We seek to estimate genuine empirical effects, to understand research heterogeneity and to correct specification and selection biases endemic in economics and the social sciences.


The below datasets are open access. However, it is imperative that any paper or report involving these data contains a full citation to these authors and their published work. For further details on the data please contact either Chris Doucouliagos or the authors directly.

Price elasticities

1. Demand for Water

Price and income elasticities of residential water demand: list of studies  (PDF, 15.3 KB)
Price and Income elasticities of water demand meta-analysis: data file (XLS, 2.3 MB) by
J.M. Dalhauisen, R.J.G.M. Florax, H.L.F. De Groot and P. Nijkamp, Land Economics, 79(2):292-308

2. Demand for Alcohol

Estimating the Price Elasticity of Beer. Jon Nelson. The data can be found in Appendix Table A1 (PDF, 154.0 KB)

"Robust Demand Elasticities for Wine and Distilled Spirits: Meta-Analysis with Corrections for Outliers and Publication Bias," Journal of Wine Economics (forthcoming, in-press).

"Meta-Analysis of Alcohol Price and Income Elasticities - with Corrections for Publication Bias," Health Economics Review 3:17. doi:10.1186/2191-1991-3-17 . Open Access. Data and a bibliography posted as Additional Files attached to the published article.

3. Cigarette advertising regulation

Nelson, J. (2006) Cigarette advertising regulation: A meta-analysis, International Review of Law and Economics, 26  195-226.  The elasticities are reported in Appendix B of this paper.

Labour markets

1. Minimum Wages and Employment in Developing Countries

Shanthi Nataraj, Francisco Perez-Arce and Krishna B. Kumar, "The impact of labor market regulation on employment in low-income countries: a meta-analysis", Journal of Economic Surveys, forthcoming.  

Minimum wages and Employment in Developing Countries: data file  (XLSX, 32.1 KB)

2. Minimum Wages and Employment in the UK

Minimum Wages and Employment (DTA, 251.0 KB) . Data used in the study: "Does the UK Minimum Wage Reduce Employment? A Meta-Regression Analysis" Megan de Linde Leonard, T. D. Stanley
and  Hristos Doucouliagos, British Journal of Industrial Relations, forthcoming.

3. Labour taxes and social contributions

Ángel Melguizo and José Manuel González-Páramo, 2013, "Who bears labour taxes and social contributions? A meta-analysis approach", SERIEs, 4:247-271. Excel Data (XLSX, 75.0 KB)

4. Wage Curve

Nijkamp, P and Poot, J. (2005), The Last Word on the Wage Curve? Excel Data (XLS, 76.5 KB) Journal of Economic Surveys,
19(3):421 - 430.

International economics

1. Exchange rate volatility and international trade

Haile, Mekbib and Pugh, Geoff (2013). Does Exchange Rate Volatility Discourage International Trade? A Meta-Regression Analysis, Journal of International Trade & Economic Development (DTA, 904.5 KB) , Vol. 22(3) (April 2013) pp.321-350

2. Exchange rate pass-through

Velickovsky, Igor and Pugh, Geoff (2011). Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Transition and Developed Economies: a Meta-Regression Analysis with Monetary Policy Implications, Applied Economics (DTA, 41.3 KB) , Vol.43 (27) (2011) pp.4111-4125.

3. FDI and Economic Performance

Randolph Luca Bruno and Maria Cipollina. (Forthcoming).The impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Performance in the Enlarged Europe: a Meta-Regression Analysis (XLSX, 146.3 KB) . In International Business, Institutions and Performance After the Financial Crisis, Palgrave Macmillan.

4. Exchange Rate Uncertainty

Bouoiyour, J. and Selmi, R. (2013): "Exchange rate uncertainty and export performance: What meta-analysis reveals" (XLSX, 26.0 KB) ,working paper of the University of Pau, France. This paper extends the data prior meta-studies.

5. Globalization and Capital Taxation

Antonis Adama, Pantelis Kammas and Athina Lagou (2013) The effect of globalization on capital taxation: What have we learned after 20 years of empirical studies? (XLS, 131.5 KB) Journal of Macroeconomics, 35: 199-209.

6. The Effects of Remittances on Household Education Expenditure.

Determinants of growth

1. Development Aid

Meta-Data (Stata data file) (DTA, 533.8 KB) and Stata Commands (PDF, 62.2 KB) for
Hristos Doucouliagos and Martin Paldam, appendices for The robust result in meta-analysis of aid effectiveness: A response to Mekasha and Tarp. (PDF, 488.3 KB)

2. Financial Development

Financial Development and Economic Growth data file: (XLSM, 3.8 MB) A Meta-Analysis. Petra Valickova, Tomas Havranek, and Roman Horvath (2013). Czech National Bank and Charles
University, Prague. Also available at 'Financial development and economic growth >> a meta-analysis'.

3. Institutions

Effendic A., Pugh, G. and Adnett N. (2011). Institutions and Economic Performance: A Meta-Regression Analysis data file (DTA, 42.1 KB) , European Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 27, No.3 (September) pp.586-599.

4. Beta-Convergence

Maria Abreu, Henri L.F. de Groot and Raymond J.G.M. Florax, (2005) A Meta-Analysis of Beta-Convergence (XLS, 243.5 KB) : The Legendary Two-Percent, Journal of Economic Surveys, Vol. 19, No. 3, pp. 389-420.

Firm performance

1. Family Ties and Firm Performance

Family ties and firm performance (XLSX, 22.2 KB) . Fan, P., Liang, Q., Liu, H. and Hou. M. forthcoming. The moderating role of context in managerial ties - firm performance link: a meta-analytic
review of mainly Chinese-based studies. Asia Pacific Business Review, 1-29.

2. Board Composition and Organization Performance

Wagner III, J.A., Stimpert, J.L. and Fubara, E.I. (1998), Board Composition and Organization Performance (XLS, 37.5 KB) :
Two studies of insider/outsider effects. Journal of Management Studies, 35:5, 655-677.

3. Private versus Public: Solid Waste and Water Services

Germà Bel, Xavier Fageda & Mildred E. Warner (2010). Is Private Production of Public Services Cheaper Than Public Production? A Meta-Regression Analysis of Solid Waste and Water Services (XLSX, 55.8 KB) Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Vol. 29, No. 3, 553 - 577.

4. School Cost Functions

Andrew D. Colegrave and Margaret J. Giles. (2008) School cost functions: A meta-regression analysis (XLSX, 14.0 KB) . Economics of Education Review 27: 688–696.

Environmental economics

1. Recreation Use Values Database

Excel file of recreation use values (XLSX, 1.2 MB) . Constructed by Professor Randy Rosenberger. Further details

2. Energy Conservation Behavior

Delmas, M. A., Fischlein, M., & Omar I. Asensio, O.I. (2013). Information strategies and energy conservation behavior: A meta-analysis of experimental studies from 1975 to 2012. Energy Policy, 61, 729-739. Data can be download from: Center for Corporate Environmental Performance

3. US State Policies for Renewable Energy

Delmas, M. A., & Montes-Sancho, M. J. (2011). US state policies for renewable energy: Context and effectiveness. Energy Policy, 39(5), 2273-2288. Data can be downloaded from: Center for Corporate Environmental Performance

Value of statistical life

The value of statistical road safety meta-analysis (XLS, 255.0 KB) de Blaeij A, Florax RJ, Rietveld P, Verhoef E. Accident Analysis & Prevention 2003, 35(6):973-86.

Health economics

The impact of healthcare spending on health outcomes: A meta-regression (XLSX, 87 KB). Analysis by Craig Gallet and Hristos Doucouliagos, Social Science and Medicine, 2017, 179: 9-17.

Examining the heterogeneity in calorie-income elasticities meta-analysis (XLSX, 26.7 KB) by Kolawole Ogundari and Awudu Abdulai, Food Policy, 2013, 40:119-128.


Alexandros Dimitropoulos, Piet Rietveld and Jos N. van Ommeren. (2013). Consumer valuation of changes in driving range (XLSX, 65.3 KB) : Excel meta-analysis data. Transportation Research Part A 55 (2013) 27 - 45.

Appendices to publications

Appendix for Stanley, T.D. and Doucouliagos, H(C.) 2015. Neither fixed nor random: Weighted least squares meta-analysis. Statistics in Medicine (PDF, 196.1 KB).

Doucouliagos, Hristos and Patrice Laroche. 2013. Unions and Innovation: New insights from the cross-country evidence. Industrial Relations, forthcoming. Studies included in the meta-analysis (PDF, 76.3 KB) .

Hristos Doucouliagos and T.D. Stanley Studies Included in the Meta-Analysis (PDF, 34.7 KB) in Publication Selection Bias in Minimum-Wage Research? A meta-regression analysis. British Journal of Industrial Relations, 2009, June.

Hristos Doucouliagos and T.D. Stanley Studies Excluded in the Meta-Analysis (PDF, 62.4 KB) in Publication Selection Bias in Minimum-Wage Research? A meta-regression analysis. British Journal of Industrial Relations, 2009, June.

T.D Stanley, Stephen B. Jarrell and Hristos Doucouliagos, Additional Tables (PDF, 70.6 KB) , appendix for Could It Be Better to Discard 90% of the Data? A Statistical Paradox, American Statistician, February 2010, Vol. 61, No. 1, pp. 70-77.

Hristos Doucouliagos and Mehmet Ali Ulubasoglu, Technical Appendix for Democracy and Economic Growth: A meta-analysis (PDF, 162.1 KB) in American Journal of Political Science Vol. 52, No. 1., January 2008, pp60-82.

Zohid Askarov and Hristos Doucouliagos, Does Aid Improve Democracy and Governance? Public Choice, forthcoming.
Studies included in the meta-analysis (PDF, 44.3 KB) .