MITx MicroMasters® Program

Do you have an MITx MicroMasters Program Credential?

Gain recognition for prior learning in a masters degree at Deakin University if you have an MITx MicroMasters Program Credential.

Am I eligible?

If you have successfully completed an MITx MicroMasters program, you may be eligible for up to four units’ credit in several Deakin masters degrees. Many of these masters degrees are fully online.

A list of MITx MicroMasters Programs and the Deakin degrees offering credit can be downloaded here.

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What are MITx MicroMasters Programs?

MITx MicroMasters Programs allow learners from all around the world to achieve professional and academic credentials. Students take a series of online courses and graduate with a valuable credential by passing one or more proctored tests, depending on the course itself.

These credentials are connected to specific masters degrees at major universities including Deakin University, providing you with an accelerated avenue into postgraduate study.

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Do you have an MITx MicroMasters Program Credential?
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