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Department Head
Professor Andre Bonfrer

Director of Research
Professor Michael Polonsky 

Director of HDR
Dr Nichola Robertson

Director of Teaching
Michael Volkov

Course Directors

Master of Marketing
Dr Alvin Lee
Bachelor of Commerce
Dr Marion Steel 
Bachelor of Business
Dr Ahmed Ferdous

Alfred Deakin Professors


Associate Professors

Honorary Associate Professor

Senior Lecturers


Teaching Scholar

Professorial Research Fellow

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Administrative staff

Current HDR students

P = Principal
A = Associate

Name Thesis title Supervisor
Abdul Haseeb ChaudharyNorms as Antecedents of Littering Behaviour in a Developing CountryMichael Polosnky (P)
Nicholas Mcclaren (A)
James DavidsonEnvironmentally friendly vehicles: Understanding consumer attitudes Andrea Vocino (P)
David Bednall (A)
Ashish Shrikrishna Galande Essays in B2B Relationship DynamicsChris Dubelaar (P)
Ali Tamaddoni Jahromi (A) 
Fatemeh Haji Habibi Consumer responses to power changes in narratives
Joshua Newton (A)
Jimmy Wong (A)
Neville HurstA study of real estate agent engagement with energy efficient technologies when advertising houses for sale in Melbourne Australia. Andrea Vocino (P)
David Bednall (A)
Sara Wilkinson (A)
Hedieh KarachiThe influence of Nostalgia on Consumers Preferences for Established and Local productsAndrea Vocino (P)
Jeffrey Rotman (A)
Stefanie Kramer Designing training to apply customer insights and predict customer engagement at the frontline Marion Steel (P)
John Molineux (A)
Anand Shankaran (A)
David Bednall (A)
Effie Lagos A model of Transformative Brand Experience for Pilgrimage Tourism John Hall (P)
Marion Steel (A) 
Ho Yin Wong (A)
Nankya Mariah NakintuMillennials engagement in Uganda's prosperity programsAhmed Ferdous (P)
Nichola Robertson (A)
Prakash SatyavageeswaranSocial Eating, More or Less: When is it More and When Less?Chris Dubelaar (P)
Ali Tamaddoni Jahromi (A) 
Ayman ShaheenFactors influencing the implementation of Green supply chain managementMehdi Taghian (P)
Lubna Alam (A)
Alemayehu Molla (A)
Seyedamir SharifsametThe effect of Virtual Reality on consumer decision-making processJohn Hall (P)
Andre Bonfrer (A)
Trang TranThe impact of acculturation and effect of country-of-origin on Australian immigrant attitudes toward home and foreign low-involvement productsMichael Polonsky (P)
Huong Le (A)
Chi-Chur Chao (A) 
Michael VolkovConsumption behaviour of at-risk youth
Paul Harrison (A)
Emma WinstonRetaining co-created value from the artsAhmed Ferdous (P)
Fara Azmat (A)
Amanda Pyman (A)
Jayant NasaImpact of Spokesperson Characteristics on Consumer Responses to Offensive AdvertisingAndrea Vocino (P)
Jeffrey Rotman (A)
Tanuka Ghoshal (A)
Partha DataSegmenting moral reasoning strategies using Implicit Theory of Morality: When do we choose Moral Coupling, Decoupling, or Rationalisation
Chris Dubelaar (A)
Jeffrey Rotman (A)
Virginia Weber (A)
Abolfazl KeshavarzsalehOn the hierarchy of choice: dynamic view of cultural influenceJohn Hall (P)
Ho Yin Wong (A)