Faculty staff

Deakin’s Faculty of Arts and Education is the University’s largest faculty. It’s staffed by an expert team of dedicated academics, researchers, technicians, program managers and support and administrative personnel.

Use our faculty list to contact staff. You can also see individual staff profiles to find out more about areas of expertise, publications and awards.


Acting Executive Dean 
Professor Christine Ure

Associate Dean (Partnerships and International)
Associate Professor Katya Johanson

Associate Dean (Research)
Professor Jack Reynolds

Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)
Professor Damian Blake

School and institute staff members

Administrative functional groups

Office of the Executive Dean

Faculty General Manager
Matthew McDonough

Strategic Planning and Projects Manager
Cayla Edwards

Project Officer
Heather Rose

Administrative and Project Officer
Emily Hodge

Health, Safety and Environment Coordinator
Kirsty Romanelli

Resources Assistant
Michael Farrugia


Business Services Portfolio

Portfolio Manager – Business Services
Duncan Miles

Senior Management Accountant
Fiona Herbert

Management Accountant, Research
Amy Bieser

Georgia Hunt

Graduate Accountant
Amy Shay

Finance Officer
Yaser Shah

Planning Analyst

Business Operations Support Coordinator
Kathryn Campbell

Administration Officer (HR)
Ramona Browne

Administration Officer (HR)
Melissa Delport

Administration Officer (HR)
Joanne Zivillica

Travel and Finance Officer
Marita Bentley

Travel and Finance Officer
Simone Truswell
Travel and Finance Officer
Anita Armour

Travel and Finance Officer
Jess Emery

Transaction Officer
Scott Cavanagh

Resources Assistant
Sam Threlfall

Engagement Portfolio


Portfolio Manager, Engagement
Kathryn Whitney

Work Integrated Learning Manager

Senior Work Integrated Learning Coordinator
Kirsty Dixon (on leave)

Work Integrated Learning Manager, Mobility
Rose Watson (Acting)

Work Integrated Learning Coordinator
Angela Jubber

Work Integrated Learning Coordinator
Beth Anderson

Work Integrated Learning Manager, Internships
Sophia StJames

Marketing Manager
Stephanie Moore (on maternity leave)

Marketing Manager - Acting
Kaitlin Hopkins

Senior Marketing and External Engagement Officer
Danni La Gamba

Senior Communications Designer
Madi Millet-Riley

Student Recruitment Officer
Sarah Bunting

Senior Digital Communications Officer
Margaret Ryan

Digital Support Officer
Natasha Ferdinands

Digital Content Assistant
Aubrey Comben

International & Partnerships Manager
Michael Knopp

Partnership Development Coordinator
Chris Trott

Partnership Support Officer
Tanya Peters
Project Coordinator
Ronnie Seignior

Research Portfolio


Strategic Research Services Manager
David Gall

Grants Officer
Sharna Thomason

Grants Officer
Melissa Cogdon

Research Partnerships Coordinator
Dr Anas Sultan

Senior HDR Adviser, Publications
Lisa Morwood

Research Administrative Officer
Kylie Koulkoudinas

Senior HDR Advisor
Robyn Ficnerski

Administrative Assistant
Margaret McKay

HDR Academic Skills Adviser
Donna-Lee Frieze

HDR Academic Skills Adviser
Kate Hall

Teaching and Learning Portfolio

Portfolio Manager, Teaching and Learning
Anthea Gray

Manager, Academic Programs
Janelle Browning

Digital Learning Manager
Joseph Grasso

Governance Coordinator
Sophie Hill

Senior Administrative Officer
Kate White

Curriculum Coordinator
Lindsey Pepper

Senior Academic Programs Officer
Kim Morrison

Administration Officer (Curriculum)
Beryl Wilson

Administration Officer (Curriculum)
Chloe Murphy

Administration Officer (Curriculum)
Kelli O’Hern

Administration Officer (Curriculum)
Emma Smitten

Curriculum Assistant
Nicole Thomas

Digital Learning Education Designer
Karine Cosgrove

Digital Learning Design Officer
Rose Babaee

Digital Learning Technical Officer
Cate Oke

Digital Learning Support Officer
Sam Threlfall

Digital Learning Support Officer
Induwara Bandaranayake

Student Experience Manager
Sumita Verma

Student Experience Coordinator
Katerina Pikoulas

Academic Progress & Integrity Coordinator
Leah McCabe

Work Integrated Learning Coordinator
Kellie Henson

Work Integrated Learning Coordinator
Aastha Shrestha

Senior Student Experience Officer - Geelong
Jess Albrecht

Academic Progress & Integrity Officer – Burwood
Nerissa Skevington

Academic Progress & Integrity Officer – Burwood
Debra Black (on maternity leave)

Academic Progress & Integrity Officer – Geelong
Clare Agg

Academic Progress & Integrity Officer – Burwood
Stephanie Jauffret

Student Experience Officer – Burwood
Monica Hearn

Student Experience Officer – Burwood
Nonny Elliott-Dedman

Student Experience Officer – Geelong
Danika Armytage
Kathryn Ingle

Student Adviser - Burwood
Catherine Anstiss

Student Adviser - Geelong
Maddison Howie

Peer Support & Transition Coordinator
Georgina Clarke (on maternity leave)
Jennifer Hurley

Faculty Timetable Coordinator
Carmen Nigro

Information Communication Technology Group


IT Manager
Matt Freeman

Resources Coordinator
Ritesh Foolchand
Resources Officer – IT
Howard Wong

IT Trainee