Science and fiction research

The science and fiction research group has developed a dynamic research culture that examines and explores future-dreaming and world-building texts and contexts.

Our research focus

The group extends its research to other science fiction research clusters in Victoria, nationally and internationally. It brings together scholars with different traditions, perspectives and approaches, engaging with the poetics and politics of science fiction wherever they may be found.

The group is eager to form new connections and research relationships with those interested in the technological, environmental, social and biological issues that science fiction draws attention to and comments on.

The research group is driven by a desire to refresh the definition of science fiction in the digital age, drawing upon convergence theory to assess its new trajectories and impacts.

The group considers science fiction a culturally defining media genre, and a complex and contradictory mode of philosophical and political enquiry.


The group produces the online, open access journal Deletion, committed to exploring science fiction in all its forms and modes of operation.

Taking an inter- and cross-disciplinary perspective, Deletion is framed around the key questions: what is science fiction today? What are its social, cultural and political functions? How does it move us and make us think? What forms does it take and what are the relationships within and between those forms?

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Our researchers

  • Prof. Sean Redmond
  • Dr Elizabeth Braithwaite
  • Assoc. Prof. Maria Takolander
  • Prof. David McCooey
  • Dr Rosemary Woodcock
  • Dr Toija Cinque
  • Dr Grady Hancock
  • Dr Mat Hardy
  • Daniel Armstrong

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Science and fiction enquiries
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+61 3 924 43931
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