The table below shows the current works across all Deakin campuses. Please click on the relevant headline for more information about each project, including contact details of the project manager in case you have any concerns.

For information about major projects, please visit our IPG web page.

Posted Campus Description Start Finish
27/07/2020Waurn PondsBuilding NA - Roof cleaning and maintenance 27/07/202021/09/2020
14/07/2020BurwoodLight Pole Maintenance Works 14/07/202031/10/2020
20/05/2020BurwoodMulti-purpose Sports Court20/05/202030/11/2020
30/04/2020Waurn PondsBuilding LA - High Voltage RMU installation 30/04/202016/08/2020
22/04/2020Waurn PondsBuilding NA - HVAC upgrade 22/04/202031/12/2020
30/10/2019Waurn PondsNew Student Accommodation 30/10/201931/03/2021
Waurn Ponds
Cladding Replacement Works - Stage 315/10/201931/12/2020

Building NA - Roof cleaning and maintenance - Waurn Ponds

Starts 27/07/2020, finishes 21/09/2020

We will be completing roof cleaning and maintenance to the roof of Building NA. Works will be commencing Tuesday 27 July and are expected to continue for approximately eight weeks.

While these works are being carried out you may notice additional noise coming from the roof, along with tradespeople and machinery around the building. 

Further information 
Samantha Eyck
Infrastructure and Property Group
03 5227 3703
0438 944 112

Light Pole Maintenance Works - Burwood

Starts 14/07/2020, finishes 31/10/2020

Maintenance works will be undertaken on the light poles at the Burwood campus from July to October 2020.

The rolling works include upgrading the lamps, applying protective coating and pole remediation or replacement. A temporary safe work zone will be in place as tasks are undertaken.

Minimal impact is expected as these works are completed. Further notifications will be provided as required. 

Further information

Andrea Drake
Infrastructure and Property Group
9244 6998

Multi-purpose Sports Court - Burwood

Starts 20/05/2020, finishes 30/11/2020

A new outdoor multi-purpose sports court is being constructed as part of Building LC project.

Works will commence from Monday 25 May and are expected to be completed in November 2020.

Located adjacent to Car Park 11, the new sport court also includes spectator seating, landscaping, new stair access and lighting.

Pedestrian access via the green stairs adjacent to the Burwood Link will be temporarily closed. However full access will remain across the Burwood Link or via Uganda Street.

Car Park 11 continues to remain closed while Building LC construction continues.

Further information

Hadrian Phillip
Infrastructure and Property Group
9246 8490

Building LA - High Voltage RMU installation - Waurn Ponds

Starts 30/04/2020, finishes 16/08/2020

The High Voltage cable in the Building LA courtyard is being reconfigured and a new switchboard and RMU unit is being installed. 

Works are commencing on Monday 18 May and you will notice a closed work zone, with temporary fencing. There may be some minor noise impacts intermittently, and you will see tradespoeople working. 

There will be some power disruptions necessary for these works to be completed, which will impact Buildings LA, LB, LC, LH and Kids Plus. Further details will be provided for these outages shortly. 

Works are due to be completed by the end of 2020.

Further information
Pat Brislane
Infrastructure and Property Group
61 3 5227 2697

Building NA - HVAC upgrade - Waurn Ponds

Starts 22/04/2020, finishes 31/12/2020

Works are taking place to upgrade the existing Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system in Building NA. This is to install more energy efficient and sustainable solution. 

During works, you may notice: 

  • Some intermittent interruptions to services. Any major outages will be directly communicated with affected stakeholders prior to the outage
  • Tradespeople working and transporting materials, mainly outside Building NA
  • Some construction machinery and intermittent noise impacts.
Works are due to be completed by the end of 2020.
Further information
Pat Brislane 
Infrastructure and Property Group 
61 3 5227 2697

New Student Accommodation - Waurn Ponds

Starts 30/10/2019, finishes 31/03/2021

A new student accommodation precinct is being constructed at the Waurn Ponds Campus. The precinct will feature:

  • 32, two-level townhouses
  • Communal buildings
  •  Extension of Baxter Drive to connect to Residences Road
  • Landscaping throughout new areas

 Construction will commence in November and is due for completion in April 2021, until then, you will notice:

  • Large construction site within the current residential precinct
  • Closure to Car Parks 7, 9, and 10
  • Various vehicle and pedestrian access changes, please follow wayfinding signage
  • Noise impacts at varying levels for occupants in the buildings surrounding the construction zone
  •  Closure of the tennis courts alternative courts are available at Waurn Ponds Estate.


Further information
Saumya Brahma
Infrastructure and Property Group
61 3 5227 2262

Cladding Replacement Works - Stage 3 - Burwood/Warrnambool/Waurn Ponds

Starts 15/10/2019, finishes 31/12/2020

We are commencing Stage 3 of the Cladding Replacement Works program at the Burwood, Waurn Ponds and Warrnambool campuses from mid-November as part of campus improvement and maintenance works.

The works will remove degraded and outdated cladding and external wall features, which will be replaced with modern materials. The works will be staggered across multiple locations which are as follows:

  • Burwood - Buildings LA, LB, MC, HD, HC, HE and BC
  • Waurn Ponds - Buildings NK, FK, FJ, FL, FM
  • Warrnambool - Building P

Tradespeople will initially work to remove the existing material, followed by the installation of the new material. The work will involve a rolling construction area around the building, and the use of lifting machinery such as a boom lift or elevated work platform. There may be some noise and access impacts. While this cannot be avoided, very noisy or disruptive works will be programmed outside of work hours where possible to minimise disruption.

Please follow all directional signage to ensure your safety in these work areas.

Further information 

Alex D'Aloia
Infrastructure and Property Group
03 9246 8101