Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics

Our researchers publish in leading journals and our students access excellent facilities through our laboratories – the IBM Centre of Excellence in Business Analytics and the SAS Visual Analytics Collaboratory.

Areas of specialisation

Our broad expertise lies in business analytics and information systems.

Business analytics

  • Competitive advantage generation through analytics
  • Visual analytics and deep learning for business applications
  • Business intelligence
  • Big data cybersecurity analytics, social media analytics
  • Quantitative consumer behaviour and marketing analytics

Information systems

  • Social informatics, health informatics, technology impact and socio-technical analysis.
  • Digital business transformation
  • Disruptive technology and innovation
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Information systems education

Single unit study

Do you want to develop skills and knowledge in business analytics but don't want to undertake a full master's degree at this moment in time?

Core units of the Master of Business Analytics degree are now available as single units for non-award study. If you decide to enrol in the full course at a later date, units completed will be credited to your degree.

Available units

Unit Name
MIS761 Cybersecurity Strategies
MIS770/MIS770A Foundation Skills in Data Analysis
MIS771 Descriptive Analytics and Visualisation
MIS772 Predictive Analytics
MIS775 Decision Modelling for Business Analytics
MIS781 Business Intelligence and Database
MIS782 Business Value of Information
MIS784 Marketing Analytics

Prospective HDR students

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Here are some examples of the research our students are conducting.

Student research projects

Candidate Working title Principal supervisor
Zi Chong Exploring the 'Creative Tension' at work A/Prof Annemieke Craig
Sonia Ivetac Exploring ICT Decision Making in Victorian Secondary Schools A/Prof John Lamp
Alireza Moayedikia Studying Crowdsourcing: An information and analytics approach Dr William Yoeh


Our department comprises 27 staff members including three professors. Our researchers have published in leading journals such as:

  • Information Systems Research
  • The Journal of the Association of Information Systems
  • The European Journal of Information Systems
  • The Journal of Information Technology
  • Information Systems Journal and Journal of Strategic Information Systems.


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PhD program

The Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics is seeking intellectually curious doctoral applicants with a strong academic track record who are interested in undertaking rigorous, theory-advancing research.

Learn more about our PhD program

Grant success

The Department of Information Systems and Business host two research laboratories: The IBM Centre of Excellence in Business Analytics and Advanced Business Analytics Lab.

We are also a proud member of the federally funded Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre (CRC).

Grants awarded include:

  • Analytics and Process Optimisation for Resource Allocation – INT 306 (Alireza Moayedikia), Dr William Yeoh, 2017: $26,000
  • Qualitative end user evaluation, D2D CRC Federated Police Project, Prof Rens Scheepers, A/Prof Chad Whelan Prof Ingrid Nielsen Prof Louis De Koker 2017: $40,056 2016: $40,056
  • Whitehorse Business Performance and Monitor Survey 2017, Dr Scott Salzman, Dr Craig Parker, A/Prof Bill Dimovski, Prof Barry Cooper, Dr Nicholas Mcclaren 2017: $8,000
  • Evaluation of Technology within Simulated and Real-life Nursing Settings, Prof Mari Botti, Prof Bridie Kent, A/Prof Bernice Redley, A/Prof Lemai Nguyen 2012–2014: $281.465.


The department's industry advisory board consists of representatives of major employers of our graduates, Victorian Government and professional bodies, and plays a key role in ensuring our academic programs remain relevant and current.

Formal partnerships of the department include:

  • IBM Centre of Excellence in Business Analytics
  • course partners of the Master of Business Analytics
  • industry certification partnerships:
    • IBM (Analytics)
    • Microsoft (IT Academy)
  • professional/industry groups:
    • Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA)
    • ICT Geelong.

The department welcomes new industry collaborations in teaching and research. Please contact the Department Head to discuss partnership proposals.

Our staff

Our staff are dedicated to excellence in teaching and research in information systems and business analytics.

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