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Agribusiness is a thriving discipline that refers to the collective commercial activities in food, fibre and agricultural supply chains. With the world’s population expected to reach 9.8 billion in 2050, the food and agribusiness sector has never been more important. Undertaking the Food and Agribusiness major will provide you opportunity to be part of this growing sector, and your agribusiness skills will be highly sought after given the world-wide shift towards more complex, technology-intensive agricultural systems and management and challenges to produce healthier and more socially and environmentally-responsible food. This major will give you a solid understanding of the interlinkages between food and agricultural market structure, international and domestic policies, and innovations and sustainability issues. With its strong practical focus, the major will equip you to be work-ready through real-world economic, financial, marketing, accounting and management learning, as well as engagement with industry, governments and other stakeholders.

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Career outcomes

The Food and Agribusiness major sequence will provide you versatile skills and knowledge, hence employment opportunities beyond the farm management in roles such as agribusiness accountant, agribusiness banking officer, agricultural policy officer, agribusiness consultant, livestock officer, agribusiness analyst, international development officer, agripreneur and many more.

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  • Agribusiness Governance MAB242
  • Agribusiness Resource Management MAB251
  • The Global Economy MAE203
  • Analytical Methods in Economics and Finance MAE256
  • Global Challenges: Food, Water and Climate MAB341 ^
  • Agribusiness Technology MAB352
  • Applied Agribusiness Project MAB353 ^
  • Strategic Supply Chain Management MIS313
  • *Please note: Warrnambool students will be require to undertake some units in Cloud (online) mode.