Deakin Business Consulting Programs

Real-world work experience

The Deakin Business Consulting Programs offer students the opportunity to apply their academic training and gain practical experience. Students develop their analytical and real-world skills while working in a team environment, and consulting to a real business.

These programs are available for credit to undergraduate and postgraduate students across all faculties who are eligible to use it as a work-integrated learning (WIL) unit towards their degree.

Australian Business Consultancy

The Australian Business Consultancy (ABC) is a trimester-based program where students work in small consultancy teams to explore and develop a strategy in response to a specific business problem. Students liaise with the client to understand the nature of the problem and their requirements and capabilities before delivering a final report and presentation of suggested strategies.

Businesses involved benefit from having a multidisciplinary team develop a strategic solution to a specific challenge or business problem. Students engage with the client through a virtual collaboration platform and a series of regular meetings to clarify project deliverables and gather any data required from the business.

The ABC program provides students with an authentic experience of working as a consultant, enhancing their communication and analytical skills while liaising with external stakeholders in order to identify, understand and attempt to resolve real-world business problems.

The program takes place under the guidance and supervision of an industry program leader.

Business Development Clinic

The Business Development Clinic is a unique no-free consultancy program that bridges the gap between business theory and business reality while helping small businesses grow. In an 8-week program, business owners work directly with a small team of student consultants to identify growth opportunities for their business, and develop a practical, ready-to-implement roadmap for increasing their revenue.

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The experience I gained from the Deakin Business Consulting Clinic allowed me to showcase and reinforce the soft skills I learned throughout my course. This has led me to secure an industry role with opportunities to grow my career.

Hellen Ho

Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws graduate

Industry endorsement

Industry endorsement

The Deakin Business School holds numerous industry accreditations that provide professional recognition of the quality of education and learning experiences of our students. Graduating ahead of the pack with versatile skills to give them the employment edge, Deakin students can capably and confidently meet the demands of business.

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The Deakin Business Consulting Clinic can help meet the needs of small-to-medium businesses. If you would like to find out more about how your business could benefit from the program please contact the Deakin Business School WIL team.

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