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At CIE, you can study how life reacts to change on both short and long time scales. Such questions inspire enormous research and study opportunities for budding and established ecologists and evolutionary biologists. From PhD candidates to volunteers, undergraduate to honours students, let us take you out into the environment for real-world research.

Our research

We study individual organisms, up to entire ecosystems, in both marine and terrestrial environments.

We aim to find solutions that foster new conceptual understandings and that advance fundamental science. We are focused on continuing to make innovative contributions to applied conservation resource management globally.

PhDs that are changing the world

We've produced an exciting amount of research, with impressive outcomes, and we have no intention of stopping! Here are just some of the projects we've undertaken:

The future of coastal wetlands under rising sea level

Under Dr Peter Macreadie, PhD scholars researched knowledge gaps to improve conservation and management of our coastal environment.

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Frog ecology and disease dynamics

Under Dr Don Driscoll, a PhD scholar will initiate research into amphibian conservation.

The transgenerational consequences of maternal stress in birds

Professor William Buttemer, together with Dr Katherine Buchanan and Dr Brianne Addison, researched the health ramifications of maternal stress in birds.

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If you're interested in doing a PhD, discuss it with the CIE Director, Professor Marcel Klaassen:

CIE Director
Professor Don Driscoll
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If you'd like to volunteer please contact:

CIE Project officer
Natasha Kaukov
+61 3 5227 2464
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If you're interested in studying an honours degree please contact the following coordinators:

Melbourne Burwood Campus

CIE Honours degree enquiries
Dr Matthew Simmons
+61 3 925 17437

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Email Assoc Prof Beech

Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus

CIE Honours degree enquiries
Dr Annalisa Durdle
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Warrnambool Campus

CIE Honours degree enquiries
Prof Gerry Quinn
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