You can explore the nature of the modern world – the forces and great events of the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as the ways historians continue to interpret them. Themes covered include war and peace; modernisation and social change; colonialism, nationalism and internationalism; gender in history; the Holocaust; and sport. Third-year students have the opportunity to undertake an internship and may apply for the US Congress Internship Program.

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MJ-A000023 (major)

MN-A000023 (minor)


Burwood (Melbourne), Waurn Ponds (Geelong), Cloud (Online)

Career outcomes

You may find employment opportunities in the education sector, local government, media corporations, museums/heritage organisations, research consultancies and tourism organisations.

Explore units


  • To complete a Major sequence in History select eight (8) credit points as outlined below;
  • To complete a Minor sequence in History select any four (4) units from below, including a minimum of one (1) credit point at level one, and no more than one (1) credit point at level 3

Complete the following 2 units from level 1:

  • World History Between the Wars 1919 - 1939 AIH107
  • The Cold War World: 1945-1991 AIH108
  • Complete the following unit from level 2:

  • History: Interpreting the Past AIH240
  • Complete a further 3 units from level 2, selected from:

  • Sex and Gender in the British Empire AIH205
  • Australia and the Two World Wars AIH238
  • Sport in History AST256
  • The Holocaust AIH264
  • Conflict and Its Legacies in Modern Asia AIH267
  • African American History From Slavery to Black Lives Matter AIH276
  • Colonial Encounters: From Invasion to Federation AIH288
  • Complete the following unit from level 3:

  • Making History AIH399
  • Complete a further unit from level 3, selected from:

  • Australia's Empire: Colonialism in Papua New Guinea AIH326
  • The French Revolution and the Struggle for Freedom AIH389
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