Deakin's Cloud Campus: your online study questions answered

So, you want a high-quality education, but prefer the convenience and flexibility of learning when and where suits you. Maybe you live in a remote location, you’re juggling family commitments, or you work odd hours. In years gone by, these barriers might have been insurmountable – but not anymore.

Digital disruption has revolutionised the education system, and Deakin is no exception. Online study at Deakin’s Cloud Campus is the perfect solution for when life keeps getting in the way. It puts you in the driver’s seat, letting you fit your coursework around the rest of your life.

Still, many people find the idea of online study a little daunting. It’s perfectly normal to have some questions, and it’s important that you feel confident about your decision. To help you understand whether the Cloud Campus is right for you, we’ve answered five of the most common questions we hear from prospective students.

1. How will I access course content?

You’ll access course materials – including lectures in real-time or recorded, and reading material – through DeakinSync, your personalised online learning portal, where the classroom comes to you. DeakinSync is also where you’ll:

  • take part in tutorials via live chats on discussion board
  • collaborate with classmates by sharing video and presentations
  • submit assignments
  • see updates related to your course and assessments.

With the Cloud Campus, the world is at your fingertips. You’ll study the same course content, hear from the same world-class teachers and access the same support services as Deakin’s on-campus students.

Best of all, DeakinSync is available any time, so you can study when and where it suits you.

How will I access course content?

Find out how you’ll access your high quality course content when you study online with Deakin. DeakinSync, your personal online learning portal, and your unit sites contain audio-visual class materials, lectures, discussion boards and more.

2. How will I interact with my lecturers?

One of the best things about studying at Deakin is learning from lecturers who are leaders in their fields. Whether you study online or on-campus, you’ll learn from those same experts.

Your unit chair leads the teaching team for your unit and coordinates its overall delivery. You can contact your unit chair if you have any questions or worries – they’ll let you know the best way to get in touch. They’ll keep you informed with news and updates through DeakinSync and you’ll also interact with them on your unit’s discussion boards.

You’ll also hear from teaching staff directly through live-streamed lectures, audio recordings and online workshops.

How will I interact with my lecturers?

You'll have direct access to world-class teaching staff when you study online with Deakin. Through a range of methods, you’ll connect with experts dedicated to supporting your learning.

3. How will I interact with other students?

Some students worry that online study might be a lonely experience. Without the hustle and bustle of a physical campus and face-to-face interactions with your classmates, how will you get to enjoy the social side of university?

As a Cloud Campus student, you’ll join a community of 60,000 online students based all around the world. Our online systems are designed to help you connect. Discussion boards let you interact with classmates, workshop ideas and collaborate on group assignments. The Cloud Campus Facebook group is another place where you can chat, ask questions and expand your network.

Deakin’s Study Buddies program is another great way for Cloud Campus students to connect with others studying similar units. Alternatively, you might buddy up with someone who lives in the same area as you – regardless of what they’re studying.

How will I interact with other students?

Find out how you’ll interact with peers when you study online with Deakin. Access to your unit site discussion boards and free software will help you communicate, collaborate and support each other.

4. What equipment and skills will I need?

You don’t need much to get started with online study – just a reliable internet connection, a computer and some basic technology skills.

You’ll do an online orientation program, where you’ll learn to get the most out of DeakinSync. While getting used to new systems can seem intimidating, you’ll be surprised by how quickly it becomes habit. If you’re not familiar with particular programs, you can do tutorials through your free membership at – which all Deakin students get access to.

What equipment and skills will I need?

Find out why it won’t take long to get your confidence up when you study online with Deakin. Your online learning tools are intuitive and easy to navigate, and support is available.

5. How will I access support services?

All Deakin students have access to a range of study support services to help you succeed at university.

Step-by-step guides will walk you through the process of setting up and navigating Deakin’s Cloud Campus. The library offers digital services and delivery, and even if you choose to study full-time online, you’re welcome to use campus facilities and visit staff.

There’s a reason why Deakin students have the highest satisfaction rating in IT resources of any university in Australia and NZ. Technical assistance is only ever a phone call away at the Cloud Campus, even at night and on weekends.

How will I access support services?

Discover just how easy it is to access student support when you study online with Deakin. Even when you’re studying at night and on weekends, you can connect to IT, library, academic and health and wellbeing support.

No matter what your circumstances are, studying at Deakin’s Cloud Campus can help you achieve your career goals on your terms.

Take control of your future with online study at Deakin. Explore your course options today.