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Prof John Toumbourou

School of Psychology

Principal Supervisor

Matin Ghayour Minaie
Thesis entitled: The influence of parenting styles on adolescent behaviour problems.
Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology), School of Psychology
Siobhan Ryan
Thesis entitled: Investigation of Parent and Family Factors Associated with Service Use for Adolescent Emotional and Behavioural Problems.
Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), School of Psychology
Rachel Leung
Thesis entitled: Identification of factors that can modifypeer group influence on adolescent alcohol use.
Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology), School of Psychology
Jess Heerde
Thesis entitled: Temporal Patterns and Psychosocial Consequences of Adolescent Help-seeking Behaviour.
Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology), School of Psychology
Eva Yuen
Thesis entitled: Does Family Intervention for Adolescent Substance use Impact Parent Wellbeing?.
Master of Science (Psychology), School of Psychology