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Key contacts

Alfred Deakin Professor Michael Polonsky, Head of Department

Dr Allison Ringer, Director of Teaching

Professor Chris Dubelaar, Director, HDR

Dr Jeffrey Rotman, Director, Researcher Development

Course directors

Dr Virginia Weber, Marketing (Psychology)

Dr Ho Yin Wong, Marketing Technology

Dr Ho Yin Wong, Marketing

Dr Paul Harrison, MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Academic contacts

Dr Majid Azadi, Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Associate Professor David Bednall, Honorary Associate Professor

Professor Andre Bonfrer

Professor Chris Dubelaar

Associate Professor Ahmed Ferdous

Dr Michael Gatumu, Research Fellow

Dr Paul Harrison, Senior Lecturer

Jubin Jacob-John, Research Fellow

Dr Alvin Lee, Senior Lecturer

Dr Brent McFerran, Professorial Research Fellow

Dr Cuc Nguyen, Lecturer

Alfred Deakin Professor Michael Polonsky

Dr Allison Ringer, Associate Head of School

Associate Professor Nichola Robertson

Dr Jeffrey Rotman, Senior Lecturer

Dr Bernd Skiera, Professorial Research Fellow

Associate Professor Ali Tamaddoni Jahromi

Associate Professor Andrea Vocino

Pete Williams, Professor of Practice

Dr Virginia Weber, Lecturer

Dr Ho Yin Wong, Senior Lecturer

Dr Adnan Yusuf, Associate Lecturer

Dr Jay Zenkic, Lecturer



Centre for Disaster Resilience and Economic Recovery Education
Professor Mehmet Ulubasoglu, Director

Centre for Refugee Employment, Advocacy, Training and Education (CREATE)
Alfred Deakin Professor Alex Newman, Director

Deakin Integrated Reporting Centre
Professor Peter Carey, Research Director

IPA-Deakin SME Research Centre 
Professor George Tanewski, Director


Arts & Creative Industries Research and Engagement (ACiRE)
Professor Hilary Glow, Director

Better Consumption Lab 
Associate Professor Josh Newton, Director

Deakin MarTech Clinic 
Associate Professor Ali Tamaddoni, Director

Deakin MarTech Clinic
Professor Andre Bonfrer, Director

Impact Finance Hub
Dr Emma Li, Director

Leadership Futures Hub
Associate Professor Jeff Shao, Director

Leadership Futures Hub
Dr Yuen Lam Bavik, Director

Women's Entrepreneurship Research Alliance
Dr Andrea North-Samardzic, Director

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