Centre for Employee and Consumer Wellbeing

Deakin Business School's Centre for Employee and Consumer Wellbeing is an interdisciplinary research centre. 

The Centre brings together leading researchers from the areas of organisational behaviour, organisational psychology, employee wellbeing, consumer advocacy, health promotion and social marketing.

Our focus

We undertake research, project-based consultancies, advisory services and research training within two overlapping streams:

Organisational health

Understanding and addressing relationships between working conditions, characteristics of the individual, and the health of employees, their families and the wider community

Consumer wellbeing

Understanding and addressing consumer decision-making in the context of both consumer rights and consumer health; enhancing consumer rights and consumer health-related knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of consumers through appropriate interventions.

These two streams converge into an emerging area of research where we hope to understand and contribute to knowledge in relation to how the policies, practices, and products of firms impact on the wellbeing of clients, stakeholders and broader society.

Priority areas and aims

At present, our research centre is focused on three key areas: 

  1. the health of employees and the environments in which they work
  2. decision-making in relation to consumer policy and protection
  3. consumer behaviour and health promotion in fields such as healthy eating, smoking behaviours, and alcohol.

Partnerships and collaborations

  • Dr Paul Harrison and Dr Josh Newton are currently working with Consumer Action Law Centre, examining the influence of cooling-off periods and delayed decision-making in consumer wellbeing.
  • Dr Amanda Allisey, Carol Leow-Taylor and Prof Andrew Noblet are working with Victoria Police to evaluate the change and psychosocial risk associated with the newly introduced Police Custody Officer (PCO) Program. This is a state-wide program representing an investment of over $400M.
  • Prof Andrew Noblet and Dr Amanda Allisey are currently working with Prof Tony LaMontagne, Allison Milner (School of Health and Social Development, Deakin University) and colleagues from other institutions (University of Melbourne, University of Tasmania) to trial an integrated job stress and workplace mental health literacy intervention. This is an NHMRC funded project and is being undertaken in collaboration with VicHealth, Victoria Police and WorkSafe Victoria.
  • Dr Paul Harrison is working with Deakin's Department of Psychology, the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, the Mater Hospital, City University New York and Monash University, investigating pre- and post-natal obesity, and potential social marketing interventions that lead to healthy outcomes for pregnant women.
  • Dr Paul Harrison is currently in partnership with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services investigating information needs and decision-making processes in relation to public sector residential aged care. 
  • Prof Ingrid Nielsen, Prof Alex Newman and colleagues from Monash University are currently working together on a four-year ARC (Discovery) funded project titled 'Understanding the factors which underlie successful refugee integration in the Australian Workplace'. 
  • Prof Mike Ewing and Dr Josh Newton, along with colleagues from Monash University, Sydney University, and Curtin University, are currently working on a three-year ARC Linkage project that looks at how to use recreational sporting facilities to promote physical activity among sedentary adults. 
  • Dr Huong Le is currently working with the University of Economics and Law, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi University, Vietnam to conduct a project examining the links between the wellbeing of Vietnamese employees and their work-life balance. 
  • Dr Josh Newton provides ongoing pro bono evaluation support to Communication Partners International, a global health communications consultancy that develops, implements, and evaluates health messages around the world.

Papers and reports


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Activities and events

  • Centre Co-director Dr Paul Harrison, along with associate members Laura Hill and Charles Gray, have developed a report on research on consumer comprehension of telecommunications agreements in partnership with the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network.
  • On 23 August 2017, Centre Co-Director, Dr Paul Harrison was an expert panellist at Victoria’s Parliament House for the launch of the Consumer Policy Research Centre, Australia’s first ever consumer-focused think tank. The Victorian Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation officially launched the new think tank, and the event was attended by over 70 representatives from consumer organisations, academia, industry and consumer-focused government agencies. With Dr Harrison on the panel was Michelle Levine, CEO Roy Morgan Research, and Riki Polygenis, Head of Australian Economics, NAB. The panel discussed some of the key research issues facing policy makers, including how to define a ‘fair’ outcome for consumers, the risk of responsibilisation, and the role of research in the policy cycle.
  • Dr Paul Harrison was a member of the judging panel of the International Human Rights Arts and Film Festival which toured nationally between May and June 2016. Dr Harrison was asked to join the panel because of his research in the field of behavioural and attitude change in relation to social justice and human rights issues. Dr Harrison's film, 'Shutting the Gates', based on his research into high pressure selling, was voted as one of the Top 100 Short Films in Australia in 2011, and has been shown at film festivals and conferences throughout Australia, the US, Canada, Europe and Asia.
  • Dr Paul Harrison was featured in Deakin's Tram Talks in 2016, where he discussed the effect of marketing and advertising on consumer behaviours.
  • Dr Paul Harrison was a panel member discussing consumer wellbeing in relation to the energy market at the Australian Consumer Congress run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in March, 2016.
  • In 2015, Prof Noblet completed a series of invited presentations at international research centres which focused on trialling work-based stress prevention interventions in high demand/low resource human service agencies.
  • Prof Noblet presented at the 2nd Workplace Health Promotion Forum: Building Healthier Victorian Workplaces (23 March 2016). This is a collaborative forum organised by VicHealth Department of Health and Human Services, and WorkSafe Victoria.
  • Dr Harrison is serving a second-term as director with consumer expertise of the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in employee and consumer wellbeing. Each member brings their own unique perspective to the centre’s strategic direction.

Simon Cohen

Deputy Secretary, Regulation and Director, Consumer Affairs Victoria, Department of Justice and Regulation

Georgie Harman

Georgie Harman is the CEO of beyondblue. 

She is the former Deputy CEO at the National Mental Health Commission; an organisation responsible for Commonwealth policy and investment in mental health, suicide prevention, tobacco control, substance misuse, cancer and chronic disease at the Department of Health 2006-2012. During her tenure she was responsible for design and implementation of major system reforms in mental health and organ and tissue donation.

Georgie was also the inaugural Executive Director for the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation in Sydney – Australia's first and largest independent HIV/AIDS charity.

Deborah E. Kennedy

Deborah E. Kennedy is the Strategic Collaborations Manager at SuperFriend Mental Health Promotion Foundation. She has 30 years’ experience in the design, implementation, and evaluation of health promotion, capacity building, and systems change initiatives across mental health promotion and social health, General Practice, policing, and Government. 

Deborah has undertaken roles in regional community development, drug and alcohol program development, Victoria Police, and MS Australia. She was also a Senior Adviser and Chief of Staff in the Victorian Government for five years across a broad range of portfolios, including police and corrections, tourism and major events, multicultural affairs, manufacturing, financial services, and small business.

Jerril Rechter

Jerril Rechter is the CEO of VicHealth. She is a World Health Organisation Advisor and Chair of the International Network of Health Promotion Foundations. Her current Ministerial appointments include being Chair of Victoria’s Justice Health Ministerial Advisory Council, membership of the Liquor Control Advisory Council and of the Work Health Advisory Group. 

Jerril was also a member of the Advisory Panel for the recent Inquiry into Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation. She has served on state and national boards and committees, including VicHealth. Her past Ministerial appointments included the Victorian Eating Disorders Taskforce, Australia Day Committee Victoria, Australia Council for the Arts Deputy Chair Dance Board, Arts Tasmania Board, Brand Tasmania Board and the Community Leaders Group Tasmania.

Delia Rickard

Delia brings extensive public service experience in the area of consumer protection. She is Deputy Chair of the ACCC and takes a particular interest in the ACCC’s consumer protection work. She plays an active role in the Commission’s product safety work as well as its consumer protection compliance and enforcement work and scam disruption. 

Delia previously held a range of senior positions at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). There, among other things, she oversaw the development of the national financial literacy strategy and the delivery of its various components. 

She is also a pro bono director of FairTrade Australia New Zealand, a Trustee of the Jan Pentland Foundation and Chair of Good Shepherd’s Advisory Committee on Financial Inclusion Action Plans.

Louise Sylvan

Louise Sylvan is Chair of Energy Consumers Australia and Adjunct Professor, School of Public Health, School of Medicine, University of Sydney. She is the former Chief Executive Officer of the Australian National Preventive Health Agency. 

Ms Sylvan was a Commissioner of the Productivity Commission and previously Deputy Chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission where she was appointed for her expertise in consumer affairs. She was also formerly the Chief Executive of the Australian Consumers' Association and President of Consumers International.

Professor Jerome D. Williams

Professor Williams is the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost of the Rutgers-Newark Campus, Prudential Chair in Business, and Research Director of The Center of Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development. 

He has held previous chaired positions at the University of Texas at Austin and Howard University, where he was Director of the Center for Marketplace Diversity. 

Professor Williams was also on the Penn State University faculty for fourteen years. He conducts research on multicultural marketing and marketplace discrimination.

Our team

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Dr John Molineux
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Dr Neera Bhatia
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Professor Tony LaMontagne
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Professor Michael Leiter 
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Professor Marti Massi
School of Exercise & Nutrition Sciences
Professor Kylie Ball

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