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Principal Supervisor

Vince Versace
Thesis entitled: Influence of Land Cover on Water Resources in South-West Victoria.
Doctor of Philosophy (Life & Env),
Leigh Thwaites
Thesis entitled: Irrigation with Reclaimed Water at Portland Aluminium: An Environmental Assessment.
Doctor of Philosophy (Life & Env),
Daniel Burkett
Thesis entitled: Nutrient Contribution to Hyper-Eutrophic Wetlands in Perth, Western Australia.
Doctor of Philosophy (Life & Env),
Sanja Oldridge
Thesis entitled: Integrative Catchment Modelling of Land Use, Turbidity, Flow and Geology.
Doctor of Technology,
Scott Salzman
Thesis entitled: Aluminium Smelter Wastewater: Fluoride Fate in Froundwater.
Doctor of Philosophy (Life & Env),
Xianzhe Xiong
Thesis entitled: A Comparative Study of Environmental Assimilative Capacity of Heavy Metals in Soils.
Doctor of Philosophy (Life & Env),