastructure and Property Group
61 3 5247 9268

Building IC - Imaginarium construction - Waurn Ponds

Starts 02/07/2019, finishes 01/03/2020

Construction of an Imaginarium and associated learning spaces in Building IC, Level 1 will be commencing on Friday 2 August. 

During construction, there will be some noise impacts and access changes. Please beware of tradespeople and wayfinding signage when moving through the area. 

Works are expected to be completed by Trimester 1, 2020.

Further information

Mariska Cornelius 
Infrastructure and Property Group
61 3 5247 9268

Microgrid Solar Farm - Waurn Ponds

Starts 27/05/2019, finishes 02/03/2020

Deakin is partnering with AusNet Services and Mondo Power to establish a Renewable Energy Microgrid on our Waurn Ponds Campus.

A core component of the Renewable Energy Microgrid is the construction of a 14.5 hectare Solar Farm at the rear of campus. This will commence from Monday 27 May and extend through to early 2020.

Given its distance from neighbouring properties and other buildings on campus, noise generated from installation of the Solar Farm is not expected to cause disturbance.

Further information: 

Todd Leake
Infrastructure and Property Group
61 3 924 46263

Car Park 11 - Closure - Burwood

Starts 19/06/2018, finishes 01/06/2020

Car Park 11 will be closed until Building LC construction completion in mid-2020. Pedestrian access will be maintained across the car park enabling connectivity between Gardiners Creek trail and the Elgar Road campus (near Building LP).

Alternative car spaces are available in Car Park 12 and Car Park 6.

Thank you for your patience as we build the new Deakin Law School Building (LC).

For more information:

John Hansen
Infrastructure and Property Group
03 9244 6671

Deakin Law School Building (LC) construction - Burwood

Starts 14/06/2018, finishes 01/07/2020

The new Deakin Law School Building (Building LC) is under construction at the Elgar Road precinct.

There will be some impacts including noise, access and services disruptions required to facilitate the construction of this new building.

Please follow directional signage and traffic management during this period, and follow Facilities Services Help Desk on Yammer for notifications on major interruptions.

The new building will be operational for Trimester 2, 2020. Read more about it on the building project webpage

Further information:

John Hansen
Infrastructure and Property Group
03 9244 6671