How Deakin’s Cloud Campus can help shape your future

Studying online gives you the flexibility to complete your studies around your current commitments. Learn how one of our Cloud Campus students, Glen Walker, took control of his career prospects.

Like many people who chose to study online at Deakin’s Cloud Campus, Glen was looking for a change in his career.

Back in his late teens, he planned to study to become a PE teacher. But at a career forum, a sports therapist from a prominent rugby team gave him a bleak picture of his prospects and earning potential in the field of sports.

‘He said he was filling up water bottles for three years before he came anywhere near a full-time position. He told me he wasn’t getting paid,’ Glen explains.

Unsure of his next move, Glen instead fell into work as an accountant. ‘When you’re 19 you think if you work in business you’ll be a multi-billionaire.’

But years later and still working in accounting, Glen’s boss asked him to take an exam to become a chartered accountant. ‘I thought, there’s no way I can do this,’ Glen recalls. It was at this point, Glen finally decided to switch paths.

Taking ownership of the future

After Glen had made the decision to change his vocation, he was keen to hone his skills. He found a part-time job in sports, where his duties were basic – odd jobs and helping to run programs. Glen knew he had to do more to get ahead of the pack, and decided to go back to university.

After talking to friends and family about his plans, Glen’s boss told him about the Master of Business (Sport Management) course at Deakin’s Cloud Campus. The course was exactly what he was looking for, and studying online gave Glen the flexibility to complete his course around his current work commitments.

He was able to learn while earning money at his job, where his shared love of sport with his boss kept him motivated. ‘We have that passion for competitiveness, for doing well, for self improvement and for furthering yourself,’ he says.

Be confident. If you do the work and follow the process you’ll get through it and learn a heap.

Glen Walker

Cloud Campus student

Flexible study, real-world learning

Glen’s role soon became full time, but that didn’t mean he had to give up his degree. A major benefit of a course at Deakin’s Cloud Campus is having the flexibility to study around work. Plus, Glen was able to take what he learnt through his seminars and lectures and immediately apply it to his everyday work.

Glen credits his online study with opening up a whole range opportunities for a future career in sport. ‘It was do or die going into this. But this format has helped to give me that backing to know what I’m talking about and to understand the broader areas sport branches out into.’

Why wait?

Glen’s advice for those considering study is not to be intimated. ‘Be confident. If you do the work and follow the process you’ll get through it and learn a heap. It’s nowhere near as hard as trying to be a chartered accountant when you don’t want to.’

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