Strategic Assessment of Potentials for University Campus Sustainability

University campuses have been an inseparable component of the society, economy and environment in their located cities or towns.

Since the 1990s, university leaders have started to acknowledge the importance of higher education institutions in achieving national and global sustainability goals through education, research, policy formation and information exchange. So far, over five hundred universities worldwide, including Deakin University, have signed the Talloires Declaration, which served as a call for actions for higher education institutions and a large number of universities have created initiatives to improve campus sustainability in form of task forces, projects, or committees aimed at reforming university practice and policies on sustainability. The Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability, which was established as an Incorporated Association in 2006, has included the majority of the tertiary sector within Australia (Deakin included) as well as Further Education institutions across Australasia, and acted as the umbrella organisation for sustainability within operations and learnings for its members.

This project investigates the Integral Design Futures (IDF) of university campuses through quantitative and qualitative assessment of their individual and collective performances. The project applies the four-quadrant IDF principles to sustainable design, construction and management of university campuses by means of their economic, environmental, social and technological sections. Research topics that have been identified for IDF include but are not limited: quantitative economic assessment of individual sustainable university campus initiatives and the future proofing of their construction; quantitative environmental assessment of collective university campuses for carbon emission mitigation and greening potentials; qualitative social assessment of individual universities campuses for their responsibilities and partnerships with specific communities; and qualitative resilience assessment and governance approaches to university campuses for action and behaviour changes by a group. The results of this IDF project will provide a better understanding on the future of the university campus and the university campus of the future.

Project Team

Deakin University School of Architecture and Built Environment:

Professor David Jones, Associate Professor Chunlu Liu (Project Leader), Associate Professor Mark Luther, Dr Astrid Roetzel, Dr John Rollo, Ms Linda Tivendale, Dr Nilupa Udawatta

External Partners

Campus Services of Deakin University, Infrastructure and Property Group of Deakin University