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Deakin has a long history of working with local and international industry and business to turn ideas into commercial reality, solve real-world problems and provide current and future employees with the skills they need for 21st century careers.

Turn your ideas into reality

Deakin partners with industry and business in new ways, offering world-class research, facilities and co-location opportunities. Our research has led to the successful launch of commercial products, innovations in health care and the development of new technologies.

Our research strengths run across a range of industries including:

  • advanced manufacturing
  • artificial intelligence
  • circular economy
  • future food
  • materials.

Whatever the size of your organisation, we can help you grow your idea from concept to reality, offering our expertise in a range of sectors and access to industrial-scale infrastructure.

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Deakin research and facilities have been fundamental to the success of Carbon Revolution and give us a strategic advantage. No-one else in our competitive space around the world has a carbon fibre manufacturing line literally on their doorstep, along with the R&D capabilities we have with Deakin.

Carbon Revolution

Innovation and progress arise from a contest of ideas

Through our multidisciplinary approach, Deakin Research has always been at the forefront of making a meaningful difference within the wider community.

Our facilities

Our campuses are home to cutting-edge facilities to take Australian industry and business beyond the 21st century. From state-of-the-art biomedical research laboratories and engineering technologies to our international centre of excellence for fibre science, materials and manufacturing research and a purpose-built research vessel with the world’s most advanced multi-beam sonar systems.

Our people

With some of the brightest minds central to our work, research at Deakin represents the diversity of our people. With experts in a variety of fields ranging from haptics to sport science, we can provide you with the right people to solve the problems you're seeking to overcome.

The welcoming environment for industry to be co-located on campus close to the researchers means that our research relationship with Deakin is one of the most important university engagements for HeiQ globally.

HeiQ Australia

Collaborating with industry and business

Organise your event

We offer a range of event spaces that make ideal locations for your next business, social or sporting event.

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Training for staff

We provide learning and development solutions to enhance the performance of individuals and organisations.

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Employ a Deakin student

Find your future employees at Deakin by engaging with our range of branding opportunities and advertising your employment opportunities directly on our jobs and internships board.

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Host a placement or internship

We work closely with industry and business to develop courses, source guest lecturers who are experts in their commercial fields and give students workplace opportunities that enhance their skills and employability.

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