China Business and Economics Research Centre

Deakin’s China Business and Economics Research Centre (CBERC) is an inclusive, representative umbrella and comprises of staff drawn from diverse disciplines in the Faculty of Business and Law. It aims to consolidate and strengthen the faculty’s research focus on business and economic issues pertaining to China.

What we do

We focus on strengthening Deakin Business School’s connections with universities across China including Wuhan, Shanghai and Chengdu. We also support school staff who are interested in Chinese business research. We offer advice on interdisciplinary:

  • projects, research teams and grant applications
  • consulting activities
  • supervision of postgraduate students 
  • workshops, conferences and seminars 
  • teaching and associated initiatives.

Our team



* CBERC authors are in bold.

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* CBERC authors are in bold.

Pham, C., X. Nguyen, P. Sgro and X. Tang (2016): "Has China displaced its competitors in high-tech trade?" forthcoming in the World Economy. (ABDC ranking – A)

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