Staff listing

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Department Head
Professor John Hall

Director of Research
Associate Professor Andrea Vocino

Director of HDR
Dr Nichola Robertson

Director of Industry Engagement
Dr Michael Valos

Director International
Dr Ahmed Ferdous

Director of Teaching
Dr Michael Volkov

Coordinator, Master of Marketing

Coordinator, Master of Marketing
Dr Alvin Lee

Alfred Deakin Professors


Associate Professors

Honorary Associate Professor

Senior Lecturers


Professorial Research Fellow

Administrative staff

Administrative Officer
Carmel Di Camillo
Administrative Officer
Susan Mc Lean

Current HDR students

P = Principal
A = Associate

Name Thesis title Supervisor
Argho Bandyopadhyay Branding regional wine: An empirical investigation John Hall (P)
Alvin Lee (A)
Ho Yin Wong (A)
James DavidsonEnvironmentally friendly vehicles: Understanding consumer attitudes David Bednall (P)
Andrea Vocino (A)
Frank Will (A)
Tara DiversiAre nudges welcome, annoying or intrusive? How do people respond to and perceive Slim by Design nudging? Chris Dubelaar (P)
Joshua Newton (A)
Tony Worsley (A)
Fatemeh Haji Habibi Consumer responses to the dynamic power states of others Riza Casidy (P)
Joshua Newton (A)
Jimmy Wong (A)
Jessica Helmi Country brand and stakeholder engagement: Case study of Australia Unlimited Kerrie Bridson (P)
Riza Casidy (A)
Neville HurstEnergy efficient housing and the role of real estate agents David Bednall (P)
Sara Wilkinson (A)
Md. Tarikul Islam Entrepreneurship and organisational capability: Upgrading Bangladeshi apparel industry in the global value chain perspective Michael Polonsky (P)
Mehdi Taghian (A)
Lincoln JamesAuthentic assessments in business education: A multi-stakeholder perspective Riza Casidy (P)
Bhavani Sridharan (A)
Anne Helen Kershaw Coproduction in Museums: A study of museums' work with culturally diverse communities Kerrie Bridson (P)
Melissa Parris (A)
Andrea Witcomb (A)
Stefanie Kramer The effectiveness of customer information in companies through improved CRM David Bednall (P)
John Molineux (A)
Anand Shankaran (A)
Effie Lagos Branding Gallipoli and its relationship to attendance and event satisfaction Ho Yin Wong (P)
Riza Casidy (A)
Md ManirujjamanExamining the interaction between consumer personality and homepage contentMichael Polonsky (P)
Nichola Robertson (A)
Anita MedhekarMedical tourism in India: Economic impact and public-private partnershipsHo Yin Wong (P)
John Hall (A)
Kaushalya NallaperumaThe effect of power on self-focused and other-focused customer intentionsJoshua Newton (P)
Jimmy Wong (A)
Nichola Robertson (A)
Maria Pinero De PlazaConsumers' food choices and unhealthy habituation hooksMehdi Taghian (P)
Wayne Binney (A)
Elaine PlantKey success factors in regional trade agreementsMehdi Taghian (P)
Pasquale Sgro (A)
Wayne ReadAn empirical examination of consumer engagement in the Twitter contextNichola Robertson (P)
Lisa McQuilken (A)
Ahmed Ferdous (A)
Ayman ShaheenThe role of organisation structure and environmental condition on deployment of green IT/IS in B2B contextMehdi Taghian (P)
Ahmed Ferdous (A)
Alemayehu Molla (A)
Trang TranThe impact of acculturation and effect of country-of-origin on Australian immigrant attitudes toward home and foreign low-involvement productsMichael Polonsky (P)
Huong Le (A)
Josip VlahekSustainable livelihoods and the marketing of Burmese handicrafts to touristsMehdi Taghian (P)
Elsa Underhill (A)
Michael VolkovConsumption behaviour of at-risk youthRohit Varman (P)
David Bednall (A)
Paul Harrison (A)
Lyndall WillisThe strategic role of local government arts organisation boardsKerrie Bridson (P)
Colin Higgins (A)