Research seminars

Learn all about the Department of Finance past seminars, guest speakers and topics. We have many speakers and research partners who visit Deakin throughout the year to share insights and encourage debate on topics relevant to the department and its students.

Upcoming seminars

Seminar datePresenter Topic
28 Sep 2023Associate Professor Phong Ngo
Australian National University
Lending standards disbursion
19 Oct 2023Associate Professor Andrey Malenko
Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
Voting Choice
9 Nov 2023Professor Eliezer FichTBC

Past seminars 2018-2023

Seminar datePresenter


21 Sep  2023

Professor Kaveh Majlesi

Labor Market Shocks and Wealth Accumulation

31 Aug 2023

Associate Professor Zhenyu Gao
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Green Preference, Green Investment

24 Aug 2023

Associate Professor Anastassia Fedyk
Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

Lehman’s Lemons: Do career disruptions matter for the top 5%?
17 Aug 2023Professor David Yermack
New York University
Bitcoin mining meets wall street: A study of publicly traded crypto mining companies.
8 Aug 2023

Professor Sudipto Dasgupta
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Balance sheet financial flexibility
3 Aug 2023Dr Nicholas Sheard
Victoria University
City size and housing costs in New South Wales

13 Jul 2023

Professor Charun Chordia
Emory University

Beauty Contests around News Releases

18 May 2023

Associate Professor Buhui Qiu
The University of Sydney Business School

Anomalous Lending and Bank Risks

2 May 2023

Dr Danny Yeung
University of Technology Sydney

The art of investing in emotions

6 Apr 2023Associate Professor Ruchi SinghUniversity GeorgiaMeasures of Vertical Inequality in Assessments
4 Apr 2023Associate Professor Ruchi Singh
University Georgia
Flow trading
30 Mar 2023Professor Alex Frino
University of Wollongong
The cyber-attack iceberg: Evidence from an extended event study of the impact on securities prices
23 Mar 2023 Associate Professor George Wong
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Demand Uncertainty, Inventory, and the Cost Structure
16 Mar 2023 Associate Professor Isaac Hacamo
Indiana Univeristy
Priced-out: Affordable Housing and Labor Markets
9 Mar 2023 Associate Professor Zhuo Zhong
University of Melbourne
Trust in DeFi: An Empirical Study of the Decentralised Exchange
2 Mar 2023 Associate Professor Min Zhu
University of Queensland
The Use of Multiple Testing Adjustments in Financial Research: A Critique
13 Oct 2022 Assistant Director Talei Parker Business Longitudinal Analysis Data Environment (BLADE)
11 Oct 2022 Associate Professor Hassan Naqvi Secured and Unsecured Debt in Creditor-friendly Bankruptcy
29 Sep 2022

Professor Micah Officer
Loyola Marymount University

Negotiation, auction, or negotiauction?! Evidence from the field
15 Sep 2022 Dr Emdad Islam
Monash University
Politicians’ Pet: Political Connections and Abusive Workplace Culture
8 Sep 2022 Assistant Professor Gertjan Verdickt
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Model-Free Implied Dependence and the Cross-Section of Returns
1 Sep 2022 Ms Hao Zheng
Deakin University
Financial strength and market competition: The real effects of IPO overfunding
25 Aug 2022 Assistant Professor Alexander Vadilyev
Australian National University (ANU)
Intangible Capital, Negative Cash Flow and Corporate Policy: International Evidence
18 Aug 2022

Professor Jason Zein
UNSW Business School

Do Incidental Encounters Strengthen Economic Ties? Evidence from Venture Capital Syndication
11 Aug 2022 Professor Tarun Chordia Biased Expectations and Credit Risk in the Municipal Bond Market
28 Jul 2022 Dr Griffin Geng
Victoria University of Wellington
Does Board Overlap Promote Coordination Between Firms?
14 Jul 2022 Associate Professor Zhuo Zhong
University of Melbourne
Trust in DeFi: An Empirical Study of the Decentralised Exchange
23 Jun 2022 Ms Kelly Guo
Deakin University 
The Real Effect of Health on Firms
26 May 2022 Associate Professor Cristian Badarinza
National University of Singapore
Reference Dependence in the Housing Market
5 May 2022 Associate Professor Zhanhui Chen
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Life Expectancy and Corporate Deb Markets
28 Apr 2022 Mr Minh Nhat Nguyen
Deakin University
Navigating Climate Uncertainty: Clean Tech vs Fossil Fuel ETFs
14 April 2022 Associate Professor Hao Liang
Singapore Management University
Delegated Gender Diversity
31 March 2022 Dr. Nicole Johnston
Deakin University
Impactful Strata Research. Nicole’s Research Outcomes during ASP
24 March 2022 Associate Professor Shams Tabrize Pathan Common ownership and bank liquidity creation
7 March 2022 Associate Professor Chyi Lin Lee
Listed Real Estate Futures Trading, Market Efficiency and Direct Real Estate Linkages: International Evidence
17 Mar 2022

Dr Jerry Liang
Deakin University

An Alternative Measure of Lockdown Cost: The Impact of COVID-19 Restrictions on the Housing Market
10 Mar 2022 Mr Vinh Hua
Deakin University
Retail Order Flow Data and Market Quality
12 Nov 2021 Prof Tarun Chordia
Emory University
High Frequency Trading Market Microstructure Seminar
5 Nov 2021 Prof Tarun Chordia
Emory University
High Frequency Trading Market Microstructure Seminar
7 Oct 2021 Prof Alok Kumar
University of Miami
Anxiety, Excitement and Asset Prices
30 Sep 2021 Mr. Hong Xiang
University of Hong Kong
Inefficient Information Intermediary and its Asset Pricing Implications: Evidence from the Corporate Bond Market
23 Sep 2021 Dr Hoonsuk Park
Melbourne University
Firm Uncertainty and Household Spending
16 Sep 2021 Assist Prof Malcolm Wardlaw
Uni of Georgia
Count Date in Finance
9 Sep 2021 Dr Wei Opie
Deakin University
Corporate Uses of Cash Flow in Recent Decades
2 Sep 2021 Dr Sagarika Mishra
Deakin University
Competitive Culture and Climate change Disclosures
26 Aug 2021 Dr Robert Xiao
Deakin University
Social Capital, Trust and Intraday Stock Trading
12 Aug 2021 Prof Todd Gormley
Washington University
The Big Three and Board Gender Diversity: The Effectiveness of Shareholder Voice
5 Aug 2021 Dr Daniel Melser
Monash University
Preferences for Single-Sex Schools: Evidence from the Housing Market
29 July 2021 Nitin Vishen
PhD Student, Deakin University
Strategic Default in Relationship Banking
22 July 2021 Assoc Prof David Solomon
Boston College
Predictable Price Pressure
15 July 2021 Dr Kate Volkova
Melbourne University
The Government Agenda and the Effects of Regulatory Dispersion

10 June 2021

Dr Brooke Peel
Deakin University
Financial Distress and Forecast Errors

3 June 2021

Dr Vincent Xiang
Deakin University

Return Extrapolation and Volatilities

27 May 2021

Emerson-Merrill Lynch Assoc Prof Yuehua Tang of Warrington College of Business, University of Florida

Institution-Broker Relationship and Mutual Fund Proxy Voting

20 May 2021

Assoc Prof Steven Riddiough of Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Cross-Border M&A and Currency Returns

13 May 2021

Assist Prof Luis Filipe Goncalves-Pinto of The University of NSW

Convex Incentives and Liquidity Permia

6 May 2021

Assoc Prof Joshua Mollner of Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Principal Trading Procurement: Competition and Information Leakage

29 April 2021

Prof Tarun Chordia of Emory, Goizueta Business School

True Liquidity and Fundamental Prices: US Tick Size Pilot

22 April 2021

Assoc Prof Ilona Babenko of Arizona State University

Regulating CEO Pay: Evidence from the Nonprofit Revitalization Act

15 April 2021

Assoc Prof Rong Wang of Singapore Management University

Finance and Ideology: The Firm-level Channels

1 April 2021 Assoc Prof Xiaoyang Li of Deakin University Monetary policy and the cross-section of stock returns in a market with frictions

25 March 2021

Assoc. Prof Elisabeth Kempf of The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Partisan Firms

11 March 2021

Hao Zhen of Deakin University

Banks’ investment in FinTech ventures

4 March 2021

Assist. Prof Jianning Huang of St Francis Xavier University, Canada

Effects of a Speed Bump on Market Quality and Exchange Competition

19 November 2020 Assoc Prof Daxuan Zhao Beijing Insider
5 November 2020

Prof Diane Del Guercio University of Oregan

How have passive portfolio managers fared in the era of the dramatic rise of passive investing?

22 October 2020

Dr Weinan Zheng University of Hong Kong

Less is more: Hidden Information in the strategies of corporate bond mutual funds

8 October 2020

Prof. Kathleen Kahle
University of Arizona

How Deep Is the Labor Market for Female Directors? Evidence from California’s Board Gender Diversity Mandate
24 September 2020 Dr Ning Gong

Partial Information Disclosure and Share Price Volatility

10 September 2020

Assoc Prof Anna Scherbina Brandeis University

Performance Isn’t Everything: Personal Characteristics and Career Outcomes of Mutual Fund Managers

3 September 2020

Dr Sandip Dhole
Monash University

Dividend Cuts: Good News or Bad News?

27 August 2020

Assoc Prof Joan Farre-Mensa
University of Illinois

Financing Payouts
13 August 2020 Dr Alok Kumar
University of Miami

Minority Analysts, Diversity, and Market Behavior

30 July 2020 Professor Alex Butler
Rice University Texas

Racial Discrimination in the Auto Loan Market

23 July 2020 Professor Tarun Chordia
Emory University USA

The Transparency Premium

9 July 2020 Prof Fabienne Michaux How about Insights from the 2020 RIAA Benchmarking Impact Study
2 July 2020 Ms Arkaja Chakraverty Executive Incentives In The Face Of Restricted Labor Mobility
25 June 2020 Assoc Prof Xiaoyang Li Do market-wide circuit breakers calm markets or panic them? Evidence from COVID-19
18 June 2020 Assoc Prof Adrian Lee Airbnb-COVID-19 Risk and Lockdowns: Global  Evidence
11 June 2020 Assoc Prof Liz Wang
Melbourne University
Characteristics-Based Factors
4 June 2020 Dr Robert Xiao Private Information Dissemination in the Secondary Loan Market
14 May 2020

Dr Sagarika Mishra

Directors’ Turnover & Corporate Culture

23 April 2020

Professor Xiangkang

Are the Flows of Exchange-Traded Funds Informative?
12 March 2020 Professor Petko Kalev
La Trobe University
Individual Investors’ Trading Activity and Major Lifecycles Events: The Case of Divorce

27 February 2020

Professor Lyndon Moore
Monash University

Asset Pricing with Restricted Assets: The case of the Victorian Trustee

5 December 2019 Prof Chu Zhang
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Why Did the Investment – Cash Flow Sensitivity Decline Over Time?
28 November 2019 Prof Xiaoyun Yu
Indiana University
Big Fish in Small Ponds: Human Capital Mobility and the Rise of Boutique Banks *
22 November 2019 Prof. Ronald Masulis Mobility Restrictions and Risk-Related Agency Conflicts: Evidence from a quasi-natural Experiment
21 November 2019 Mr. Amanjot Singh Why Do US firms use more long-term debt post activist intervention
14 November 2019 Prof Alfred Yawson
University of Adelaide
Central Hub M&A Advisors
31 October 2019 Dr Jing Li
Singapore Management University
Do Elderly Individuals Delay Claiming Social Security and Cash-out Home
Equity When House Prices Appreciate?
29 October 2019 Dr.Fengfei.Li
Deakin University
From Financial Innovation to Brand Innovation: How Option Trading Affects the Launch and Success of New Brands
17 October 2019 Dr.Shiyang Huang
University of Hong Kong
Flow-induced Noise Trading and Asset Pricing Factors
10 October 2019 Assoc Prof Jun Yang
Indiana University
The Effect of Secondary Market Existence on Primary Market Liquidity: A Natural Experiment in Peer-to-Peer Lending
3 October
Dr.Ning Gong
Deakin University
Beyond Culture: How does international migration affect cross-border mergers and acquisitions?
1 October 2019 Mr.Prasanna Tantri
Indiana School of Business
Does Skilful use of hard information by machines outperform combination of a hard and soft information used by loan officers?
26 September 2019 Professor Tao Shu
Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
The Role of External Regulators in Mergers
and Acquisitions: Evidence from SEC
Comment Letters
17 September 2019 Assoc Prof David Solomon
Boston College
Is “Not Guilty” the Same as “Innocent”? Evidence from SEC Financial Fraud Investigations
12 September 2019 Assoc Prof Edward Podolski
Deakin University
Foreign Competition and New Product Creation: Evidence from Trademark Data
5 September 2019 Dr Yuri Tserlukevich
Arizona State University
Competition, No-Arbitrage, and Systematic Risk
29 August 2019 Prof Zhiguo He
University of Chicago
Commonality in Credit Spread Changes: Dealer Inventory and Intermediary Distress
22 August 2019 Prof Robert Marquez
University of California, Davis
Selling assets: When is the whole worth more than the sum of its parts?
15 August 2019 Assoc Prof George Wong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Inventory Policy, Cost Structure and Cost Behaviour
13 August 2019

Prof David Yermack New York University

Investment Returns and Distribution Policies of Non Profit Endowment Funds
8 August 2019 Prof Robert Faff
University of Queensland
Responsible Science and Replication Matters
7 August 2019 Dr Adrian Lee
University of Technology, Sydney
Do Home Buyers Bunch at Threshold Price? Evidence from Housing Assistance Policies
5 August 2019 Professor Russ Wermer
University of Maryland
Do ETFs Increase Liquidity?
1 August 2019 Assoc Prof Yuming Fu
National University of Singapore
The Cost of Outdated Neighborhoods in a Growing Metropolitan Area: Evidence from the 2010-2011 Christchurch Earthquakes
25 July 2019 Assoc Prof Jing Wu
Tsinghua University
Sticky Expectations in the Housing Market: Evidence from the Housing Purchase Restriction Policy
18 July 2019 Dr Chelsea Liu
University of Adelaide Business School

Corporate gender diversity and employee relations: Evidence from labour lawsuits
11 July 2019 Assoc Prof Yuewen Xiao
Fudan University   (Internal)
Jumps, news and subsequent reversals: An intraday study
4 July 2019 Assoc Prof Mark Humphery-Jenner
University of New South Wales
Of Fogs and Bogs: Why do companies make reports less readable?
18 June 2019 Dr Kang Koo
Deakin University (Internal)
Transport fare removal and house prices
13 Jun 2019 Professor Tony He
University of Technology Sydney
The Social Value of Asymmetric Information Revisited
6 Jun 2019 Ms Dianne Thomson
Deakin University (Internal)
Does Corporate Governance Matter for Customer Satisfaction in Australian Financial Institutions?
4 Jun 2019

Dr Yuanji Wen                  
University of Western Australia

Effects of Darkness on Market Quality when Markets are Fragmented: Experimental Evidence
28 May 2019 Assoc Prof Roger Edelen
Virginia Tech University
Institutional constraints and preferences: Implications for factors and performance evaluation
23 May 2019 Prof Micah Officer
Loyola Marymount University
Inside the 'Black Box' of Private Merger Negotiations
16 May 2019 Dr Phong Ngo
Australian National University
Media Exposure and Stock Market Participation
9 May 2019 Assoc Prof Simba Chang
Nanyang Technological University
Stock Liquidity and Corporate Social Responsibility
2 May 2019 Prof Christian Lundblad
University of North Carolina
Crowded Trades and Tail Risk
18 Apr 2019 Assoc Prof Yangyang Chen
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Captured by Mutual Funds: Do Cross-Audits Undermine Auditor Independence?
11 Apr 2019 Assoc Prof Fangjian Fu
Singapore Management University
Costly Corporate Governance: Evidence from Shareholder Approval in Mergers and Acquisitions
4 Apr 2019

Assoc Prof Jianxin Wang
University of Technology Sydney

On the Common Determinants of Volatility Persistence and Asymmetry
28 Mar 2019 Assoc Prof Mike Mao
Deakin University (internal)
Financial Sophistication and Conflicts of Interest: Evidence from the Investment Menus Offered in 401(k) Plans
22 Mar 2019 Assist Prof Qiang Li
National University of Singapore

Informed Speculation about Trading Flows: Price Variability, Trading Volume and Market Liquidity

21 Mar 2019 Prof Tarun Chordia
Emory Goizueta Business School
Bonds, Stocks and Sources of Mispricing
14 Mar 2019 Prof Darwin Choi
Chinese University of Hong Kong
The Effect of Superstar Firms on College Major Choice
7 Mar 2019 Dr Abhinav Goyal
University of Liverpool
Investment and Deleveraging Financed by Dividends: Evidence from Japanese Business Group
19 Feb 2019 Dr Sohel Azad
Deakin University (internal)
Religiosity, Neglected Risk and Asset Returns: Theory and Evidence from Islamic Finance Industry
29 Nov 2018 Emma Li
Deakin University
Exploration or Exploitation? Hedge Funds in Venture Capital
22 Nov 2018 Xiangkang Yin
Deakin University
Overconfident Institutions and Their Self-Attribution Bias: Evidence from Earnings Announcements
16 Nov 2018 Dr. Hyun Soo Choi
Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore Management University
Clogged Intermediation: Were Home Buyers Crowded Out?
14 Nov 2018 Professor Ben Marshall
Massey University
Stock Liquidity and Labor Adjustment Costs
8 Nov 2018 Wei Opie
Deakin University
Global Currency Hedging with Common Risk Factors
25 Oct 2018 Associate Professor Harminder
Deakin University
Bond Liquidity and Cost of bank Loans
18 Oct 2018 Dr. Nicholas Crain
University of Melbourne
The Bright Side of Fair Value Accounting: Evidence from Private Company Valuation
11 Oct 2018 Associate Professor Abhiroop Mukherjee Roads and Loans
4 Oct 2018 Associate Professor Ekta Selarka 
Madras School of Economics
Women on Board and Performance of Family Firms: Evidence from India
27 Sep 2018 Associate Professor Rik Sen University of New South Wales Management (of) Proposals
20 Sep 2018 Professor Paul Ehling BI Norwegian Business School Tax Collection from Realized Capital Gains on Equity
13 Sep 2018 Professor Spencer Martin, The University of Melbourne Do You See What I See?  Transparency and Bond Issuing Costs
6 Sep 2018 Professor Manpreet Singh Georgia Tech
Scheller College of Business
Do Minimum Wage Increases Cause Financial Stress to Small Businesses? Evidence from 15 Million Establishments
23 Aug 2018 Associate Professor Frank Liu
University of Western Australia
Cross Listings and Dividend Size and Stability: Evidence from China
16 Aug 2018 Professor Desmond Tsang
McGill University, Canada
Quality of Life and Earnings Management: Do Firms at Less Desirable Locations Manipulate Earnings More Aggressively?
9 Aug 2018 Professor Andy Kim
SKK Business School
Fighting for R&D Budget: CEO vs. CFO - whose masculinity matters more?
2 Aug 2018 Professor David Yermack
Stern School of Business, New York University
Initial Coin Offerings: Financing Growth with Cryptocurrency Token Sales
30 Jul 2018 Professor Michael Chng
Xi'an Jiatong-Liverpool University
Rise of the Machine-Learning Portfolio
26 Jul 2018 Associate Professor Meijun Qian
Australian National University
Does property rights protection affect firm innovation?
23 Jul 2018 Dr Christian Hilpert
Lingnan College, Sun yat-sen University
Surrender Contagion in Life Insurance: Modelling and Valuation
19 Jul 2018 Professor Talis Putnins
University of Technology, Sydney
What moves stock prices? The role of news, noise and information
17 Jul 2018 Professor Alok Kumar
University of Miami - School of Business Administration
Hispanic culture, stock preferences,  and asset prices
12 Jul 2018 Dr Lixiong Guo
University of Alabama
Unemployment Insurance and Takeovers
7 Jun 2018 Dr Alexander Vadilyev
Australian National University
How sensitive is corporate propensity to save to financial development and uncertainty shocks?
31 May 2018 Associate Professor Roger Loh
Singapore Management University
Getting feedback on your research: evidence from analysts
25 May 2018 Associate Professor Wenchi Liao
National University of Singapore
The Buggerfly: The Effect of Transport Network Connectivity
10 May 2018 Assistant Professor Hao Liang
Singapore Management University
Socially Responsible Corporate Customers
3 May 2018 Associate Professor Jin Yu
Monash University
Credit default swaps and debt overhang
26 Apr 2018 Associate Professor Tien Foo Sing
National University of Singapore
Information immobility and learning in commercial real estate markets
19 Apr 2018 Assistance Professor Kwanok Lee
National University of Singapore
Property right restriction and house prices
12 Apr 2018 Dr Kentaro Asai
Australian National University
Bank lobbying as a financial safety net: evidence from the post-crisis US banking sector
5 April 2018 Associate Professor Xin (Simba) Chang
Nanyang Technological University
Political corruption and financial reporting conservatism
22 Mar 2018 Professor Tarun Chordia
Emory University
P-hacking: evidence from two million trading strategies
13 Mar 2018 Associate Professor Yangyang Chen
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Executive equity risk-taking incentives and firm's choice of debt structure
1 Mar 2018 Professor Joseph Fan 
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Family monitoring the family
29 Jan 2018 Associate Professor Xiaoyang Li
Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance
Board diversity, inventor collaboration, and corporate innovation
25 Jan 2018 Mr Anton Hasselgren
Stockholm School of Business
Speculator activity and cross-asset predictability of FX returns