Live+Smart Research Lab

Using applied research to investigate rapid urbanisation and the decline of rural areas in the 21st century.

Supporting liveable, sustainable, and smart cities

The Live+Smart Research Lab is a multidisciplinary research hub that focuses on providing applied research solutions for a rapidly urbanised world.

Our researchers use innovative theoretical models embedded in smart technology, and the School of Architecture and Built Environment’s Integral Design Framework (IDF), to explore technology-enabled solutions that can be tailored for both urban and rural communities.


Technology enabled

Our Liveable + Smart Cities Scenario Model allows us to address city design and infrastructure considerations through a dynamic, real-time 2D-3D GIS platform, which is backed by extensive data analytics from a number of industry sources. The model can be scaled to work with anything from small grain place-based projects to large complex issues, meaning we can work within both city and regional/small town contexts.

Our dynamic design and planning process is supported by virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies, allowing immersive interactive spatial visualisations, digital simulations, and scenario modelling.


The Live+Smart Research Lab collaborates with a multidisciplinary university-wide team, who are leading experts in:

  • land use planning, master planning, urban design and landscape architecture
  • biophilic design and planning
  • social and environmental psychology and wellbeing
  • social-cultural planning and community engagement
  • health and education planning, and early childhood planning
  • ecology, biology and environmental science
  • economic analysis and modelling
  • anthropology and Indigenous knowledge systems
  • sustainable infrastructure and engineering
  • transportation services and infrastructure analysis
  • spatial GIS analysis and mapping
  • Internet-of-Things (IOT), software engineering, and computation
  • data analytics and prediction, and citizen intelligence
  • constructions and procurement science
  • renewable energy and smart energy systems
  • geology and hydrology
  • climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Collaborative partnerships

Beyond our research activities, the Live+Smart Research Lab builds partnerships with key industry and government organisations to deliver innovative solutions.

We establish living labs, and develop prototypes and concepts that are grounded in achieving sustainable, innovative, adaptive, and resilient outcomes for the future. We believe that reconnecting human habits with the natural environment will lead to a healthy and regenerative future for both.

Contact us

Dr Phillip B. Roӧs
Director, Live+Smart Research Lab
Associate Head of School, Industry Engagement
+61 3 5247 9145
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