Research seminars

Learn all about the Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics seminars, guest speakers and topics. We have many speakers and research partners who visit Deakin throughout the year to share insights and encourage debate on topics relevant to the department and its students.

Upcoming seminars

Information Systems and Business Analytics Convenor:  Dr Kristijan Mirkovski

Seminar datePresenterTopic
13 Sep 2023Humza Nasser
RMIT University
Enabling Cybersecurity Incident Response Agility Through Dynamic Capabilities: The Role of Real-Time Analytics
11 Oct 2023Dr Daniel Schlagwein
The University of Sydney
Digital Nomadism and Its Implications for
Nation-States, Organizations, and Local

Past seminars


Seminar datePresenterTopic
9 March 

Prof. Professor Dorothy E. Leidner, Baylor University, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Association for Information Systems

Theorising from Literature
13 April

Assoc. Prof. Mengxiang Li, Hong Kong Baptist University, Department of Finance and Decision Sciences

Strategic Directions for AI: The Role of CIOs and Boards of Directors
11 May Prof. Robert M. Davison, City University of Hong Kong, Editor-in-Chief, Information Systems Journal Research Problematisation
8 June Dr Wilson Li, DISBA, Deakin University

To Alert or Alleviate? A Natural Experiment on the Effect of Anti-phishing Laws on Corporate IT and Security Investments in the United States

13 July Prof. Richard Watson, University of Georgia, Regent Professor, J.Rex Fuqua Distinguished Chair for Internet Strategy, AIS LEO awardee Sustainability and the digital transformation of the decade


Seminar datePresenterTopic
20 Jan

Assoc. Prof. Sultana Lubna Alam, DISBA, Deakin University

Dr. Craig Parker, DISBA, Deakin University, &

Assoc. Prof. Val Hooper (Victoria University of Wellington)

Dr. Reza Kachouie, DISBA, Deakin University

Coevolving Technology and Boundary Spanning Practices for Value Co-creation in Ongoing Crowdsourcing

To Know the Knowns and Unknowns of Socially Assistive Robots in Elderly Care

10 February

Prof. Guy G. Gable Queensland, University of Technology, Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Strategic Information Systems

Information Systems Research Strategy
10 March

Prof. Suprateek Sarker, University of Virginia Mclntire School of Commerce, President-Elect of the Association for Information Systems (AIS)

Dr. Toomas Tamm, University of New South Wales UNSW Business School

The Practice of Qualitative Research in the IS Discipline:  An Evolutionary View and Some Implications for Authors and Evaluators

How Do Different Types of BA Users Contribute to Business Value?

14 April

Prof. Arun Rai Regents' Professor Robinson College of Business Georgia State University, Editor-in-Chief (2016-2020), Management Information Systems Quarterly

Assoc. Prof. William Yeoh, DISBA, Deakin University

Developing and Revising Papers for Top Journals

Learning Analytics for Enhanced Students' Performance

12 May

Prof. Gabriele Piccoli, Edward G. Schlieder Endowed Chair of Information Sciences, Louisiana State University

Editor in Chief MIS Quarterly Executive, Editor-in-Chief MISQ Executive

Practice-oriented research contribution: Why, what and how

14 July

Professor Rajesh Vasa, Head of Translational Research & Development, Applied AI Institute, Deakin University

A Conversation with AI

11 August

Assoc. Prof. Jungpil Hahn, Department of Information Systems and Analytics, School of Computing, National University of Singapore

Noor E Nazneen, Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics, Deakin University

Making the Crowd Wiser: (Re)combination through Teaming in Crowdsourcing

The persuasive design features of E-coaching systems for healthy lifestyle promotion – A Systematic Review


Seminar datePresenterTopic
9 September          

Professor Shan Pan AGSM Scholar, Professor and Deputy Head of School (Research)

UNSW Business School, The University of New South Wales

Dr Quan Vu, DISBA, Deakin University

Usable, in-use, and useful research: A 3U framework for demonstrating practice impact

Discovering implicit activity preferences in travel itineraries by topic modelling

14 October

Professor Andrew Burton-Jones,

Professor of Business Information Systems

The UQ Business School, University of Queensland,

Editor-in-Chief, Management Information Systems Quarterly

Dr Ali Tamaddoni Jahromi, DISBA, Deakin University

A Vision for MISQ 2021-2023 and an Early Look at Next-Generation IS Theories

“Status-Effect” in Review Platforms: How do Gaining and Losing Status Rewards Affect Reviewers’ Behavior?

11 November

Prof. Dorothy E. Leidner

Ferguson Professor of Information Systems, Baylor University

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the Association for Information Systems

Fellow of the Association for Information Systems

Senior Research Fellow, Lund University

Dr. Kristijan Mirkovski, DISBA, Deakin University

Creating Contribution by Developing Distinction

“If he is not Worried, I am not Worried”: The Influence of Political Leaders’ Communication Style on Public’s Adherence to COVID-19 Movement Restrictions (WIP)