Your guide to discovering your future at Open Day and beyond

Researching course and career options can be difficult, but there are things you can do to make the process simpler and, importantly, to make sure you are staying true to what is right for you. Get ready for Open Day with this guide to shaping your future – your way.

Explore your strengths and interests

When considering career options, it is always important to consider both your strengths and your interests. What is it that interests and excites you? What is it that you think you'll be motivated to get out of bed for each morning? And importantly, does this match with your personal and academic strengths?

While making decisions about what to study in the senior years of high school and at university, reflect on your experiences both at school and in your extra-curricular activities outside of school.

Think about what you're currently studying. What have you found positive or negative about each study area? What do you look forward to? Which topics interest you? Which subjects do you find easy to stay on top of, and in which subjects do you procrastinate studying for? Do you like group work or do you prefer working independently? Are you good at something in particular? Understanding and recognising your strengths and interests goes a long way to helping you make good choices about your future course and career options.

With your strengths and interests in mind, talk to staff at the Deakin Open Day Course and Career Information Centre about how those strengths and skills can relate to different courses and careers.

Ask questions

Thinking about your future career options requires you to think carefully about what you are good at, what you are interested in and which studies will help you reach your career goals.

It can be a good idea to speak with other people about their experiences and what they think you are good at. You might talk with your teachers, family, friends or sport coaches. Make a list of questions to ask. They are likely to have some real insights or ideas worth considering, and they may be able to point out careers you have never considered.

  • What do they see as your strengths and qualities?
  • What were their course and career pathways?
  • Have they experienced more than one career?
  • What does their job involve?

At Deakin Open Day, make sure you attend a range of course information sessions, covering the breadth of your interests, and ask current students and staff questions to support your decision making.

Visit the online Open Day planner for each campus

Choosing a career pathway for the right reason

Many students consider a career path based on what a parent does or the fact they excel at a particular subject. For example, choosing engineering because you are good at mathematics or journalism because you are good at English. This is not necessarily a bad approach, but it doesn't really explore your suitability for the job itself.

Being a good fit for a job is not only about your academic or technical ability, it's also about having the right personality type, learning preferences and enjoying the type of environment that goes with the job.

Use our tools to explore your future career options – check out Deakin's Explore tool  and discover more than 600 paired courses and careers. Also read our articles on a range of job profiles  – you might find your dream job.

Top tips at Open Day

1.The most important thing you can do before Open Day is register for the event. This ensures you’ll get updated with the latest information. It will also help you prepare for and make the most of Open Day.

2.The real knowledge at Open Day comes from talking to staff, students and alumni. Head to Open Day with a list of questions to ask – there are no silly questions – everyone is there to help you.

3.Attend as many information sessions as you can – reading about a course and hearing about it from someone who has taken it or taught it are very different things. You may find yourself considering new options or courses you hadn’t previously considered. The benefit of Open Day is that it can open up new possibilities.