Department of Finance

Our academic staff are experts in finance and real estate, consistently earning worldwide recognition for their research. We foster a dynamic research and teaching culture, emphasising academically significant research with real-world impact.

Areas of specialisation

Our team of specialists includes internationally renowned experts in their fields. Our areas of research and teaching expertise cluster in the following areas:

  • corporate finance
  • investments and asset pricing
  • international finance
  • financial derivative instruments
  • real estate and property.

PhD program

Our PhD program is designed to equip graduates with the innovative thinking and the rigorous skills needed to pursue a successful research career in academia, financial industry, and government institutions.

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Research seminars

We run a high-quality research seminar series, which provides exposure to a wide range of topics. Our seminar speakers are world-renowned experts in their fields.

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Our researchers regularly publish in journals, such as:

  • Journal of Finance
  • Journal of Financial Economics
  • Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
  • Review of Finance
  • Management Science
  • Review of Asset Pricing Studies
  • Journal of Financial Intermediation
  • Journal of Urban Economics 
  • Journal of Financial Markets
  • Journal of Corporate Finance
  • Journal of Banking and Finance.

Industry engagement and impact

Nicole Johnston-2021
A data-driven holistic understanding of strata  insurance in Australia and New Zealand

This is a comprehensive report examining the complexities of strata insurance and the role of strata managers in the insurance process
Outcomes and impact: The research highlights the increased costs of strata insurance over the period 2016 to 2020 and the significant imposition of various state and federal taxes. The legal complexities of strata as a property type and the legal obligations imposed on owners corporations and bodies corporate to insure are outlined. The report recommends a number of changes including a more transparent disclosure regime so that consumers are more informed about insurance processes and the fees imposed by managements companies and others in the strata insurance supply chain. As the Commonwealth Government works toward the implementation of a national reinsurance pool, this research will assist in better understanding the current strata insurance environment.

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Nicole Johnston-2019
An examination of building defects in residential multi-owned properties
This research identifies the most prevalent building defects impacting residential multi-owned properties, assesses the regulatory environment relating to building construction and highlights how defects are managed and rectified.
Funded by: PICA Group
Outcomes and impact: This research highlights the types of defects often occurring in residential strata schemes, the standards that apply to residential construction and the potential causes that relate to the surge in defects.  Most importantly, the research shows the various construction systems that are impacted by defects. This research has been used by a number of government agencies across Australia.

Link to the report

Ameeta Jain-2019
Sustainable Development Goals in Timor-Leste
Stake-holder interviews demonstrates strong support for the SDGs
Outcomes and impact: Research impact showcase award: Grant Ed Group;  cited in Voluntary National review of Timor-Leste 2019, Dilli: Timor-Leste; available here; interviewed on SBS; listed on DFAT SDG Platform; used by UN

Ameeta Jain-2019
RIAA Benchmarking Impact: Australian Impact Investor Insights, Activity and Performance Report, 2020 - funded by industry grant of $42,500 from RIAA
2020 Australian Impact Investment Survey,
Outcomes and Impact: input into the final report of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Social Impact Investing Taskforce; reported in Sydney Business Insights

Link to SBI article

Ameeta Jain-2020
Sustainable Development Goals in the City of Whitehorse Council (WHC)
Maps the alignment of WHC with UNSDG; funded by WHC grant of $12,914
Outcomes and Impact: submitted to WHC; uploaded to councillor portal and WHC intranet; recommendations used by WHC for Community Vision 2040 project and WHC Health & wellbeing plan 5; showcased on DFAT SDG website; presented to Whitehorse business group and Family Business Network Australia.

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Our staff

Our staff are dedicated to excellence in teaching and research in finance. Our academics are highly qualified and internationally recognised, with a broad range of skills, expertise, and interests.

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