DBS-SWUFE Centre for Banking and Financial Stability

The DBS-SWUFE Centre for Banking and Financial Stability aims to promote and enhance Sino-Australian research in the areas of banking and finance.

We provide a platform for insightful discussions and debates through rigorous and policy-oriented research on stable financial systems, and effective monetary policies and regulatory mechanisms in Australia and China.

Research themes

Our research concentrates on four major themes that are important to both countries:

  • The risk-taking behaviour and effectiveness of regulatory mechanisms of financial intermediaries and in financial markets.
  • The risk assessment of credit risk, systemic risk, and liquidity risk in the financial sector.
  • The effectiveness of monetary policy through the financial sector and its impact on the real economy, including challenges posed by the increasing importance of shadow banking.
  • The evaluation and assessment of bank regulations that include the most recent Basel III/IV on capital requirements, liquidity requirements, other macro-prudential regulations on the aggregate risk of the financial sector, regulations in the operation of over-the-counter markets, and bank deposit guaranteed schemes.

Annual collaboration between Deakin University and SWUFE.

Annual collaboration between Deakin University and SWUFE.

Upcoming events

Centre for Banking and Financial Stability workshop

The annual workshop for the Centre for Banking and Financial Stability will take place on Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 February 2020 from 9.00am to 5.00pm. The Workshop will be held at Burwood Corporate Centre (BCC), Level 2 Building BC, 221 Burwood Hwy, Burwood VIC 3125.  Registration is free but compulsory. To register, please send an email to l.farrugia@deakin.edu.au.

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Past events

Centre for Banking and Financial Stability workshop

SWUFE macro-finance workshop

SWUFE International Macro-Finance Conference 2018

20–21 June 2018

Our team

Deakin Business School members


Professor Pedro Gomis Porqueras
Department of Economics

Professor Ed Chien-Ting Lin
Department of Finance

Dr Francesco Carli
Department of Economics 
Dr Wenying Yao
Department of Economics 
Dr Xuan Zhou
Department of Economics
Mr Abdullah Alajlan
Law School
Associate Professor Adrian Lee
Department of Finance

SWUFE members


Professor Qing Wang
Director, Institute of Chinese Financial Studies, Vice Dean of Beijing School of SWUFE

Professor Zheng Hong

Associate Professor Qingma Dong

Associate Professor Yishu Fu

Associate Professor Ji Wu

Associate Professor Xiaoli Wan

Associate Professor Xu Li

Associate Professor Kun Xu

Assistant Professor Yu Wu

Assistant Professor Wenchun Wang

Adjunct members


Charles M. Kahn
Professor Emeritus at the Department of Finance and Department of Economics at University of Illinois, Research Fellow of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and Visiting Scholar at the Bank of Canada

Professor Shih-Cheng Lee
Yuan Ze University, Taiwan

Professor Harry Scheule
University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Dr David Wheelock
Group Vice President and Deputy Director of Research, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Dr Gianni La Cava
Senior Research Manager, Economic Research Department, Reserve Bank of Australia

Media outputs

Selected publications


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Contact us

Ed Lin
Head of Department, Finance 
+61 3 9244 6782
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Pedro Gomis Porqueras
Chair in Economics 
+61 3 9251 7832 
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Qing Wang
Director of Institute of Chinese Financial Studies, Southwest University of Finance and Economics, Chengdu, China