Writing and literature

The writing and literature group is made up of four strands: literary studies, children's literature, professional and creative writing, and gender and sexuality studies. The group focuses on literary and cultural texts, emphasising the critical, creative and professional aspects of texts and their social contexts.

Breadth of study

We examine young readerships through the study of children’s literature, nurture writers of fiction, poetry, script and non-fiction, teach workplace writing skills (including for digital and multimedia platforms) and develop critical approaches to textual representations of gender, race, class, sexuality and the post-human.

Learn from practitioners

The group includes award-winning writers and teachers experienced in workplaces where writing and literature are central. Our staff have worked in fields including editing, publishing, teaching and the contemporary arts industries.

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Engaged learning

There's a strong culture of literary debate at undergraduate level, from the critical study of Shakespeare, to supernatural literature, to the digital worlds of writing.

The group is also interested in children and young adults forming and questioning their identities through reading. Australian and international contexts are explored, as are texts from different historical periods.

Rigorous research

As an accomplished team of published researchers, the group has a long history of successful postgraduate supervision in fields that encompass creative writing as well as literary and cultural critique.

The group also has a commitment to the many different publics who interact with writing and literature as the site of creativity, communication, experiment, analysis and critique.

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