Research seminars

We have a range of speakers and research partners who regularly visit Deakin to share insights and encourage debate on topics of particular interest to the department’s students.

Upcoming seminars


Fri 3 NovemberProfessor Andrew Ferguson
University of Technology Sydney
Choice to capitalise under IASB 6 and mine environmental approvals
Fri 10 NovemberProfessor Greg ClinchTBC
Fri 17 NovemberProfessor Xi (Jason) Kuang
Georgia Institute of Technology
Fri 24 NovemberProfessor Roger Simnett, Deakin UniversityTBC
Friday 1 DecemberDr Cynthia Cai, Macquarie UniversityTBC
Friday 8 DecemberDr Nicholas Pawsey, Charles Sturt UniversityTBC

Past seminars


20 October 2023Dr Sandip Dhole
Monash University
Carbon Footprints and Creditworthiness: International Evidence on Suppliers’ Strategic Shift in Trade Credit Allocation
13 October 2023Assistant Professor In Gyun Baek 
National University of Singapore
Ambiguous ESG Metrics in Executive Compensation
6 October 2023Professor Max Göttsche and Dr Florian Habermann
Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadtthat
Materiality Classifications as a Double-Edged Sword: Real Effects of Sustainability Disclosure Standards
22 SeptemberProfessor Martin Bugeja
The University of Technology Sydney
The dark side of company information search: Evidence from M&A Targets
1 September 2023Professor Roger Simnett
Deakin University
Workshop on research grant application
25 August 2023Dr Dan Rimkus
University of Florida
Should Auditors Invite the CFO to Happy Hour? How Status Differences Moderate the Effect of Auditor-Manager Social Bonding on Manager Disposition.
18 July 2023Professor of Practice Mr Michael Bray
Deakin University
Integrated Reporting Sustainability Seminar
14 July 2023Dr Wei Shi
Deakin University
Tax Avoidance and Competition for Capital When Debt Market is Tightened: International Evidence
7 July 2023Associate Professor Richard Crowley
Singapore Management University

Does Misinformation Regulation Reduce Fake News in Financial Markets? Evidence from East Guba

6 July 2023Sriniwas Mahapatro
Deakin University, PhD confirmation
Effects of Joint Audits on Financial Reporting Quality of Banks
23 June 2023Professor Lisa Liu
Columbia University
The Effect of Public Firm Audit Regulation on Private Firm Auditing: Audit-Partner-Level Evidence
9 June 2023 Professor Greg Clinch
Deakin University
Brownbag discussion
19 May 2023 Mr Furqan Shah
Deakin University
Does the Practice of Integrated Reporting Mitigate Generalist Managers' Inefficient Resource Alignment and Configuration?
5 May 2023 Professor Yupeng Lin
National University of Singapore
To centralise or not: Control right allocation and auditor incentives
28 April 2023 Professor Ruishen Zhang
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Measurement Intensity
27 April 2023 Professor of Practice, Mr Michael Bray
Deakin University
IR Sustainability Seminar
21 April 2023 Associate Professor Leonardo Barcellos
Arizona State University
Can Investors See Through Managers’ Evasive Responses in Earnings Calls?
20 April 2023 Professor Greg Clinch
Deakin University
Brownbag discussion
14 April 2023 Associate Professor Ryan Sommerfeldt
Washington State University
Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: The Tolerance Spillover Effect in Ethical Decision Making
31 March 2023 Professor Christo Karuna
Monash University 
Managerial Ability and Employee Safety
24 March 2023 Dr Kevin Li
The University of New South Wales
Is auditors’ migration status associated with their performance?
17 March 2023 Professor Ivo Tafkov
Georgia State University
The Effects of Organizational Culture and Real Earnings Management on Managers’ Discretionary Goal Adjustments
10 March 2023 Professor Gabriel Pündrich
University of Florida
Regulating Financial Advice: Evidence from the Municipal Bond Market
24 February 2023 Professor Flora Kuang
The University of Melbourne
Does CEO Charity Involvement Indicate a Prosocial Identity?
17 February 2023 Professor Greg Clinch
Deakin University
Strategically Timed Voluntary Disclosures before Conferences: Global Evidence
27 January 2023 Professor Shiheng Wang
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Strategically Timed Voluntary Disclosures before Conferences: Global Evidence


26 August 2022 Associate Professor Dennis Fehrenbacher St Gallen University, Switzerland
19 August 2022 Professor Michael Davern
University of Melbourne

29 July 2022 Associate Professor Sorabh Tomar Southern Methodist University (SMU)US Greenhouse Gas Disclosure and Emissions Benchmarking
22 July 2022 Professor Ying Huang
University of Texas, Dallas
Whistleblowing Threat and Corporate Disclosure
15 July 2022 Mr Xing Yang
University of Melbourne
Can external auditors deter labor union misconduct?
7 July 2022 Dr Wei Shi
Deakin University
Stay Distinct, Stay Silent - The Impact of Business Strategy on Disclosure Choice and Firm Value
24 June 2022 Associate Professor Sean Dennis
University of Central Florida
"Alexa, Audit Loan Grades!": Does Humanising Artificial Intelligence Enhance Auditor Reliance?

10 June 2022

Associate Professor Yuyan Guan

The Impact of Credit Market Development on Auditor Choice: Evidence from Banking Deregulation

3 June 2022 Associate Professor Luke Watson Villanova University, Pennsylvania Tax Policy through Executive Power and the Firm Value Effects of Treasury Regulations

20 May 2022

Associate Professor Andrew Jackson

The Disaggregation of Accounting Performance in Tests of Relative Performance Evaluation
18 May 2022

Dr Campbell Heggen &
Dr Peter Ngigi
Deakin University

Socioeconomic Disparity and Planned Saving Behaviour: The Role of Financial Anxiety, Self-Efficacy and Social Norms
13 May 2022

Associate Professor Ryan Guggenmos
Cornell University
Ithaca NY

The Cognitive Cost of Misreporting
4 March 2022

Professor Charles Cho
York University

Hijacking ‘Sustainability’ (Accounting): The Case of ‘ESG’ and the IFRS Foundation


21 May 2021

Dr Wei Shi
Deakin University

Does Audit Committee Expertise Mitigate Securities Class Action Lawsuits?

2 June 2021

Professor Cline Lennox
University of Southern California

1) A review of China-related accounting research in the past 25 years
2) Auditor Inattentiveness to Firm Performance Subsequent to the Year End: Evidence from Going-Concern Opinions.
14 July 2021

Professor Laurence van Lent
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Leveraging Text-based Methods for Empirical Accounting and Finance Research – Part 1

15 July 2021

Professor Laurence van Lent
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Leveraging Text-based Methods for Empirical Accounting and Finance Research – Part 2

16 April 2021

Associate Professor Brian White
University of Texas at Austin

The Effect of Uncertainty about Future Accounting Standards on Financial Reporting Quality


13 November 2020 Brown Bag
Nancy Cao (PhD Student)
Deakin University
PhD Progress Presentation
16 October 2020 Brown Bag
Nancy Cao (PhD Student)
Deakin University
PhD Progress Presentation
9 October 2020 Associate Professor Louise Lu
Australian National University
Death is a Law: Death of Former Colleagues and Management Forecasts

18 September 2020

Professor Bin Ke Company Visit Disclosure Regulation and Financial Analysts’ Behavior
9 September 2020 Associate Professor Luckmika Perera Integrated Reporting, Risk and Audit Committee Integration – An exploratory study of Australia’s Top 200 Listed Companies
4 September 2020 Dr Sagarika Mishra Client Firm Workplace Culture and Audit Pricing
21 August 2020 Associate Professor Johannes (John) Dumay If the IIRC were a company, would I invest?
14 August 2020 Dr Chen Chen Do Acquaintance Ties enhance Future Board Membership prospects of Tainted Independent Directors?
7 August 2020 Dr My Nguyen Product Market Competition, Venture Capital and the Success of Entrepreneurial Firms
24 July 2020 Professor Nancy Su Reputation Recognition and Audit Outcomes: Evidence from Chinese Auditors

3 July 2020

Professor Bin Srinidhi Does private information make analysts more accommodative of managers or strive harder to enhance client value?

26 June 2020

Dr. Gabriel Pundrich Grammatical Violations and Financial Reporting Quality

19 June 2020

Dr Lyu Fan Transportation infrastructure development and tax avoidance: Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment

12 June 2020

Professor George Tanewski Audit Pricing for Large Proprietary Companies in Australia

28 May 2020

Dr Lawrence Huang Human Capital Relatedness and Labor Market-based Information Transfer

24 April 2020

Peter Vuong In what ways are you making your online learning activities and resources engaging?

17 April 2020

Dr Samuel Cheung Board Ethnic Diversity, Inter-Director Communication and the Quality of Accruals

13 March 2020

Professor David Lont, University of Otago, NZ

It’s Getting Hotter: EU Extreme Heat Spells and Firm Value

6 March 2020

Professor Brigitte Eierle and Dr Sven Hartlieb, University of Bamberg, Germany

Non-Audit Services, Audit Culture and Audit Quality: Evidence from the Private Client Segment Market

21 February 2020

Dr Stefan Schantl,
The University of Melbourne

Governance Quality, Financial Reporting, and Shareholder Activism: The Economic Effects of Mandatory Executive Compensation Disclosure

10 January 2020 Professor Ke Liao
Wuhan University, China


10 December 2019 Professor Zhifeng Yang
State University of New York
Progress Presentation of Thesis on Translation of Integrated Reporting
29 November 2019 Chun Lu, Sumon Bhattacharjee –
PhD Students

Progress Presentation of Thesis on Translation of Integrated Reporting – Sumon Bhattacharjee

MS Borrowing from Employees to Finance Marketing Investment – Chun Lu

22 November 2019 Dr. Kevin Ow Yong Keng Singapore Institute of Technology TBA

8 November 2019

Masoud Azizkhani University of Tasmania "Specialized corporate disclosures and information asymmetry in U.S. capital market"
1 November 2019 Professor Allan Hodgson University of Queensland “First Time Going Concern Opinions and Corporate Insider Arbitrage”
18 October 2019 Associate Professor Dushyantkumar Vyas PhD workshop
18 October 2019 Associate Professor Dushyantkumar Vyas Government Procurement and Financial Statements Certification: Evidence from Private Firms in Emerging Economies
15 October 2019 Associate Professor Dushyantkumar Vyas PhD workshop
11 October 2019 Dr Sunyoung Kim Monash University Target ratcheting and CEO overconfidence

4 October 2019

Dr Yaowen Shan
University of Technology Sydney

Empowering Minority Shareholders and Enhancing Director Accountability via Lower Voting Thresholds and Board Spills: Evidence from the Australian “Two-strikes” Rule

26 September 2019 Prof Keith Houghton The Cost and Efficient Delivery of Research and Education in AACSB Accredited US Business Schools
20 September 2019 Dr Sharon Pittaway
Deakin University

Engagement and participation: Same same or different and why does it matter?

13 September 2019 Professor Peter Clarkson
University of Queensland
The Value Relevance of a Firm's Carbon Profile
6 September 2019 Professor Gary Monroe
University of New South Wales

Managerial Litigation Risk and Auditor Choice

3 September 2019 Dr Yangyang Chen
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
PhD students workshop
30 August 2019 Dr Yangyang Chen
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Options Trading and Voluntary Corporate Disclosure

16 August 2019 Associate Professor Flora Kuang
University of Melbourne
CFO Social Ties and Financial Restatements
9 August 2019 Associate Professor Bo Qin
University of Melbourne
Mind the Gap? Firm Strategy and CEO-VP Pay Gap
25 July 2019 Dr Katherine Hunt
Griffith University
'A new approach to risk profiling'
19 July 2019 Professor Bin Srinidhi
University of Texas at Arlington
PhD workshop
16 July 2019 Professor Bin Srinidhi
University of Texas at Arlington
PhD workshop
12 July 2019 Professor Bin Srinidhi
University of Texas at Arlington
Do Gender-diverse Audit Partners Deliver Better Audit Quality than When They Are Both Male or Female?
1 July 2019 Professor Jeffrey Pittman
University of Newfoundland
Navigating the revision process at the major journals
21 June 2019 Dr Wei Shi
Deakin University
Crowding Out or Crowding In? The Impact of Public Firms’ IFRS Adoption on Private Firms’ Investment

7 June 2019

Associate Professor Annemieke Craig
Deakin University

Supporting Deakin’s Accounting TALENT into a career

31 May 2019

Associate Professor Phillip Dawson

Deakin University

Developing Students' Feedback Literacy

17 May 2019

Professor Zahirul Hoque
La Trobe University
Linking top management team characteristics to management accounting systems sophistication: impact on organisational performance

10 May 2019

Professor Woo-Jong Lee
Seoul National University
“Flexible CPA Staffing: Implications for Audit Fees and Audit Quality”

3 May 2019

Brown Bag
Dr Egor Evdokimov
Deakin University
"Search for a Turnaround Savior: Can External CEO succession mitigate Going Concern Modifications?"

12 April 2019

Professor Marc Cowling
Brighton Business School

Australian Zombies: How much resource are they hoarding?

5 April 2019

Brown Bag
Professor Simon Fung
Deakin University

Do Audit Partners Compromise Audit Independence for Clients Affiliated with Business Groups? Evidence from the Likelihood of Issuing Modified Audit Opinions in China

22 March 2019

Professor Ian Gow
University of Melbourne

Non-answers during conference calls

15 March 2019

Dr Ilias Basioudis
Aston University

Non-Audit Fees, Knowledge Spillovers and Going Concern Reporting Decisions:
The Effect of Industry Specialization

8 March 2019

Brown Bag
Ms Joanna Tai
Deakin University

An empirical study investigating students' perceptions of what matters for their engagement.

1 March 2019

Brown Bag
Dr Jun Yao
Deakin University
Customer concentration, bad news withholding, and stock price crash risk.

22 February 2019

Brown Bag
Dr BJ Bobe
Deakin University
The impact of university executive team gender diversity on organisational performance: evidence from Australia.

15 February 2019

Ms Fanyuan (Penny) Zhang
Australian National University

The Impact of Audit Committee Expertise on External Auditors' Disclosures of Key Audit Matters.



23 November 2018

Associate Professor Nick Sciulli
Victoria University

Does Integrated Reporting Facilitate Stakeholder Engagement?

16 November 2018

Brown Bag
Andriyawan Sasmita
Angel Sung

Andriyawan: Political Ideologies and Audit Fees

Angel: Audit Pricing on Clients’ Internal Governance from Key Subordinate Executives

13 November 2018

Professor Elmar Venter
University of Pretoria

Quantitative research on integrated reporting

9 November 2018

Associate Professor Yupeng Lin
National University of Singapore

Sharing surplus with clients: Evidence from the protection of bank proprietary information

24 October 2018

Dr Sterling Huang
Singapore Management University

Controllability of Risk and the Design of Incentive-Compensation Contracts

19 October 2018

Professor Steven Cahan
The University of Auckland

Audit Firm Merger and Auditor Economic Behavior: Evidence from Entrance of Large Non-Big N Audit Firms

15 October 2018

Professor Sanjay Kallapur
India School of Business

Limitations of p-values and possible remedies for this

5 October 2018

Associate Professor Wen He
University of Queensland Business School

Auditor Ability and Audit Quality: Evidence from Graduate Migration in China.

14 September 2018

Dr Chung-Yu Hung
University of Melbourne

Does peer-specific knowledge improve relative performance evaluation?

7 September 2018 Professor Vincent Chong
University of Western Australia
The effect of delegation, rationalization and ethical climate on misreporting: A moderated-mediation study of financial services firms
31 August 2018 Professor Neil Fargher
Australian National University

Benefits and Costs of the Enhanced Auditor’s Report: Initial Evidence from Australia

24 August 2018 Dr Nam Tran
Melbourne Business School
The Relationship between Managerial Perceived Competition, Long-Term Investment and Future Operating Return

15 August 2018

Dr Serene Ni
UTS Business School Programs (Shanghai)
UTS Business School

Inefficiently Low Cost Stickiness: Evidence from Retiring CEOs
27 July 2018 Dr Richard Kent
QUT Business School
Queensland University of Technology
Predicting Operating Cash Flows and Earnings using the Direct Method Compared to the Indirect Method Statement of Cash Flows
20 July 2018 Associate Professor Alvis Lo
Boston College
The forecasting use of EBITDA covenants by equity investors
13 July 2018 Professor Suresh Rashakrishnan University of Texas, Dallas What's in a Name? Eponymous Private Firms and Financial Reporting Quality
22 June 2018 Professor Bin Srinidhi
University of Texas, Arlington
Agency Costs and Financial Disclosure Readability: Evidence from Family Controlled Firms
18 May 2018 Brown Bag
Dr Samuel Cheung

Aggressive Employment Policies, Internal Control Weaknesses, Financial Restatements and the Cost of Equity Capital

27 April 2018 Brown Bag
Puspa Muniandy (PhD student)
The Role of Institutional Investors in Moderating CEO Power and Compensation
19 April 2018 Associate Professor Chen Chen
Monash University
Clients' Financial Statement Comparability, Audit Fees and Audit Report Lag
6 April 2018 Professor Jeffrey Ng
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Director Reflection Pressure and Earnings Management: Evidence from Majority Voting Legislation
23 March 2018 Dr Helen Choy Drexel University Investor Sentiment and the Market Contagion Effect of Restatements
16 March 2018 Brown Bag
Professor Simon Fung
Tainted by Association? Non-culpable Signing Partners and Reputation Loss Following Enforcement Action against Audit Clients
9 March 2018 Professor Vic Naiker
Melbourne University
Audit Office Labor Market Proximity and Audit Quality
23 February 2018 Brown Bag
Dr Vincent Bicudo de Castro
Readability, tone and audit fees: some Australian evidence