Our team and publications

The team at C-MMR is led by Co-Directors Professor Alister Ward and Professor Ken Walder. We work hard to devise innovative treatments and preventions for infectious diseases, and physical and mental disorders. Collectively, MMR comprises over 100 staff and research students working on four distinct research themes across six research facilities.


Director and Professor of Metabolic Diseases
Professor Ken Walder

Theme leaders

name Theme
Professor Wei Duan  Cancer
Professor Tania de Koning-Ward  Infection and Immunity 
Professor Ken Walder  Metabolic and Musculoskeletal Medicine
Associate Professor Sean McGee  Metabolic and Musculoskeletal Medicine
Professor Leigh Ackland  Molecular Bioscience
Dr Sharon La Fontaine Molecular Bioscience

Full members

Director, Geelong Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases (GCEID)
Professor Soren Alexandersen
Associate Head Of School (Research)
Professor Alister Ward
Head of Vision Science/Senior Academic Mentor
Associate Professor James Armitage
Lecturer in Human Biology
Dr Kathryn Aston-Mourney
Clinical Associate Professor
Associate Professor Eugene Athan
Associate Professor
Associate Professor Peter Beech
Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science
Dr Steve Cheung
Associate Professor
Associate Professor Jeffrey Craig
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Tamsyn Crowley
Lecturer in Medical Science
Dr Poshmaal Dhar
Associate Professor in Biomedical Sciences
Associate Professor Amardeep Dhillon
Senior Lecturer
Dr Bernhard Dichtl
Deputy Head of School
Professor Karen Dwyer
Lecturer in Medical Biotechnology
Dr Yann Gibert
Dr Laura Gray
Professor in Nanomedicine
Professor Jagat Kanwar
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Rupinder Kanwar
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Mustafa Khasraw
Senior Lecturer
Dr Stuart Linton
Senior Lecturer in Diagnostic Imaging - Clinical Studies and Clinical Practice
Dr Giovanni Mandarano
Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery (St John of God & Barwon Health)
Professor Richard Page
Lecturer in Medical Sciences
Dr Leni Rivera
Lecturer in Medical Science
Dr Sarah Shigdar
Lecturer in Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Dr Craig Smith 
Associate Professor of Medical Biolog 
Associate Professor John Stambas
Lecturer in Medical Physiology
Dr Nicole Stupka
Associate Professor of Biomedical Science
Associate Professor Cenk Suphioglu
Dr Phuong Tran
Professor of Paediatric
Professor Peter Vuillermin
Chair in Medical Imaging
Professor Paul Yielder