Tips for your scholarship application

There are few extra things that you can do to make sure you have the best chance of getting a scholarship.

Set aside enough time

The online scholarship application includes a series of questions, often requiring you to submit personal statements or provide information on your personal circumstances. If you need to come back and finish your application at a later point, remember it can be saved online at any time.

Proofread your application

Check that you've answered all required sections and avoid using terms like 'as above'. You should always repeat and re-state your circumstances across any sections that requires it. Also, check for spelling errors.

Provide supporting documentation

Most scholarships will require some form of supporting documentation to be supplied. Refer to the supporting documentation page for more details.

Double-check the eligibility requirements

Double-check the eligibility requirements on the scholarship detail page and apply for all scholarships you can. Don’t miss out by not submitting an application. New scholarship opportunities open regularly so keep checking our Find a scholarship website.

Take note of the deadline

Take note of the deadline of each scholarship you want to apply for and add them to your journal or calendar. Make sure you submit your application on time with all supporting documents.

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