Employ Deakin students

Deakin University has a strong reputation for producing highly-skilled, work-ready and resilient graduates from a diverse range of backgrounds.

DeakinTALENT Recruitment Services can help you connect with our students. If you are looking to recruit graduates, interns, tutors or students, we can help.

With DeakinTALENT, you can inject new thinking into your business to solve a problem, advance a project or fill a short-term gap. Whether you are a global organisation, a not-for-profit organisation, a local SME, a new start-up or an individual, we can help through our range services listed below.

Work placements

Graduate recruitment

There are many fantastic reasons to hire graduates into your business, especially Deakin graduates, as our courses, work integrated learning programs and suite of career education offerings ensure they are work ready.

The end-to-end service our DeakinTALENT Graduate Recruitment Services team offer employers, includes employer branding opportunities, the ability to connect with Deakin students and graduates any time anywhere and free recruitment agency services.

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Part-time, casual, full-time and volunteering roles

Need part-time or casual staff to help your business?

It’s easy to advertise your job vacancies using Deakin’s online Jobs and Internships Board. Job ads are free and will reach a large audience of current students and recent graduates.

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Internships and work placements

Could your organisation benefit from the specialist skills, innovative thinking and enthusiasm of Deakin students by offering internships or work placements?

Deakin offers a range of flexible and diverse internship and work placement opportunities for students, designed to meet industry and employer needs as part of their course.

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Work placements

Hire a tutor

Deakin students and graduates make sensational tutors. They are clever, flexible and provide a positive learning environment for a wide range of needs.

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Recruiting MBA talent

The Deakin MBA is one of Australia’s most highly regarded and accredited MBA programs. Whether through an ongoing position, an internship, or a short-term consulting project, Deakin’s MBA course provides you with access to diverse, experienced pool of talent across a broad range of industries and functions who can bring fresh insights and a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your organisation.

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On-campus brand awareness

Getting out on-campus and meeting students is an ideal way to increase your brand awareness and connect directly with our student talent. Deakin University offers a variety of ways to come on-campus and support your recruitment drives. Our Experience and Employment Expo’s, career focused panel sessions and niche discipline based events are some of the options available.

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