Top tips from three Deakin students for Virtual Open Day

9am–4pm Sunday 5 June 2022

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Want to know what it’s like to study at Deakin? Hear from three Deakin students about their Virtual Open Day experience and how it helped them find the perfect course. Find out why almost 100% of attendees said our event met or exceeded expectations.

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Deakin Virtual Open Day is a huge, interactive, digital event where you can explore courses, hear from students and chat to study experts – all from home.

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Maria Psomadelli, a Bachelor of Psychology student at Deakin, attended Deakin Virtual Open Day and found the information she needed to choose her degree. Having attended both types of Open Days, Maria was impressed with the authenticity of Virtual Open Day and how similar it was to Campus Open Day.

'There was an enormous number of sessions held by people that were experts in the field,' she says. 'They were giving so many useful tips on how to study and go about homework and what to do when it comes to assignments and exams.'

Connect with the Deakin community

After a 'dystopian' period due to the pandemic, Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery student Kirsten Boyle took the opportunity to hear from current nursing students. After attending Virtual Open Day, she felt that 'the prospect of university life felt more consolidated and real'.

For Stefanie Jajo, a Bachelor of Law student, a highlight was talking to real students and asking questions about university. 'Speaking to current university students who had been in the same position I was in, helped me feel more comfortable about moving forward with my tertiary education.'

It was good to just have some sort of structure and to hear current students from the faculty talk – actual nursing students who were doing the program.

Kirsten Boyle

Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery

Discover the support you’ll receive

The move from school to university can be daunting. At school they make sure you’re on top of your work, at university it’s completely up to you. Maria was impressed with the focus on student support. 'They kept mentioning that if anything goes wrong or if there's anything they can do to help to just get in contact and they will find a solution. I felt really reassured knowing that even though I'm an adult and I have to do this by myself, I have someone behind the scenes I'm able to talk to if I need to.'

Finding somewhere that offered great support was non-negotiable for Kirsten. 'I had to move six hours to come to university so having a support network was a really important part of my decision.'

Get a sense of Deakin’s culture

When you’re looking at different universities and courses, you’ll often find that something just clicks. For Stefanie, it was the culture of Deakin that felt right to her. 'After attending Virtual Open Day I was sure that Deakin was the university I wanted to go to,' she says.

For Kirsten, it was the positive vibe that opened the door to her Deakin journey. 'Everyone just seemed happy,' she says. 'I felt like at other universities there was a lot of pressure to look or present yourself in a certain way, whereas Deakin was just honest and sort of like, this is what we do, we've got these kinds of groups, we've got all this support.'

I was able to get a sense of the culture at Deakin and it was different to any other I have experienced. I felt valued as an individual, and that all my needs would be considered and catered to.

Stefanie Jajo

Bachelor of Laws

Are you ready for Virtual Open Day?

Kirstin suggests if there is something that even remotely interests you, check it out! 'Hearing more about a course can really help you decide whether it's something you're interested in. Get on the Deakin website and look at their clubs, their support, and the different ways that you can get into the course that you want to do.'

Maria encourages you to come prepared. 'Get a notebook and take notes on whatever you feel are the pros and cons. There are a lot of sessions and the more you attend the better, because you get a really good taste of what Deakin is like.'

For Stefanie it’s all about the questions. 'Ask any questions you have – there is no question that is not worth asking and I guarantee you that other people will have the same questions as well.'

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