MBA teaching staff

Learn from some of the best in the business. Our staff are internationally recognised experts in their field. Not only do they teach business, they publish in quality international journals and regularly consult to business on important issues. Our teachers are supported by industry and adjunct professors who play an active role in your learning activities.
MarketingDr Paul Harrison
AccountingDr Achinto Roy
StrategyDr Steve Jaynes
EconomicsDr Shuddha Rafiq
FinanceDr Mong Shan Ee
FinanceDr May Hu
FinanceDr Robert Xiao
EconomicsDr Munirul Nabin
MarketingDr Nichola Robertson
Business Process ManagementDr Jeff Chamberlain
LeadershipProfessor Jon Billsberry
People ManagementDr Andrea North-Samardzic