Why come to Open Day? Find out how to enhance your soft skills

Key soft skills are as important for career success as your chosen field’s required technical skills. From communication to problem solving, well-developed soft skills facilitate success in all aspects of life. At Open Day, look out for ways that you can enhance your soft skills while studying at Deakin.

How can university help develop your soft skills?

Skills such as listening, collaborating with others, presenting ideas and communicating are all highly valued in today’s workplaces. While you’re studying at university, you might be focusing on developing technical knowledge, but you’ll also be improving these key soft skills.

Even if your career moves in an unexpected direction in the future, your soft skills will be transferable across industries. For example, the communication skills you develop while training to become a nurse could also come in handy if you decide to move into teaching down the track.

When choosing a university course, remember that all Deakin courses are designed to develop key employability skills such as communication, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and digital literacy, in addition to up-to-date specialist skills in the field of study. Deakin educates its students for the jobs and skills of the future with courses that are highly personal, engaging and include relevant, practical learning experiences.

At Open Day, visit the Course and Career Information Centre to ask about how Deakin's innovative, supportive and flexible approach to education will get you career-ready. What soft skills will you develop in the courses you’re considering? How will your study prepare you for the jobs and careers of the future?

A few key soft skills explained

Communication is a core skill that's required to really thrive in your future career and something that employers always look for. University provides an excellent, safe environment to develop your communication skills – reading, writing, listening, presenting, persuading – where you’ll be studying with a diverse group of people, who share the same interests as you, working towards a shared goal.

Open Day is your chance to really experience Deakin and hear from the people that make it such a great university. Challenge yourself and ask questions of your future employers and teachers.

Digital literacy is a key 21st-century skill for employment – and all aspects of life. Being good with technology can help you secure a job, since recruitment is being increasingly undertaken via social media. Having a professional digital identity is key to future networking within a profession, seeking opportunities and ensuring mobility over your career.

Problem solving is a highly valued graduate attribute for employers in a diverse and changing world. Problem-solvers are quick to adapt to change and can incorporate new perspectives.

Travel the world and enhance your employability

An international program helps you become more independent, develop cultural awareness and learn how to be adaptable and resilient. You'll make new friends, create a global network and have an enriching experience that will contribute to your life and career in ways you can't imagine.

Deakin students who undertake an overseas study experience are also eligible to apply for a Global Citizenship Award, which highlights the valuable skills students develop through international engagement, highly sought-after by employers.

Join a club or society at Deakin

There are more than 120 clubs and societies across Deakin’s campuses, covering sports, health, personal development, academic, religious, course and discipline areas and more. There’s sure to be something for you!

Life at uni is not only about your studies, but also your personal journey. So make the most of your time at Deakin and meet new people, build relationships, try new things, share your skills and discover your hidden talents, while at the same time developing your teamwork and communication skills.

Visit the ‘Life at Deakin’ booth in the Career and Course Information Centre or attend the ‘Life at Deakin’ general information session and discover Deakin’s rich student life. Ask students what it’s really like to study at Deakin and how you can get involved in activities beyond study.