Staff listing

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Department Head
Professor Mehmet Ulubasoglu

Director of Research
Associate Professor Ching-Jen Sun

Director of HDR/PhD program
Dr Aaron Nicholas

Director of Teaching
Dr Samarth Vaidya

Director of International
Dr Munirul Nabin


Associate Professors

Senior Lecturers


Professorial Fellows

Research Fellow

Dr Ahmed Skali
Dr Xuan Zhou

Administrative staff


P = Principal
A = Associate
E = External

NamePhD topicSupervisor
Regev BarThree essays on anonymity and efficiency

Prof Chris Doucouliagos (P)

Dr Aaron Nicholas (A)

Dr Saikat Sovan Deb (A)

Michael Dominic D'RosarioThree essays on telecommunications economics

Dr Prasad Bhattacharya (P)

Dr Abdul Hayat Muhammad (A)

Chakrawarthige FernandoHeterogeneous commercial bank decisions and monetary policy transmission

A/Prof Debdulal Mallick (P)

Prof Pedro Gomis Porqueras (A)

Dr Wenying Yao (A)

Meghna GhoshGrowth and poverty in post reform IndiaProf Mehmet Ulubasoglu (P)

A/Prof Debdulal Mallick (A)
Hina IrasadResidential water demand in urban areas: a case study of Islamabad

Dr Shuddha Rafiq (P)

A/Prof Helen Scarborough (A)

Khnd Md Mostafa Kamal KamalEconometric analyses of inflation dynamics and monetary policy framework in India

A/Prof Debdulal Mallick (P)

Prof Pedro Gomis Porqueras (A)

Islam Mohamed Mohmoud KamalEssays about structural change in Egyptian economy (1990-2010)

A/Prof Debdulal Mallick (P)

Dr Yan Liang (A)

Merve KucukSplitting the cost of climate changeProf Mehmet Ulubasoglu (P)

Dr Aydogan Ulker (A)
Surjasama LahiriThe effect of competition on fine print in contracts

Dr Munirul Nabin (P)

Dr Aaron Nicholas (A)

A/Prof Ching-Jen Sun (A)

Ripon RoyThe changing socio-economic balance from incoming foreign remittances: Bangladesh perspective

Dr Prasad Bhattacharya (P)

A/Prof Debdulal Mallick (A)

Panagiotis SotirakopoulosThe impact of economic and social shocks on individual socioeconomic behaviourDr Cahit Guven (P)

Dr Aydogan Ulker (A)
Mukti SubediEssays on household energy consumption behaviour

Dr Shuddha Rafiq (P)

Prof Mehmet Ulubasoglu (A)

My Tran TranExamining macroeconomic shocks: Is the ASEAN Group suitable for a common currencyProf Pasquale Sgro (P)

Dr Cong Pham (A)

Dr Xuan Nguyen (A)
Xing XuExports of low-carbon goods to achieve INDCs: China's export potential and constraints

Prof Pasquale Sgro (P)

Dr Xuan Nguyen (A)

Bo YuHow do environmental mandates impact internal migration in Chinese cities?

Dr Shuddha Rafiq (P)

A/Prof Wang-Sheng Lee (A)