Research seminars

Learn all about the Department of Economics’ past seminars, guest speakers and topics. We have many speakers and research partners who visit Deakin throughout the year to share insights and encourage debate on topics relevant to the department and its students.

Upcoming seminars

Economics Convenor: Dr Acelya Altuntas, Dr Yan Liang


Seminar datePresenterTopic
28 SeptemberMichael JetterTheory
5 OctoberProf. Dinko DimitrovTBA
12 OctoberMarco MariottiTBA
19 OctoberArghya GhoshTBA
26 OctoberShahe EmranTBA
9 NovemberKaveh MajlesiTBA

Past seminars


Seminar datePresenterTopic
21 SeptemberAssoc. Prof. Joshua B MillerTBA
14 SeptemberNegat AnbarciTBA
7 SeptemberDr Chengsi WangApplied theory, competition policy
17 AugustDr Nabeeh Zakariyya/Dr Yasin Kursat OnderProgressive pensions and optimal tax progressivity/TBA
1 June 2022Prof. Arthur Campbell


8 June 2022Assoc. Prof. Zhijun Chen TBA
15 June 2022Prof. James Fenske TBA
18 MayAssoc. Prof. Saumitra Jha,
Stanford Business School CA

Markets under Siege: How Differences in Political Beliefs Can Move Financial Markets

11 MayProf. Debasis Mishra,
Indian Statistical Institute, India
Rank-Preserving Multidimensional Mechanisms
4 MayAssoc. Prof. Paolo Piacquadio,
University of St Gallen, Switzerland

Fairness and Paretian Social Welfare Functions

27 April

Prof. Rachel Ong ViforJ Curtin University, Perth

Intergenerational Transfers and Home Ownership Outcomes: Transmission Channels and Geographic Differences
13 April

Assist. Prof. Onur Altindag Bentley Uni, Waltham MA

Public Health Policy At Scale: Impact Of a Government-Sponsored Information Campaign On Infant Mortality in Denmark
6 AprilAssoc. Prof. Bilge Erten
Northeastern Uni, Boston

Early Childhood Conditions and Adolescent Mental Health

30 MarchProf. Paul Burke ANUThe effectiveness of electric vehicle subsidies in China: A panel study
23 MarchDr Milda Norkute
Scorify, Lithuania


Seminar datePresenterTopic
20 October 2021 Prof. Geoffroy de Clippel Communication, Perception and Strategic Obfuscation
13 October 2021 Assoc. Prof. Alexander James Geography, Geology, and Regional Economic Development
6 October 2021 Dr Xiaodong Fan Fair Allocation of Vaccines, Ventilators and Antiviral Treatments: Leaving No Ethical Value Behind in Health Care Rationing
29 September 2021 Prof. Maarten Lindeboom Why life gets better after age 50 for some: mental well-being and the social norm of work
15 September 2021 Prof. Francesco Vona A Broad Overview on Green Labour Markets
8 September 2021 Prof. Christina Gathmann In Sickness and in Health: Job Displacement and Health Spillovers in Couples
1 September 2021 Assoc. Prof. Huaxia Zeng A Taxonomy of Non-dictatorial Domain in Uni-dimensional Models
24 August 2021 Dr Florian Brandl A Natural Adaptive Process for Collective Decision-Making
11 August 2021 Assoc. Prof. Ville Korpela Signaling and Employer Learning with Instruments
4 August 2021 Assoc. Prof. Abdulaziz Shifa The Political Scar of Epidemics
28 July 2021 Assoc. Prof. Orkun Saka The Political Scar of Epidemics
21 July 2021 Assoc. Prof. Gaurab Aryal Signaling and Employer Learning with Instruments
14 July 2021 Assoc. Prof. James Graham Age, Industry, and Unemployment Risk During a Pandemic Lockdown
7 July 2021 Assoc. Prof. James Lake Did COVID-19 cost Trump the election?
26 May 2021 Assoc. Prof. Sutanuka Roy Impact of British Colonial Gender Reform on Early Female Marriages and Gender Gap in Education: Evidence from Child Marriage Abolition Act, 1929
19 May 2021 Prof. Juan F. Vargas Peaceful entry: The dynamics of entrepreneurship during the Colombian post conflict
5 May 2021 Dr. Zhen Huo Bridging Micro and Macro under Incomplete Information
28 April 2021 Dr Cevat Giray Aksoy First Time Around: Local Conditions and Multi-dimensional Integration of Refugees
21 April 2021 Dr William Phan Allocating Medical Resources During a Pandemic
14 April 2021 Dr Leslie Martin Which drivers, which trips? The effectiveness and distributional impacts of congestion-targeted road use prices (co-authored with Sam Thornton)
31 March 2021 Dr Huixin Bi Flight to Liquidity or Safety? Recent Evidence from the Municipal Bond Market
26 March 2021 Prof. Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak Emerging research areas in the post-Covid world
24 March 2021 Prof. Christopher Chambers Recovering Preferences from Finite Data
10 March 2021 Dr Yusuf Mercan A Congestion Theory of Unemployment Fluctuations


Seminar datePresenterTopic
11-Nov-20 Professor Prashant Bharadwaj Surviving a Mass Shooting
05-Nov-20 Professor Roberto Serrano Interim Rationalizable Implementation of Functions
21-Oct-20 A/Prof. Jeanet Sinding Bentzen God Politics: Religion, Attitudes, and Outcomes (With Lena Lindbjerg Sperling)
30-Sep-20 Dr Benedikt Heid Structural Gravity and the Gains from Trade under Imperfect Competition
23-Sep-20 Dr Denni Tommasi Time of Day, Cognitive Tasks and Efficiency Gains
16-Sep-20 Dr. Joseph Flavian Gomes Maternal Mortality and Women’s Political Participation
09-Sep-20 A/Prof Quoc Anh Do Friendship Networks and Political Opinions: A Natural Experiment among Future French Politicians
03-Sep-20 Prof. Denzil Fiebig Private provider incentives in health care: The case of birth interventions
26-Aug-20 Professor Sascha Becker Shallow Christianity and the Rise of Hitler
20-Aug-20 Dr Ye Lu Understanding Regressions with Observations Collected at High Frequency over Long Span
12-Aug-20 Dr Eik Swee Farewell President! Political Favoritism, Economic Inequality, and Political Polarization
06-Aug-20 Dr Yong Song Bull and Bear Markets During the COVID-19 Pandemic
29-Jul-20 Professor Pushkar Maitra  The Long Shadow of Infrastructure Development: Railways in Colonial India
1-Jul-20 Professor Ching-Jen Sun Multilateral Bargaining in the Shadow of Eminent Domain
24-Jun-20 Marc Chan Do caps on tax-favoured contributions to private pension really save the tax-payer?
10-Jun-20 Dr Hongyi Li Gradual versus Abrupt Reorganizations
27-May-20 Professor Utku Unver A Market Design Solution to Unfair Distribution of Teachers in Schools
20-May-20 Dr Faisal Sohail Skill-Biased Entrepreneurial Decline
29-Apr-20 Dr Xing Xu Aid competition for political allegiances in Africa.
10-Mar-20 Dr Lars Kirkebeon College as a Marriage Market
3-Mar-20 Professor Bruce Preston Anchored Inflation Expectations
5-Feb-20 Associate Professor Takashi Kunimoto Continuous Implementation with Small Transfers 
22-Jan-20 Dr Kai Gehring External threat, group identity, and support for common policies - The effect of the Russian invasion in Ukraine on European Union identity


Seminar datePresenterTopic
27-Nov-19 Professor Pallab Mozumder The Deadly Connection between Hurricanes and Sinkholes: Analyzing Market Responses to Multiple Environmental Risks
20-Nov-19 Professor Christian Bjørnskov Institutional Shocks and Economic Crises
13-Nov-19 Dr Bogdan Kilschuk Speculative Trade and Market Newcomers
6-Nov-19 Professor Andrew Jones Equity, opportunity and health
30-Oct-19 Professor Jan van Ours The mental health effects of retirement
23-Oct-19 Dr Daniel Avdic Family matters: Parental leave and the intergenerational transmission of skills
16-Oct-19 Professor Shuping Shi (rescheduled) Common Bubble Detection in Large-Dimensional Financial Systems
9-Oct-19 A/Professor Choon Wang Determining the extent of statistical discrimination: Evidence from a field experiment in India
2-Oct-19 Dr Simon Kwok The PCDID Approach: Difference-in-Differences when Trends are Potentially Unparallel and Stochastic
18-Sep-19 Professor Efrem Castelnuovo Fiscal Multipliers: Playing with Multiple Instruments
16-Sep-19 Dr Nicholas Garvin Emergency Liquidity Injections
11-Sep-19 Dr Chengsi Wang Platform investment and price parity clauses
4-Sep-19 Dr Michael Palmer Disability and employment over the life cycle
28-Aug-19 Dr Pratiti Chatterjee Perceived Uncertainty Shocks, Excess Optimism-Pessimism, and Learning in the Business Cycle
21-Aug-19 Professor David Johnston The Causal Effect of Education on Chronic Health Conditions in the UK
12-Aug-19 Professor Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay Does Affirmative Action in Politics Hinder Performance? Evidence from India
7-Aug-19 Professor David Ribar Four Dimensions of Quality in Australian Jobs
31-Jul-19 James Hansen The Efficiency of Central Clearing – A Segmented Markets Approach
24-Jul-19 Dr Xiaoguang Chen Taxational Resource Curse -- Evidence from China
17-Jul-19 Professor Alberto Posso Child Labour and Well-Being
12-Jun-19 A/Professor Resul Cesur Did the War on Terror ignite a Veteran Opioid Epidemic?
5-Jun-19 Dr Siqi Pan Commitment and Cheap Talk in Search Deterrence: Exploding Offer vs Buy Now Discount
29-May-19 Firmin Doko Tschatoka Identifying Marginal Returns to Treatment through Social Networks
22-May-19 Dr Umair Khalil Maternal Smoking Across Trimesters and Birth Outcomes: A study of Nonrandom Selection with Carolina Caetano and Kenneth Chay
3-May-19 Dr Valentina Duque How Early-life Shocks Interact with Subsequent Human Capital Investments? Evidence from administrative data
17-Apr-19 Professor Chih-Sheng Hsieh Superstar Economists: Co-authorship networks and research output
3-Apr-19 Dr Terence Cheng Can Health Insurance Speed Up Hedonic Adaptation to Major Health Shocks? Evidence from a Monthly Panel of Elderly Singaporeans
27-Mar-19 Dr Haishan Yuan Natural Disasters, Moral Hazard, and Special Interests in Congress (joint with Ethan Kaplan and Jörg L. Spenkuch)
20-Mar-19 Dr Kate Hynes Competition in Taxes and Intellectual Property Rights
6-Mar-19 Professor Robert Chirinko Islamic Banking and Firm Performance: Costs, Benefits, and Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis
4-Mar-19 A/Professor Minshung Hsu Marriage, Fertility, and Market Participation: Implications for the Shrinking Population in Japan - Junichi Fujimoto (GRIPS), Minchung Hsu (GRIPS)
20-Feb-19 Professor Justin Tobias Semiparametric Bayesian Quantile Regression (Chan, Mumford Tobias)
13-Feb-19 Professor Iain Fraser Preference Reversals in Discrete Choice Experiments. Inattention or Preference Uncertainty? Some Evidence Using Eyetracking
15-Jan-19 Dr Ritesh Jain A Systematic Test of the Independence Axiom: Around Certainty


Seminar datePresenterTopic
21 Nov 2018

Professor Valentyn Panchenko, UNSW

Planar Beauty Contests
14 Nov 2018

A/Professor Elias Khalil, Monash University

Naturalizing the Sacred

12 Nov 2018 Dr Christian Krekel, London School of Economics Quantifying the Intangible Impacts of Mega Events Using Subjective Well-Being Data: The Case of the 2012 Olympics in London

8 Nov 2018

Dr Bing Peng, University of Bath

Growth Regressions: An Integrated Approach

7 Nov 2018

A/Professor Shyamal Chowdhury, University of Sydney

Racial discrimination and white first name adoption: a field experiment in the Australian labour market

31 Oct 2018

A/Professor Marco Faravelli, The University of Queensland

Relative Performance Feedback and Social Learning: Evidence from a Randomized Natural Experiment

17 Oct 2018

Professor Lisa Cameron, University of Melbourne

Does access to sanitation improve health?

3 Oct 2018

Dr Claudio Labanca, Monash University

Coordination of Hours within the Firm

26 Sep 2018

Dr Marian Vidal-Fernandez, University of Sdyney

Wheeling into school and out of crime: Evidence from linking driving licenses to minimum academic requirement”, jointly with Rashmi Barua

19 Sep 2018

Dr Jing Tian, University of Tasmania

Evaluating Multi-horizon Electricity Demand Forecasts in Australia

12 Sep 2018

Dr David Smerdon, The University of Queensland

Belief Coordination and Bad Norm Adherence: Evidence from Female Genital Cutting in Somalia

29 Aug 2018

Dr Asad Islam, Monash University

Non-Financial Incentives, Selectivity and Performance of Volunteers: Evidence from a Large Scale Natural Field Experiment

28 Aug 2018

Dr Jose Ignacio Silva, UDG

Labor Market Effects of Reducing the Gender Gap in Parental Leave Entitlements

22 August 2018 Professor Xin Meng, Australia National University The Intergenerational Behavioural Consequences of a Socio-Political Upheaval
15 August 2018 Dr Jaai Parasnis, Monash Why do women have more or less number of children than their ideal?

13 Aug 2018

Professor Jean-François Mercier, Loyola Marymount University

Selecting contestants for a rent-seeking contest

8 August 2018 Dr Ha Vu, Deakin Business School Teenage Mothers' Health over the Life Course
1 August 2018 Professor Pascalis Raimondos, Queensland University of Technology What is a foreign firm? Implications for productivity spillovers
25 July 2018 Dr Amanuel Elias, Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation, Deakin University Ethnic disparities in psychological distress: A prospective analysis of working age adults in Australia
11 July 2018 Dr Ayushi Bajaj, Monash University Digitization and Demonetization in a Shadow Economy Model
4 July 2018 Associate Professor Duygu Yengin, University of Adelaide Second-Best Mechanisms for Land Assembly and Hold-Out Problems
6 June 2018 Dr Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy, University of Auckland Public Enterprises and the Rise and Fall of Labor share
30 May 2018 Dr Ha Nguyen, Curtin University Rain, rain, go away: Weather and children's time allocation
23 May 2018 Dr Stephanie Verani, Federal Reserve Board Self-fulfilling Runs: Evidence from U.S Life Insurance Industry (with Nathan Foley-Fisher and Borghan Narajabad)
16 May 2018 Associate Professor Takashi Kunnimoto, Singapore Management University Maskin Meets Abreu and Matsushima
10 May 2018 Professor Claudio Mezzetti, University of Queensland What do Mediator Do? Information and Bargaining Design
9 May 2018 Professor Jorge Miranda-Pinto, University of Queensland Production Network Structure, Service Share, and Aggregate Volatility
3 May 2018 Dr Xueli Tang, Deakin University How Two-day weekend Policy Affects Labor Supply and Household Work in China?
18 April 2018 Dr Natalia Bailey, Monash University A Multiple Testing Approach to the Regularisation of Large Sample Correlation Matrices
11 April 2018 Professor Fabrizio Carmignani, Griffith University Tourism and the Output Gap
29 March 2018 Dr Cahit Guven, Deakin University Retirement and Unexpected Health Shocks
27 March 2018 Associate Professor Chi-Chur Chao Capital Utilisation, Firm Dynamics and Wage Inequality in a Developing Economy
22 March 2018 Professor Nejat Anbarci, Deakin University Investing in Bargaining Positions with Counter Offers and Pre-emptive Offers
21 March 2018 Professor Kevin Fox, University of NSW The Digital Economy, GDP and Consumer Welfare: Theory and Evidence
14 March 2018 Associate Professor Deniz Gevrek, Texas A&M Impact of Early-Life Conditions on Childhood and Adult Outcomes: First-Generation American Immigrants
7 March 2018 Professor Dinko Dimitrov, Saarland University Fair Competition Design
28 February 2018 Dr Lucas Herrenbrueck, Simon Fraser The Liquidity-Augmented Model of Macroeconomic Aggregates
27 February 2018 Roland Hodler, University of St. Gallen Ethnic Geography: Measurement and Evidence
14 February 2018 Professor Utku Unver, Boston College Efficient and Incentive – Compatible Exchange
31 January 2018 Yana Petrova Testing for cointegration between insurance market activity and economic growth
17 January 2018 Professor Axel Dreher The Political Economy of International Finance Corporation Lending


Seminar datePresenterTopic
22 Nov 17 Professor Chetan Ghate A monetary business cycle model for India
15 Nov 17 Professor Rodney Strachan Reducing dimensions in a large TVP-VAR
25 Oct 17 Dr Jun Xiao Idea scarcity and Optimal Awards in Innovation Contests
18 Oct 17 Dr Mengxi Zhang Auctions vs. Negotiations: Optimal Selling Mechanisms with Endogenous Bidder Values
11 Oct 17 Professor Benno Torgler Tax Compliance and National Pride: An Experimental Investigation Using a Psychological Marker
27 Sept 17 Dr Wei Wei A Stochastic Price Duration Model for Estimating High-Frequency Volatility
20 Sept 17 Professor Abigail Payne The impact of government funded initiatives on charity revenues
14 Sept 17 Dr Ivan Balbuzanov Endowments, Exclusion, and Exchange
13 Sept 17 Dr Georgy Artemov Strategic `Mistakes': Implications for Market Design Research
6 Sept 17 Professor Uwe Dulleck Law & Behavioural Economics
23 Aug 17 Dr Duygu Yengin Fairness and Strategic Issues in Queuing Problems
9 Aug 17 Professor Ngo Van Long Interactions between Kantian and Non-Kantian agents in games of contributions to public goods
2 Aug 17 Professor Jeff Borland Will robots take our jobs?
18 July 17 Professor Cesar Martinelli Electoral Accountability and Responsive Democracy
28 June 17 Dr Jinhu Li Physician Competition and low Value Health Care; Evidence from Primary Care
14 June 17 Dr Andres Bellofatto Regional State Capacity and the Optimal Degree of Fiscal Decentralization (joint with Martin Besfamille)
13 June 17 Professor Sushanta Mallick Does Easing Controls on External Commercial Borrowings boost Exporting Intensity of Indian Firms?
7 June 17 Dr Chung Tran Fiscal Space under Demographic Shift
31 May 17 Dr Barbara Broadway Keep Calm and Consume? Subjective Uncertainty and Precautionary Savings
26 May 17 Professor Sugata Marjit Topic 1. Inequality and Distribution-Neutral Fiscal Policy

Topic 2. Distribution-neutral Welfare Ranking-Extending Pareto Principle
23 May 17 Professor Sandro Brusco Internal Financing, Managerial Compensation and Multiple Tasks
17 May 17 Professor Simon Loertscher On dominant strategy mechanisms
3 May 17 Dr Andrew Clarke A Comparative Analysis of the Labour Market Performance of University Educated Immigrants in Australia, Canada, and the United States: Does Policy Matter?
26 Apr 17 Professor Jonathan Chiu The Economics of Cryptocurrency -- Bitcoin and Beyond
19 Apr 17 Professor Mutlu Yuksel Learning to Participate in Politics: Evidence from Jewish Expulsions in Nazi Germany
5 Apr 17 Dr Eric Eisenstat Bayesian Model Comparison for Time-Varying Parameter VARs with Stochastic Volatility
30 Mar 17 Professor Lenonor Modesto The Failure of Stabilization Policy: Fiscal Rules in the Presence of Incompressible Public Expenditures
29 Mar 17 Dr Peter Siminski The Effects of World War II Military Service: Evidence from Australia
22 Mar 17 Dr Anton Kolotilin Persuasion of a Privately Informed Receiver
15 Mar 17 Professor William Thomson Properties of Rules for the Adjudication of Conflicting Claims
8 Mar 17 Dr Liam Lenten A Comparison of Anti-Doping Measures in Sporting Contents
16 Feb 17 Dr Stephan Bruns Indirect evidence for reporting biases in economics and management
15 Feb 17 Associate Professor Takashi Kunimoto Rationalizable Implementation of Correspondences
18 Jan 17 Professor Jan-Egbert Sturm The Effect of Policy Uncertainty on Investment Plans: Evidence from the Unexpected Acceptance of a Far-Reaching Referendum in Switzerland


Seminar datePresenterTopic
2 Nov 16 Associate Professor Mandar Oak Subpoena Power and Information Transmission
26 Oct 16 Dr Christie Smith Identification pathologies in a small open economy model – are foreign data a cure?
12 Oct 16 Dr Timothy Kam Competitive Search and Monetary Business Cycles: Dynamic Welfare Cost of Inflation
5 Oct 16 Associate Professor Gigi Foster What women want (their men to do): Housework and satisfaction in Australian households
28 Sep 16 Dr Benjamin Wong Intuitive and Reliable Estimates of the Output Gap from a Beveridge-Nelson Filter
21 Sep 16 Dr Kenan Kalayci Chasing Market Share in Platform Markets
14 Sep 16 Dr Marc Chan Welfare Dependence and Self-Control: An Empirical Analysis
7 Sep 16 Professor David Stern From Wood to Coal: Directed Technical Change and the British Industrial Revolution
5 Sep 16 Associate Professor Kang Rong The Attraction Effect, Contour Sets and the Nash Product
31 Aug 16 Dr Gabriele Gratton Drop a Bombshell
24 Aug 16 Dr David Wiczer The Disability Option: Labour Market Dynamics with Economic and Health Risks
17 Aug 16 Dr Victoria Baranov Does mental health affect labour market outcomes? Experimental evidence from a long-run follow-up of an RCT treating maternal depression
10 Aug 16 Professor Moshe Justman Gender streaming and prior achievement in high school science and mathematics
3 Aug 16 Dr Timothy Moore Do Disability Insurance Payments Reduce Mortality? Evidence from a Regression
27 Jul 16 Dr Tess Stafford Experience and the Wage Elasticity of Labour Supply
20 Jul 16 Dr Begona Dominguez Monetary and Fiscal Policy Interactions in a Model of Credit and Secondary Markets
13 Jul 16 Dr Joshua Chan Large Bayesian VARs: A Flexible Kronecker Error Covariance Structure
6 Jul 16 Assoc. Prof Jaideep Roy, Deakin University Triggering extremism: political consequences of profit-seeking media
22 Jun 16 Professor Chetan Ghate, Indian Statistical Institute Terms of Trade Shocks and Monetary Policy in India
15 Jun 16 Dr Cain Polidano, University of Melbourne Impacts from delaying access to retirement benefits on welfare receipt and expenditure:
Evidence from a natural experiment
8 Jun 16 Dr Simone Marsiglio, University of Wollongong Endogenous Growth and Technological Progress with Innovation Driven by Social Interactions
1 Jun 16 Professor Nicholas Feltovich, Monash University The interaction between competition and unethical behaviour: experimental evidence
25 May 16 Dr David Byrne, University of Melbourne Learning to Coordinate: A Study in Retail Gasoline
18 May 16 Dr Zhi Jun Chen, Monash University Vertical integration and market foreclosure in dairy markets
11 May 16 Professor Yves Zenou, Monash University R&D Networks: Theory, Empirics and Policy Implications
4 May 2016 Dr Matthew Greenwood-Nimmo, University of Melbourne What’s Mine is Yours: Sovereign Risk Transmission during the European Debt Crisis
27 Apr 2016 Dr Claire Thibout, University of Melbourne Women’s investment in career and household division of labor
20 Apr 2016 Dr Jeffrey Yu, University of Adelaide Tournaments and Project Selection under Ambiguity – A Bright Side of Risk-Taking
13 Apr 2016 Professor Robert Hoffman, RMIT Religion, Discrimination and Trust
8 Apr 2016 Professor Mary Morgan, University of London Models: Facts, Artefacts or Fictions?
6 Apr 2016 Professor John Wooders, University of Technology Sydney Dissolving a Partnership Dynamically
30 Mar 2016 Associate Professor Umut Oguzoglu, University of Melbourne (visiting) Like father, like daughter (unless there is a son): sibling sex
Composition and women’s stem major choice in college
23 Mar 2016 Dr Dmitriy Kvasov, University of Adelaide A Formal Theory of Organizational Routines
16 Mar 2016 Dr Sander Heinsalu, University of Queensland PageRank vs Bayes' rule
9 Mar 2016 Professor Axel Dreher, Heidelberg University Aid on Demand: African Leaders and the Geography of China's Foreign Assistance
2 Mar 2016 Professor Charles Horioka and Associate Professor Yoko Niimi (dual seminar), Asian Growth Research Institute The Impact of Pre-marital Sex Ratios on Household Saving in India and Korea: The Competitive Saving Motive Revisited
The “Costs” of Informal Care: An Analysis of the Impact of Elderly Care on Caregivers’ Subjective Well-being in Japan
24 Feb 2016 Professor Raoul Minetti, Michigan State University Financial Constraints, Firms’ Supply Chains and Internationalization
27 Jan 2016 Professor Hong Hwang, National Taiwan University Bertrand vs. Cournot Competition with Product Innovation and Licensing
20 Jan 2016 Professor Jan-Egbert Sturm, KOF Swiss Economic Institute Finance and income inequality revisited


Seminar datePresenterTopic
25 Nov 2015 Professor Deborah Cobb-Clark, Melbourne University Parenting style as an investment in child development
21 Oct 2015 Associate Professor Efrem Castelnuovo, Melbourne University Uncertainty and monetary policy in good and bad times
14 Oct 2015 Associate Professor Gautam Bose, University of New South Wales Investment in public defense in a contest model
30 Sept 2015 Professor Hodaka Morita An economic model for structures of the legal profession
23 Sept 2015 Associate Professor Alex Millmow A scoping paper on the writing of a history of Australasian economic thought in the 20th century
16 Sept 2015 Dr Martin Byford, RMIT Permission to exist
9 Sept 2015 Professor Markus Brueckner, University of Queensland Rent extraction by capitalists
2 Sept 2015 Dr Daniel Melsar, RMIT Revealed preference measures of quality of life in Australia's urban and regional areas
26 Aug 2015 Associate Professor Erte Xian, Momash University Time delay and support for taxation
19 Aug 2015 Professor Lionel Page, Queensland University of Technology Time delay and support for taxation
12 Aug 2015 Professor Bettina Klaus, Université de Lausanne Object allocation via deferred acceptance: strategy-proofness and comparative statics
7 Aug 2015 Professor Steven R. Williams, University of Illinois Price discovery using a double auction
5 Aug 2015 Professor Arghya Ghosh, University of New South Wales Horizontal mergers in the presence of vertical relationships
29 Jul 2015 Professor Stephen King, Monash University Farmers cooperatives and competition: Who wins, who loses and why?
22 Jul 2015 Dr Guillem Roig, Toulouse School of Economics Competition and the hold-up problem: a setting with non-exclusive contracts
17 Jun 2015 Professor Tom Stanley, Hendrix College Meta-regression analysis as: meta-research and evidence-based practice
10 Jun 2015 Dr Jose A. Rorigues-Neto, Australian National University On Harsanyi consistency problem
3 Jun 2015 Professor Peter Hartley, University of Western Australia Employment impacts of upstream oil and gas investment in the United States
2 Jun 2015 Dr Pawan Gopalakrishnan, ISI, India  Factor income taxation, growth, and investment-specific technological change
27 May 2015 Dr Abu Shahriar, Monash University Gender differences in cooperation: evidence from matrilineal, patriarchal and gender-neutral societies
20 May 2015 Dr Guillaume Roger, University of Sydney Completive search equilibrium and moral hazard. (Presenting along sig Benoit Julien)
13 May 2015 Associate Professor Terra Mckinnish, University of Colorado Same occupation spouses: preferences and search costs
6 May 2015 Professor Lata Gangadharan from Monash University Regulatory performance of audit tournaments and compliance observability
1 May 2015 Associate Professor Nidhiya Menon, Brandeis University Religion and health in early childhood: evidence from the Indian subcontinent 
29 Apr 2015 Professor Garry Barrett, University of Sydney Pension incentives and the retirement decisions of couples
22 Apr 2015 Professor Simon Grant, Australian National University Savage games
15 Apr 2015 Professor Pushkar Maitra, Monash University Social norms and governance: the behavioural response to female leadership
31 Mar 2015 Professor John Rolfe, Central Queensland University Using reverse tenders for conservation in Australia
25 Mar 2015 Associate Professor Bilgehan Karabay, RMIT Market thickness, labour market flexibility and wage dynamics
18 Mar 2015 Associate Professor Bilgehan Karabay, RMIT The substitution elasticity, factor shares, long-run growth, and the low-frequency panel model
11 Mar 2015 Dr Catherine de Fontenay, Melbourne Business School, Melbourne University Explosive crime rates
26 Feb 2015 Diego Vilan, University of Southern California  Demand shocks and endogenous uncertainty
25 Feb 2015 Professor Chris Waller, Senior Vice President and Director of Research of US Federal Reserve Bank, St. Louis Optimal monetary policy with heterogeneous agents
29 Jan 2015 Matt Leister, University of California Information acquisition and response in peer-effects networks