Research seminars

Find out about the Department of Marketing's previous seminars, guest speakers and topics. Our range of speakers share insights and encourage debate on issues that interest the department and our students.

Upcoming seminars

Seminar datePresenterTopic
5 Feb 2019Professor Kyle MurrayMotivational Intensity and Self-Regulatory Strength
6 Feb 2019Professor Jeff InmanTBA
21 Feb 2019Professor Bernd SkieraEconomic Loss of Cookie Lifetime Restrictions
27 Feb 2019Professor Chris DubelaarSocial Facilitation of Eating: Fact or Fantasy
13 Mar 2019Professor Manoj AgarwalThe Impact of Firm’s Financial Liquidity on its Pricing and Promotion Decisions & The Impact of Customer Satisfaction on Liquidity Level, Liquidity Risk, and Firm V
20 Mar 2019Belinda BartonIn Pursuit of Happiness: A Meta-Analysis on the Experiential Advantage
1 May 2019Associate Professor Nicole MeadHow (and When) Self-Perceptions Increase Saving
8 May 2019Associate Professor Erik MooiTBA
12 Jun 2019Dr Mansur KhamitovNames are the mirrors of the soul: The role of anthropomorphized possessive brand names in brand preferences
9 Oct 2019Professor Peter DanaherTBA
13 Nov 2019Dr Yulia NevskayaTBA
20 Nov 2019Professor Angela PaladinoTBA

Past seminars

Seminar datePresenter


10 Dec 2018Dr Ping XiaoThe Effects of the Government’s’ Subsidy Program: Accessibility beyond Affordability
7 Nov 2018Dr Steven LuIncumbent or entrant? The effects of competition and uncertainty on partner choice in vertical relationships
30 Oct 2018Qiang ZhangIn-Consumption Social Listening with Moment-to-Moment Unstructured Data: The Case of Movie Appreciation and Live Comments
29 Oct 2018Associate Professor Nitika GargGrateful Compliance or Proud Defiance? The Distinct Effects of Pride and Gratitude on the Effectiveness of Anti-Drinking Message
26 Oct 2018Di WangDo Novel Product Displays Influence Consumers’ In-Store Purchase Decisions?
24 Oct 2018Dr Christine EckertLocal Cubic Projections for Marketing Insight: Generalized Impulse Response Functions with Interactions, Asymmetry and Nonlinearity
22 Oct 2018Chandra SrivastavaBalancing Act: Female Representation in the Top Management Team and Marketing Strategy
16 Oct 2018Yong Chin TanExamining the Purchase Conversion Effects of Virtual Product Testing: An Application of Augmented Reality in Retail
10 Oct 2018Yang PanConvenience Store Analytics: Analysing habitual and situational shopping behavior using consumer basket data
9 Oct 2018Zhiling BeiFor Better or for Worse: The Halo Effects of Online Marketplaces on Entrenched Brick-And-Mortar Stores
5 Oct 2018Dr Stephen HoldenFood for thought: a refreshed agenda for researching obesity prevention
29 Aug 2018Professor Leo PaasInverse-probability-of-treatment weighting for endogeneity correction: A hidden Markov model for assessing effects of multiple direct mail campaigns
18 Apr 2018Professor Adam DuhachekThe Impact of Artificial Agents on Persuasion: A Construal Level Account
21 Mar 2018Dr Riza CasidyGod, Word-of-Mouth, and Complaining Behavior
7 Mar 2018Professor Michael PolonskyFactors Leading to Health Care Exclusion among African Refugees in Australia: The Case of Blood Donation
1 Mar 2018Professor Bernd SkieraWhat marketers should know about machine learning?
7 Feb 2018Dr Nichola RobertsonThe In-Vitro Fertilisation Service Experience
31 Jan 2018James DavidsonUnderstanding Australian consumer behaviour towards Battery Electric Vehicles through Hybrid Choice Modelling
24 Jan 2018Dr Chloe PreeceLicense to Assemble: Theorizing brand longevity